The Beauty of Night by Liam Wong

Liam Wong is an award-winning Art Director passionate about creating and designing meaningful aesthetics. Originally from Scotland, two years into his career he moved over three thousand miles from home into his current position (Graphic Design Director at Ubisoft Montréal); becoming the youngest director at the largest games development studio in the world.

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anythingbutregular2  asked:

oh oh! for the pick two how about deer dipper or sphinx dipper from the monsterfalls au :o

Sphinx!Dipper is cute but I choose Deerper because 1. classic Monster Falls ♡ 2. cervitaur suits Dipper more imo; 3. I like the idea of every character being a different creature, and I already associate sphinx with Ford; 4. Deerper is a nice pun :D


Except for the first one - that I decided to post in a single canvas now -, here are some new sketches of Auror!Potter that I did - because I’m still inspired and when I’m inspired, I can’t stop. Dark and angst, just how I like him. This time, full body and sillhouettes too.

[More sketches]