Ok, real talk! (Sorry again con-related)
so, Hey, Tracon goers! If you see this post and come to say hello to me at the con (table 50), you get one of these badpun-stickers! Not trying to blackmail anyone, but I’d just _really love say hi QuQ~♥️


i finally got round to watching kim’s apprentice series

these were meant to be quick doodles but then they took way too long and i got distracted and i don’t like them but here they are anyway

i like the idea of elf!sjin being taller than sips but he’s also pretty much taller than everyone (except what are proportions whoops) but then i like sjin being short too and being an elf he could go either way??

(also i like how he’s just kinda accepted being drawn as an elf so often, hahaha)

also there’s nilesy in a flower crown because why not <3

Unexpected consequences of martial arts

While cooking: *head of garlic explodes and flies across the kitchen*

Opening a door: *door slams open and makes embarrassingly loud sound*

With the bicycle: *carries bicycle and bags filled with groceries upstairs*

Walking into a building: *resists the urge to bow*

So budoblr… What are the ‘consequences of your martial arts?