Lady Tai-Lin Lotusbloom.

Visions of what might be, little Tai all grown up.  Featuring her canon jade bell earrings and the lamp Kissy gave to her, as well as use of her father’s name this time.  Tai-Lin is also an Earthpaw, which is her mother’s maiden name.  Included are 4 different hair styles, and some color switchery because I am me, and everything must be harmonious with pink somehow.

Happy birthday, pandapile <3  I hope you do not mind the uh…creative liberties.  When you decide what you want for her, we will get you some official art!


i finally got round to watching kim’s apprentice series

these were meant to be quick doodles but then they took way too long and i got distracted and i don’t like them but here they are anyway

i like the idea of elf!sjin being taller than sips but he’s also pretty much taller than everyone (except what are proportions whoops) but then i like sjin being short too and being an elf he could go either way??

(also i like how he’s just kinda accepted being drawn as an elf so often, hahaha)

also there’s nilesy in a flower crown because why not <3


Fu Zhen Song’s life is as close to a kung fu movie plot as they come…

He began learning Tai Chi at the age of twelve and, shortly after, began his studies in Bagua Palm.
Fu Zhen Song then dedicated his life to finding the best kung fu teachers he could, learning from them and discussing martial arts in depth. Upon doing this, he became incredibly well known for his Tai Chi, Bagua, sword and spear skills. He also became well known for fighting as he did not like to see people bullied or pushed around.

Later on, General Li Jin Lin, who was otherwise known as “Miracle Sword Li”, invited master Fu to become a teacher to his soldiers. In return the General taught Fu more sword techniques and the two discussed martial arts at length.
Even later, Fu Zhen Song became one of the first people ever to introduce Northern kung fu styles to the South as he crossed the Yang Sze River to teach.