anonymous asked:

Hey Tai!! Your art is absolutely adorable and so brightly, everytime you post something a huge smile pops on my face (also Amélia is so beautiful I want be her friend! :D) Btw if is not too much trouble, how you color lineart ? I have no idea how to do this, hope you have a good week/month etctc! <3

If you want to be Amélia’s friend, you’re already her friend, good luck.

Thank you my love, I hope you have a great week/month too and there’s two ways to go about it.

1. Turn on the “Preserve Opacity” on your lineart layer, that basically locks the lines the way they are and you can just paint over it in whatever way to change the color.

2. Make a new layer right above your lineart and turn on the “Clipping Group” or “Clipping Mask” option. The lineart will have the colors of the layer above!

Hope this helps somehow!