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  • Yang: Dad check it out! Blake and I are like, together together!
  • Blake: *smiling as she holds Yang's hand to kiss it* Its true. I love being with your daughter.
  • Tai: Oh honey I'm so happy for you! And you too Blake. Come here:
  • Tai: *gives Blake and Yang a big warm hug*
  • Qrow: Hey Tai, aren't you allergic to bees?
  • Tai: *slowly unhugs Blake and Yang as his skin gets all red and rashy*
  • Yang: ...
  • Blake: 0.0
  • Tai: ... Fak.
  • Voice Mail: To leave a message, just wait for the tone.
  • Tai: I know how to leave a goddamn message.
  • Voice Mail: When you are finished recording, just hang up or press pound for more options.
  • Tai: Really. Hang up. No shit. I was just gonna keep talking until she decided check her voice mail.
  • Voice Mail: For delivery options, press five.
  • Tai: Just give me the damn beep!
  • Voice Mail: To leave a call back number, press eight. To page this person, press six,-
  • Tai: Come on!
  • Voice Mail: To repeat this message, press nine.
  • Tai: I will fucking stab you, computer-phone-lady!
  • Voice Mail: To mark this message as urgent, press eleven.
  • Yang: Oooh language.

when you’re in a fandom, where nearly everyone ships straight couples,

but you ship the gay otps

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  • Tai: *Knock knock knock.* Yang? You up? Breakfast is-*Tai asked as he opened the door to his daughters and froze in place.* Oh... My... God... *He thought as he sees Yang sleep in bed. However, she wasn't alone for in her arm laid was her girlfriend Blake.* Wha... What do I do? Do I wake them up? Do... Do I let them sleep? *He panicked when suddenly he saw Yang stir in her sleep, pulling Blake closer to her as Blake sleepily smile and snuggles her Blake farther into Yang causing her to smile as well.*
  • Yang: ... I love ya Blakey... *Yang slept talk*
  • Blake: *Blake's cat ear twitched tickling Yang as she replied in her sleep.* I love ya too Yangy.
  • Tai: ...
  • ~Two mornings later~
  • Yang: *Yang yawned as she slowly opens her eyes, blinking slowly before here eyes open wider when she see her father, Ghira, and Kali all standing across from them, Tai and Kali holding their scrolls taking pictures.* ...
  • Tai: ...
  • Kali: ... Heeeeey... Don't mind us.... *Kali whispered nervously laughing.* We'll just be going now... *Kali whispered and slowly backing away.*
  • Tai: Yeah... Breakfast will be ready in an hour. *He whispered following Kali.*
  • Yang: ...*Yang slowly looks towards Ghira.* Uh...
  • Ghira: I tried to stop them. *He said walking out and closing the door.*
  • Blake: Uh *Blake woke up blinking.* What's up?
  • Yang: Nothing love. Just go back to sleep. *That was the last day Yang Xiao-Long ever slept in at her or Blake's Parents house.*
  • ~~~~
  • Qrow: Raven. Give me your damn scroll. You're drunk.
Ozpins past- Rwby
  • Oscar: ozpin what can i do to win Ruby?...I feel like I messed up with our first meeting..
  • Ozpin: (....)
  • Oscar: You said she was a former student what was she like, was she the goofball, popular girl, childish one or mature one?
  • Ozpin: ( ......)
  • Oscar: dangit Ozpin answer me! You were quick to take me away from everything i knew. Now I'm willingly entering a new field and your silent...
  • Ozpin: ( i too was once driven by hormones to a women who i eventually came to love... But my destiny pulled to much on our relationship and she fell into darkness. Her name was Serain she was the love of my life, she was a gifted hunstress in the making. She had lost her whole family to the grim but she still found reasons to fight on. I regret ever loving her and showing her my world.... Now i must confront or rather we must confront her.)
  • Oscar: oh.... *oscar drops his head*
  • Ozpin: (now knowing this Oscar...will you continue to persue Ms. Rose? )
  • Oscar: i-I don't want that to happen to her...
  • Ozpin: (and it won't)
  • Oscar: but yo-
  • Ozpin: (simply gave you knowledge on past mistakes..what you choose to do is your decision. I am only here to guide you, inform you and get you to a point where you can guide others on your own. I want you to think and then act..don't just do..)
  • Oscar: O-okay..so i should see how things go then make a move
  • Ozpin: (also take into account that ruby has many guardians, those who may not agree with your "move" )
  • Oscar: oh...Qrow
  • Ozpin: (oh no not just Qrow. Yang her big sister who by the way is referred to as Sir. Tai who is her father and he taught Yang how to fight and many other people who will not agree. But best of luck..)
  • Oscar: ..... I don't think my self esteem could get any lower..
  • Ozpin: (well, welcome to puberty..)
Qrow Is Ruby’s Father Theory

Ok, it’s fair to say that before the release of volume 4 the wide spread theory that Qrow is Ruby’s biological father had merit, but no real evidence to suggest it as canon. As of volume 4 however, I believe that the CRWBY have placed the seeds leading to a reveal of this theory becoming canon and I’ll list of why, In bullet-point form because I’m lazy :

  • In this volume all of the RWBY girls were seen with their fathers, all of whom became involved with the girls’ story arcs. Ruby would be the only exception, except if Qrow is her father, creating a thematic link between all of the girls this volume
  • It’s obvious that as seen in this this volume Yang got her fighting style from her father as well as her colour-scheme and aesthetic. Ruby states in-show that Qrow was the one who taught her to fight and he likely inspired her to become a sythe-weilder. Her colour -scheme also matches Qrows, and whilst her new outfit’s aesthetic doesn’t match up as nicely as her old one did, it certainly fits Qrow more than Tai. Not to mention Qrow and Ruby both incorporate matching crosses into their outfits

Speaking of which…………

  • Ghira’s colour’s also match Blake’s and it can be assumed that she learned how to fight from her parents. Weiss matches her whole family as shown through Winter in Volume 3 and her Father and Brother in Volume 4. Not to mention during Volume 3 episode 4 it can be inferred that Winter trained with and/or helped train Weiss. Both Weiss and Winter also wield swords. Fighting styles and colour scheme’s seem to be a big indicator as to who is related to whom
  • Going back to Yang, we can easily see how she is a combination of both of her parents. Her eyes are a literal combination of Tai and Raven (red+blue=purple), her hair is blonde like Tai’s but darker like Raven’s. When using her semblance her hair lights up to match Tai’s and her eyes become red to match Raven’s. I think it’s fair to say there is no disputing who Yang’s parents are. So why was Ruby left so ambiguous?Her hair. eyes and skin are identical to her mothers, and there is nothing about her physically that could suggest her other parent. Ruby’s father is a subject that seems too easy to speculate about.
  • This also rings true for Weiss and Yang, who both appear to have physical traits from both of their parents (Weiss’s hair=mother’s naturally and father due to age, eyes=father) (Blake’s hair and eyes=both of her parents)
  • If we compare another pair of siblings within the show, Winter and Weiss have the same hair, albeit with different styles and both have blue eyes, although Winter’s is darker. They both share the same fighting style and both wield silver swords. Looking at them it’s obvious they’re sisters. The same can’t be said for Ruby and Yang who have no physical or fighting style similarities, except for maybe their skin tone which we know they both inherited from their respective mothers.
  • Keep in mind if this theory is true Ruby and Yang will still be related, just as first cousins instead of half-sisters.
  • People mention that since Monty Oum tweeted in 2014 that Ruby and Yang were half-sisters that this theory can’t be true. Whose to say it wasn’t meant to fool us? And if wasn’t, well Blake was clearly set-up in show to be an orphan with a lonely past and no true home, but this volume turned our french alley-cat into a jungle princess with a wealthy home and loving, living parents in positions of power, absolutely nothing like the past set-up for Blake in volume 1. Ren is based on Mulan, a Chinese legend. Yet volume 4 gave us his backstory with him growing in a Japanese based town, with a Japanese name, and a father who is a reference to Hanzo from Over-Watch, a Japanese character. I think it’s fair to say the CRWBY are making some changes with these new volume’s, and that a lot can change in 3 freakin’ years.
  • This is a point I haven’t seen anyone else bring up. During episode 7 of volume 4 we see the colour of Qrow’s aura for the first time. And what colour is it?

RED. Just like Ruby’s. Literally the same colour. That’s gotta mean something.

  • Volume 4 gives us an actual reason as to why Qrow would not want Ruby to know he’s her father, his semblance. He’s following the cliche of ‘You have to leave me cause I’ll only bring you pain. My life is tragedy and you shouldn’t be near me, ANGST!!!!!!!’ . It’s quite obvious in the lyrics to his theme ‘Bad Luck Charm’ that his angst runs so deep he lets it define him. Qrow was hovering over Ruby this volume via crow form and was making everyone’s life more difficult by not simply travelling with her, something Ruby calls him out on. Since he did this out of fear of his semblance it’s fair to say this could represent how Qrow has chosen to life his life, taking care of Ruby in secret, never by her side in fear of hurting her.
  • To add to this, remember how in the very same episode Tyrion mentiones how he knew Qrow and that he’s significant enough to warent Salem being pleased by his death. Qrow is obviously tangled up with some really bad people, and if those kind of people caught wind that Qrow Branwen had a daughter then who knows what they would do to her
  • If we take a look at Qrow’s picture of his team we can notice some very interesting details

those watermarks that cover the photo look just like tear-stains, and there’s a ring around Summer’s face. The ring is presumably from a glass of liquor, but why around Summer? Qrow isn’t the type to carelessly stain a precious photo so it must’ve been intentional. As if Qrow couldn’t bear the grief he felt when he looked at her. Grief is fair assumption due to the tear marks by the by. Of course he would feel grief to losing a teammate, but what if she meant more to him than that? What if they had feelings for each other that led to something more? What if Qrow was somehow involved in her death and blames himself and his semblance? What if we are in desperate need of a prequel to explain everything? Seriously though, Qrow very well could have had something to do with Summer’s death. When Qrow is poisoned during Volume 4 episode 9 he ends up saying a very cryptic line during a hallucination :  

Now he could possibly be talking about his sister Raven since he would’ve figured out when she left for good, OR he could be talking about Summer’s last mission, and he know’s she’s ‘not coming’ because he was there. If this is the case believing you were the cause of your lover’s death would leave some heavy guilt and a believe that history will repeat itself if you don’t keep your distance from your daughter. This could be the cause of Qrow’s severe drinking problem, or one of them at least

  • Obviously Ruby has always shared a kinship with Qrow that he does not share with his biological niece Yang. Perhaps the same can be said for Tai, who is shown to share a strong kinship with Yang this volume that we haven’t seen with Ruby. The closer Tai and Yang are shown to mimic each other the further Ruby is pushed out of the picture. Symbolically this could mean that, biologically at least Ruby is not in the picture. Not that Tai and Ruby don’t love each other or shouldn’t love each other, but perhaps Ruby and Yang simply have similar personality’s to their father’s and were thus drawn more to them than to the other male. Keep in mind that this point is the most speculatory so take it more with a grain of salt
  • There was a big tonal shift during this new volume. Death is an ever-present fear that is real and ready to strike, betrayal has become natural and sometimes the heroes lose BIG. There is no safe haven anymore, no school to protect them anymore. The world of remnant has become more adult, including a proper swear word for the first time ever. The show has changed from what it used to be, and with that change comes a light on a darker past. Things will be revealed that our protagonists were too young and naive to know before, and even more secrets are going to be revealed. I had always liked the Qrow is Ruby’s father theory, but this volume made me believe it.

I’ll be editing this post as we receive the next few volume’s of RWBY until the theory is confirmed or completely denied, so feel free to message me with things I missed or things I got wrong. I’ll be sure to give credit!