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Things I need to know about Team STRQ right now immediately please

- Did Summer and Taiyang know their teammates could turn into birds? Did they use it in really annoying ways, like they all get into trouble and Qrow and Raven take off and Summer and Taiyang spend all of detention sending them angry messages?

- Does Raven’s “the strong survive and the weak die” thing extend to Summer? Or maybe it was caused by Summer’s death? Like a coping thing?

- Was Summer always “super mom”, like even for her team? Baking them things and cleaning up after them and stuff?

- What do Ruby and Yang mean when they GET A DOG IN THE MAIL and say their dad “does stuff like this all the time”? What kind of crazy stuff does Tai get up to jfc

- When exactly did Qrow meet Winter and why do they hate each other so much?

- Did the team go to the Vytal festival? Did they WIN?


- Everyone’s semblance. All of them. Please I am

- What caused them to all be so resentful of one another at this point in time? Why can’t they all just get along?

- What is their fvking favourite food idk

- anything


- I just need more team STRQ


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julia: “people on twitter are like, “how could you do that? you’re a horrible person!” i’m like chill, [mark the chicken] made it further than me.”

Air Conditioning and Pajamas

Author’s Note: I want to wish a HUGE happy birthday to tai-chi-leigh! Casey, I love you sooo much, and thank you for getting me addicted to The 100 and always being there for me. I know that I can count on you 100% of the time. I love you, and I hope you have a wonderful day!! (I hope you like this fic too bc it’s just for you!)

Summary: Percy just really wanted to know who his letters belonged to. He was tired of not having a face to put with his AC. Or, the one where everyone has their soul-mate's initials on their wrist, and Percy is just too impatient for this whole thing.  


His mom always told him that he would eventually find them. She always said to never go looking for them because the second that he was least expecting it was when it would happen.

He tried to not expect it a lot.

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listen i’ve lived through the mcrmy, the mcrmy 2.0, the patd split, the patd fandom’s excessive use of “f*ggot”, the initial danger days reaction, ‘it’s been five years jon’, bandomtfln, the ryan and brendon bagel memes, the tai breakup, the mcr dogs/unicorns/sass/fronkeh memes, the milk fic, ‘spencer smith flawless b*tch”, thanks pete, the cobra split, i can’t even name them all. i am so tired. please lay me to rest. please let me escape this hell website

My Portable Sunshine (but it's just a memory of you)

This is a shamefully short Valentine’s Day fic for my pjowriters squad Meg jasongraceless, Bella bellalou5, Casey tai-chi-leigh, Shay seawedebrain, and Sarah bandanabeth. I love all of you guys, and I hope you have a great day! 

Author’s Note: This is my first Solangelo fic, so I’m not quite sure if I got them right or not. I will not be continuing this in any form because I have no idea where Nico and Percy would even be going. But the situation makes for a nice fic. I hope everyone has an awesome Valentine’s Day!


Even though Nico couldn’t believe that Percy was asking him to do this, he totally could. And he guessed that it made sense. Percy was probably right. If the both of them went, they could deal with it faster than a team of four demigods. Percy was right. They would be back home in two days.

But if they weren’t—

Percy was standing off to the side, clutching Annabeth to him. They were kissing and whispering to each other, and Annabeth had her eyes slammed shut. She was grasping the front of Percy’s shirt, and she was shaking a little.

“Hey,” Will said, dragging Nico’s face back to his.

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