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Keskustelussa sukupuolesta kaikkein pahin asia koskaan tuntuu olevan hämmentyneet lapset. Että se on niinkuin kaikkein pahinta, että jonkun sukupuoli hämmentää lapsia

Silloin kun mä olin lapsi, niin olin hämmentynyt monista asioista, mutta en näe ketään kieltämässä progressiivista verotusta, amerikkalaisen jalkapallon sääntöjä, Tallinnan autoliikennettä tai englannin kieltä.

I’m 90% sure that Raven had convinced her whole camp that she could just disappear into a pocket dimension whenever she wanted and emerge at will, and sometimes she would demonstrate it and just lurk outside Ruby’s room for five minutes, then dramatically step back to where she was and make it seem like she had been off doing something cool. 


#mark the chicken defense squad


julia: “people on twitter are like, “how could you do that? you’re a horrible person!” i’m like chill, [mark the chicken] made it further than me.”

Air Conditioning and Pajamas

Author’s Note: I want to wish a HUGE happy birthday to tai-chi-leigh! Casey, I love you sooo much, and thank you for getting me addicted to The 100 and always being there for me. I know that I can count on you 100% of the time. I love you, and I hope you have a wonderful day!! (I hope you like this fic too bc it’s just for you!)

Summary: Percy just really wanted to know who his letters belonged to. He was tired of not having a face to put with his AC. Or, the one where everyone has their soul-mate's initials on their wrist, and Percy is just too impatient for this whole thing.  


His mom always told him that he would eventually find them. She always said to never go looking for them because the second that he was least expecting it was when it would happen.

He tried to not expect it a lot.

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i hope when this album comes out and all of the tay/joe stuff is exposed that the media and paparazzi leave them alone and just let them live their lives like they’ve been allowed to do for the last year

i dont care about candids. i just want them to be able to live their lives on their terms.