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We played telephone today in band, while waiting to get into the large gym. There are about 120-130 or more of us. It was interesting.

I’ve never laughed that hard in months and my friend was literally crying from laughing so hard. It was so great

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So let's talk Spatacus. Now I love Mira and Spartacus and I think Laeta and Spartacus was cute and had potential. But do you think if Spartacus was to go on for another season before the final battle, do you think that Spartacus would have fell for Laeta and give her the love that Mira desperately wanted from him? I hope I make sense.

YASSS!! I LOVE YOU @tays-role-plays !! Heheh!! And talking Spartacus with you gives me life ;)!!! OK SOO you pose SUCH AN INTERESTING question!!! I LOVE IT!! Anndd there are my personal thoughts on it!!! 

I personally believe that Spartacus would have eventually been able to be happy with Laeta! Andd I’m going to go into a bit of detail as to why I believe this!! 

When Mira fell for Spartacus, it can be said she started developing feelings for him in the ludus. This was at a time where Spartacus was still mourning his wife in a way – though setting to rest his past life as he promised Batiatus. HOWEVER, discovering the true cause of her death had opened up those fresh wounds!! He was NOT ready to give himself to another woman! I do believe he deeply cared about Mira, but I also think Mira held expectations of being loved so completely by him, and he was not at an emotional place to give her that!

Furthermore, there was not a huge time lapse between Blood and Sand and Vengeance! I bring this up because I also think its important to note that Spartacus was still very much in a mourning mindset; in an angered one and desperate to avenge Sura. I mean, look how he went after Glaber in the market! I think discovering how she died had reopened those old wounds and brought back the man who was so devoted to his wife, that he could not place another above her, not even Mira! 

Theenn, the whole Ilithyia thing happened! I think Mira was trying to force a choice onto him, and placing pressure on the guy because she wanted him to love her as much as she loved him. I’m not saying its entirely irrational, I think she went into the relationship with this hope, but with the rebellion so fresh, I don’t think Spartacus was able to give in to expectation and meed this standard of affection that Mira wanted and expected. I THINK given more time, he could have. But not in that period of time!! 

NOW, Mira died, and consider the next time lapse between Vengeance and War of the Damned where YEARS went by! Thus, Spartacus was able to come to terms with the situation. Still committed to the war but it was exactly that: a full fledged war. They had an army, they had generals, and he had time to digest the truth about Sura and find less reckless ways to deal with it! He was more rational and calculated (compared to going after Glaber in the middle of the day at the market). 

Bring in Laeta! It definitely wasn’t love at first sight by any means! However, I think they grew to strongly care about each other! I think he saw what she had been through, being stripped of her role as a civilian, branded a slave, and so on! Furthermore, you could tell that Laeta did not treat her slaves poorly which, I think is important to note in regards to her character and personality! So by the time that Laeta had sex with Spartacus, they had a strong understanding with each other. AND, she recognized how much he loved his wife. She did not have those expectations of him, like the ones Mira did at the time, and I think this helped ease Spartacus’ mind a little. That he was not expected to give his whole heart to her, as he had hesitations to be with Laeta physically, after what happened with Mira. 

I also think this lack of pressure brought him closer to her as time went on. Its significant to note, that even Agron recognized how Laeta made Spartacus happy. Sometimes our friends know us best and considering how well he knows Spartacus, I do believe there was truth in this. That Laeta symbolized a potential life of happiness for Spartacus; that the man could find some semblance of it in this life. And Spartacus was willing to do that even, to go beyond the Alps and bring end to the war … until of course everything went to hell!!

NOW, whether Spartacus could have actually given up fighting in the war if he had survived, is debatable. A part of him would have always been tied to it, but I think that if he was to be with someone, a woman, then I could see it as someone with Laeta if things had continued on the path between them that they had been going on in the show!

I HOPE this answer makes sense!! And I’m SOOO SORRY for the ramble!! HAHA! I just have a LOOT of thoughts when it comes to this brilliant show and REALLY enjoy talking about it with peeps ;)!! HIT ME UP WITH ANY MORE QUESTIONS!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS ONE!! YOU DA BEST!!! <3

Next Kiss Up for discussion

Okay, the first time I saw this kiss…I lost my shit…like no need to figure out who initiated this kiss. Mercedes went for it. She leaped right into his arms after “playing hard to get”. But after my initial shock went away questions came a rolling. 

Question 1: How many bowls of cereal did Chord have to eat for this scene? And who the hell thought it was a good idea to have his mouth full of Lucky Charms, right before a kiss? Anyway, we know they had several takes because Rileystreet openly joked on twitter about it. I still don’t know how I feel about this milky kiss.

Question 2: Was it in the script for her to leap? Look at Chord’s face when she pulls him slightly with her right hand before leaping lol….I cannot even…anyway I wish we had better visual and lighting on this kiss.

I have more questions but i don’t wanna seem crazier than I already seem. Anywho chime in folks. Samcedes rehab sesh is in:

@adorkableme525, @whoknowstv, @niazha16, @lg-ca, @jujubee58, @tays-role-plays who else? @zenlovesthinking @dayjavoo1, @carsonsstorm I want you to chime in.


i played Tay Zonday Plays TF2 in Audiosurf 2

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Agron, what would you have done if when you came back from being on the cross, Nasir had moved on to Castus? Would you have tried to win him back, or just want a friendship? Would you think that Nasir betrayed you?

The thought turns stomach, to endure sight of Nasir with Castus. It would have caused wound in fucking heart if he moved on so swiftly to another. Intent was that Nasir find life beyond battle and perhaps eventual joy in the arms of another. But to see it happen so quickly … I can not bare thought of such a thing. I would welcome the afterlife above witnessing it. Yet, if it brought Nasir joy, then I would be in no fucking place to tear him from it.  


  • Hi! omg, i am so not good at this intro stuff so ill just list a few things here and you can hmu if you wanna plot or talk more yeah?
  • this is Antonia - Toni only to people within her group. 
  • her mother is half African American/half Latina her father was a high figure within Los Santos Perdidos. her mother did not agree with all of the choices he made so she left him however Antonia stayed with her father. learning the ins and outs of the family. quickly learning skills a young child should never know.
  • the stay did not last very long and at the age of 16 Antonia found out that her mother had passed (whether or not this death was mafia related is unknown - maybe we can plot something?) and because of this was sent to live with her mother’s family at their request. 
  • at 29 Toni learns her father was murdered and decided to move back to Las Vegas where she ultimately takes his place as Lugarteniente.
  • Toni is described as being very loyal to her boss and fellow mafia members, she is very skilled with weapons of almost any variety, she’s mostly laid back, sophisticated (you will mostly always catch her in a dress, high heels and expensive jewelry) HOWEVER she is not afraid to get her hands dirty and is more than willing to take out/or show a lesson to anyone who does not show her the respect she demands. 
  • Annnnd despite #3 in the code of conduct for los santos perdidos Toni is a lesbian. however out of fear of being harmed she keeps this a closely guarded secret, choosing her family and the power that comes with being in the mafia over any real love and happiness she could have. she sleeps around with women, usually paying them off abundantly to keep quiet. but idk i am so willing to plot out a partner for her, or not, maybe just secret fwb with agreements?

Okay so I’ve looked at this picture millions of times. I have an obsession I get it. But forget that. From the first time that I saw them kiss, I’ve always assumed Sam initiated the kiss. But now that I’m obsessing again, it looks like Mercedes is the initiator.

Help me out girls 😂 @adorkableme525, @tays-role-plays, @whoknowstv, @lg-ca, @dayjavoo1 @niazha16 @carsonsstorm anyone who cares to jump in.