tay plays

lmao @ overwatch players who harrass other players because they killed them a couple of times???

i got a guy who killed me a couple times as tracer and he messaged me to say “sorry ur master’s a hoe” and i was like “uh k lol” and left

and then he sent ANOTHER message to let me know i’m a coward for leaving the chat and i’m like ok you can stop harrassing me now

// Tay: “Stop playing that song. It’s bad enough we get it every day from Shay and Merr. But you’ve been listening to it for probably an hour now?”
Tay: “(singing the melody) “Please shut upppppp”

Simon decided that now that he was not a vampire anymore, the first thing he would do is go grab something to eat. The boy missed being able to eat human food, the thing that he missed the most was burgers, it was one of his favorite foods, that was why he walked to the nearest restaurant and asked for one, which luckily for him, didn’t take long to be done. Once his food was on his table, he picked it up and gave it a huge bite, not really paying attention to how sloppily he was eating it.

Okay people I need to just point out that I have been a very horrible rp partner for the last couple of weeks. Life is stressful and I am in a phase in which I really feel burned out if I am being completely honest. 

I will try to get back and do replies and such, but I am really not sure how long that will take, so all of my rp partners who don’t want to wait any longer, you are free to tell me that. I completely understand. All others, I would love if you liked this so I know you are still here and all.

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// PSA;; Will give unconditional shippy feels for a Tayric thread that lasts longer than 2 notes!

Will give gold stars for an active eric blog tho.
Will sell my muses soul for an eric blog
Will sacrifice my first born child (lol I’m not having kids) for an eric for my tay to play with.
Wow. wrong wording… or was it? badumtss

all eric’s go inactive. and I don’t know why. He was such an amazing character. And Dan is a hunk.
Ash played him for 2 notes in a thread
Rose is never online
And Key has a lot going on as is.

I just see everyone running around with their ships. And I feel incredibly left out because this is a single ship blog. My baby wants feels too ;A;