tay lee

so just for reference

Lotor’s Elite Generals

Ezor - aloof, cheerful, excellent in hand to hand combat, also has throwing knives, basically space Tai-Lee, can turn invisible, calls the lions ‘kitties’, im gay for her

Zethrid - L E M M E S M A S H (no thats not a joke she literally wants to blow everything up), ridiculous amount of strength, a bit of a hot head, basically galra Jasper, when she’s not using her fists shes got a big gun

Narti - blind, mind control powers (works at close range), has a tail that she uses in fights, very lizard like, sees world through cats eyes, doesnt speak?

Axca (or Auxia?) - gun baby, team’s head of info, seems to have the closest attachment to Lotor out of the 4, weblum galra 


The Original Paladins of Voltron (excluding Alfor and Zarkon)

Gyrgan - “AM I A LEG??”, this guy would think of Hunk as his son okay

Trigel - wise, sassy, witty, awesome

Blaytz - he’s like older Lance, i shipped him with alfor for a minute, he’s also gay (did you catch that?), im also pretty sure he’s from some water based planet because he’s got gills on his neck


Ty Lee and Ezor parallels

How Do You Take Your Tea? - ATLA

Bear in mind that Zuko is the barista because this is the tea shop that Iroh had in season 2 :)

Zuko: So how do yo- YOU.
Aang: *glancing innocently around* Who, me? I’m just an unassuming tea enthusiast.
Zuko: I can see your Airbending tattoos!
Aang: They’re trendy. I’m very fashion conscious. And besides, the customer is always right.
Zuko: But y- fine, fine. What kind of tea would you like sir?
Aang: Uh… *stares at menu for twelve minutes*
Zuko: *bangs head on counter*

Zuko: How would you like your- *sighs* coffee.
Sokka: Hey there Zuk Zuk. How’s it?
Zuko: How. Would. You like. Your. Tea.
Sokka: I don’t like tea can I get coffee?

Katara: *stares passively-aggressively for five minutes*
Zuko: I’m really uncomfortable here can you please order already?
Katara: Ginseng.
Katara: *water-bends scalding water out of kettle*
Zuko: *sighs and goes to get more water*
Katara: *waterbends water back into kettle*
Zuko: Really?

Zuko: How would you like your tea?
Toph: As sweet as my personality.
Zuko: One cup of saltwater coming up.

Zuko: How would you like your tea?
Suki: Strong. And uncompromising.
Zuko: … ?

Zuko: How wo-Ah! *hides behind counter*
Azula: I can still see you.

Zuko: How would you like your tea?
Mai: I hate tea.
Zuko: I know. You hate everything.
Mai: I hate you less.
Zuko: I get off at 10:00.

Zuko: How would you like your tea?
Tai-Lee: *bouncing up and down* Full of sugar!
Zuko: You’re SURE that’s a good idea?

Iroh: Can I have some Jasmine Tea please?
Zuko: Uncle you work here.

Zuko: *thinks no one is watching, drinks cup of Jasmine Tea.*
Zuko: :)