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I Know Places - (A Tumblr Fan Project) 

I promised myself that I would make this summer one of the best ones in my life, so that obviously included doing something extraordinary and fun! taylorswift you gave us an entire album full of breathtaking amazingly written songs that all deserve a music video. 

I am proud to present the I Know Places Tumblr Project. 

Thank you so much swiftly-ever-after slaying-swift  i-wish-you-would-tay thinkimfinallyclean13 all-youhadtodowas-tay allyouhadtodowasbelongwithme new-romantics-13 aswiftdfghjkl fxearless being-cool-was-never-my-style cleanandfearless bakingswift it-feels-like-a-purrrfect-night for sending in your amazing videos! I love you and I hope you like it!