taxiphyllum barbieri


Here’s my new and improved ten-gallon Cherry Shrimp Garden!


-20+ Red cherry shrimp (Neocaridina denticulata sinensis)

-A few stow-away pond snails. >:(

-Coming soon: A few Malaysian trumpet snails (if I can find any) and maybe a few otocinclus catfish if I get some algae growth in this tank.


-Java moss (Taxiphyllum barbieri) 

-Rotala rotundifolia (does this even have a common name?)

-Water wisteria (Hygrophila difformis)

-Dwarf sagittaria (Sagittaria subulata)

-Marimo moss ball (Not sure what the Latin name is…)

Non-living stuff:

-Black Petco sand mixed with some small-grain black gravel

-Small Asian lamp ornament(What are these things called?)

-Several small pieces of Malaysian driftwood, stuck together to form a “tree”. Java moss from the 2.5 gallon tank is tied to the “branches” as foliage. In a couple of months, the moss will look much fuller and hopefully more tree-like.

-“Zebra stones”. If I had a guess, I would say they are made of white quartz and basalt. These were in the original 2.5 gallon, too.

-Red polished agate stones, lining out a pathway through the “garden”.

I originally bought just a few red cherry shrimp and put them in a 2.5 gallon tank on my desk with a couple of small clumps of java moss. Both the shrimp and the moss multiplied until the entire tank was filled with moss that was covered in little red shrimp within a few months! I set this ten-gallon tank up to give my growing shrimp colony more space. With a tank this large, they can breed as much as they want and I might actually have baby shrimp to sell every now and then. Just now, I spotted the first tiny white baby shrimplet since shrimp have been added to this tank. :) I will try to get a few more good-looking shrimp from other places in the coming weeks to give the gene pool some more variety, since the ones I have now are mostly related to each other.

I am hoping the plants grow in this tank. I woul love for the dwarf sag to multply enough to look somwhat like grass around the base of the driftwood tree. Hopefully the little wisteria stems grow up taller. They are so short right now, and that corner of the tank looks empty. I have moderate lighting and do not have a CO2 system in this tank, so the plant growth with probably be slow. These are hardy species that supposedly don’t need CO2 to grow, so they will probably not die, at least. My lights on this tank are simple CFL clamp-lamps that I bought at Home Depot. I am using two 13 watt 6500k bulbs, which gives me a little over two watts per gallon. I dose API Leafzone liquid plant ferts weekly, and will use root tabs sparingly under the dwarf sag so that it hopefully gets the nutrients it needs. I see a couple of yellow leaves, which means a possible iron deficiency, as I have read. Root tabs might fix that.

I will change the ugly tank background to a plain black one soon.