taxidermy worms


Me and another vulture friend of mine have had problems with some kind of worm. Has anyone seen worms fitting this description:
•only in deer skulls
•only come out after being soaked in water and taken out
•very very small and off-white with brown ends. BOTH ends, so not Indian mealmoth larvae I don’t think, idk
•lives through hydrogen peroxide soaking
•only dies from heat and being squished from what I’ve seen
•BUT, I simmered a skull to loosen mummified flesh and they lived through that. They died sitting in the sun in 95 degree weather
•they don’t go in the sinus cavity, they go into the pores in the skull
•there was absolutely no flesh on one of the affected skulls, so I think they eat bone
•I can’t find any parasite native to deer online that fit this description

•smaller and skinnier than maggots

PLEASE message me if you know what they are or if you’ve seen them.