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Danny is NOT the only Grump. Yes, I know I mainly post him and this is a blog mainly for him, but I respect the rest of the Grumps (and Holly). They are amazing and they are people too and could you imagine putting hard work into something and people commenting where your friend is, not giving a shit about what you did? That’s heart breaking and disrespectful. 

Seeing some of those comments made me feel terrible, and I can’t even imagine how everyone else felt. 

So, I’d like to take a moment and appreciate the rest of the crew. 


A soft and handsome boy who’s buff and has a passion for voice acting. Not to mention he’s an amazing animator, artist, and rapper! 


A precious cinnamon roll that must be protected! Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with Barry, not to mention he’s an AMAZING editor! 


A ninja with a PHD, who’s also a father. Need I say more? 


The boy who is working on his own animated series, which looks great so far! Yes, he may be a sadist, but aren’t we all? 


Arin’s beautiful wife who’s literally outfit and hair goals all the time. She even works hard to maintain her taxidermy shop and her work is gorgeous. 


(Yes, I know she’s not a Grump but she deserves some praise) Ross’s stunning wife, the ultimate bird mom, who’s very talented with cosplay. Also she has beautiful hair too.

Also sending love to: Matt, Ryan, and Vernon 

Just saying the things that should be said everyday. I love you, Grumps. 


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Holy crap! As of today my Instagram account is 5 years old!!

It’s been an amazing journey over these past few years! Since making this account SkullStore has grown from being basically a hobby into one of the world’s leading oddity shops AND founded an entire museum!

Huge thanks to all of the awesome crew who work at Prehistoria and SkullStore… And, of course, the almost 38,000 fantastic folks who follow our account!

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Its finally been uploaded!  This shadowbox display features real flowers, bones, and a leaf insect.  You can check out more great photos of this piece at Vulture Shop on Etsy


The Foster’s Residence | 6:52 p.m.

    “Ever since Aster’s been born I’ve been feeling like I need to stay away from home. Usually I have work at the taxidermy shop or Shine 99 radio but, it’s Friday. Meaning no work.. so my last resort is going to the guy who’s up to do anything with me. That’s Augie. Augie is that guy. *sigh”


Pelts are up for sale and listed!  They can be purchased in my Etsy Shop where all of them are listed individually. 

Usually takes me a couple of days to get everything handled with these guys.  Got them in Monday where I begin my process of sexing the pelts which in turn also give me a chance to inspect the pelts for damages, flaws or issues.  From there I tag them according, measure, list lists and price them to their value.  

Tuesday which was when I took these photos was photo day where I take photos of each pelt and their issues.  This takes me about 1 to 2 hours since its a lot of pelts to go through and take photos of.  After that process then I have to type of descriptions for Etsy which is what I did last night and partly today. After all the work I get to the point where I can list them up which we are at the point now!  Hoping for a few sales over the next few days now that the pelts are listed.

Again, you can purchase the pelts through my Etsy Shop!  

Kiss Me

word count: ~1400

A/N: This came about from a quotation prompt: “Kiss the hell out of me. Please.”  I also want to make a note that guys who can’t take a hint are disgusting, but I can’t help loving Dean as a ‘knight in shining armor’ role. :)

You had a long, hard day behind you, and all you wanted was to go to your favorite bar and nurse a few drinks.  (Maybe have a couple shots in between, too.)  You needed to take the edge off, so you settled on a barstool, waving the bartender over.

After you ordered a gin and tonic, you glanced around the place seeing if any of your friends were there. You had frequented this bar since college – well, actually since high school, when you all had fake ID’s – so it wouldn’t have surprised you if you saw someone you knew.  However, it being a Tuesday night, you didn’t see any familiar faces.

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The Wolpertinger is a well known as a hoax. However, according to legend, it resides in the forests of Bavaria, Germany. Legend has it that the creatures are quite shy and are difficult to catch. The beast is a mixture of wings, antlers, and fangs, all on a small mammal’s body, most often a rabbit. But, it does not always have to be a rabbit; sometimes the Wolpertinger can made with the body of a squirrel, or the head of a fox. All that is certain about the beast is that it is comprised of many animal parts. Often, one can buy taxidermy Wolpertingers from shops.

Coyote Vertebra Choker Necklace ✨

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