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Coyote Vertebra Choker Necklace ✨

This piece is perfect any hex babe and can be purchased on our Etsy! 💀🔮🌙 All bones utilized in our pieces are ethically sourced and cruelty free!

The Wolpertinger is a well known as a hoax. However, according to legend, it resides in the forests of Bavaria, Germany. Legend has it that the creatures are quite shy and are difficult to catch. The beast is a mixture of wings, antlers, and fangs, all on a small mammal’s body, most often a rabbit. But, it does not always have to be a rabbit; sometimes the Wolpertinger can made with the body of a squirrel, or the head of a fox. All that is certain about the beast is that it is comprised of many animal parts. Often, one can buy taxidermy Wolpertingers from shops.

Kiss Me

word count: ~1400

A/N: This came about from a quotation prompt: “Kiss the hell out of me. Please.”  I also want to make a note that guys who can’t take a hint are disgusting, but I can’t help loving Dean as a ‘knight in shining armor’ role. :)

You had a long, hard day behind you, and all you wanted was to go to your favorite bar and nurse a few drinks.  (Maybe have a couple shots in between, too.)  You needed to take the edge off, so you settled on a barstool, waving the bartender over.

After you ordered a gin and tonic, you glanced around the place seeing if any of your friends were there. You had frequented this bar since college – well, actually since high school, when you all had fake ID’s – so it wouldn’t have surprised you if you saw someone you knew.  However, it being a Tuesday night, you didn’t see any familiar faces.

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Gold Moon Raccoon Rib Bone Necklace $24🌙

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Pelts are up for sale and listed!  They can be purchased in my Etsy Shop where all of them are listed individually. 

Usually takes me a couple of days to get everything handled with these guys.  Got them in Monday where I begin my process of sexing the pelts which in turn also give me a chance to inspect the pelts for damages, flaws or issues.  From there I tag them according, measure, list lists and price them to their value.  

Tuesday which was when I took these photos was photo day where I take photos of each pelt and their issues.  This takes me about 1 to 2 hours since its a lot of pelts to go through and take photos of.  After that process then I have to type of descriptions for Etsy which is what I did last night and partly today. After all the work I get to the point where I can list them up which we are at the point now!  Hoping for a few sales over the next few days now that the pelts are listed.

Again, you can purchase the pelts through my Etsy Shop!  


I was considering asking the folks at the local taxidermy shop what they usually do with their skulls to see if there was any way I could obtain them, but due to my social anxiety I wanted a second opinion. Would this be a good idea? Has anyone else gotten or asked for skulls/bones from their nearby taxidermist? Anyone know what taxidermists usually do with the skulls/bones?