taxidermy for vegans

anonymous asked:

This might be a dumb question but... is going to natural history museums to view fossils/taxidermy (extinct) animals vegan? My first instinct is that it is, because you can't exactly exploit something that was dead for a bunch of millions of years, and it's not like it hurts the dinosaurs that the museum profits from their bones, similarly with species that are now extinct but... still, I see it as being maybe not totally vegan? If that makes sense 😕

I see no issue with it at all, viewing live animals in museums is a different thing entirely though. When looking at anything like this just try to ask yourself if any harm is being caused, if there is clearly no harm being caused and no one is being exploited then generally speaking it’s going to be in line with vegan ethics.

So apparently there’s a thing called vegan taxidermy where you recreat an animal using paper or wood or something instead of an actual dead animal. And the stuff is really cool and well made but that just seems like an odd thing to call it.