taxidermy crows

Honestly, the Raven Cycle tv show could be absolute trash and I’m still gonna watch every episode. They could peddle some CW, MTV teen crap at me and you can catch me watching 32 year old Adam Parrish be angstily hit on by a 5'2" Ronan Lynch filmed at an upward angle. Blue Sargent in designer clothes and Gansey played by a dude that looks like Armie Hammer??? Whatever, I’m here

Antique European crow now available!!!!! This gorgeous Carrion crow dates back to the late 1800’s and is in perfect condition. Carrion crows are way bigger than north American crows and are similar in size to a raven. Call or DM for the price.

sometimes i forget that i own a big stuffed taxidermy crow so i will wake up in the middle of the night with an ominous crow watching me from my desk and freak out

Sometimes I think about how much Scarecrow has changed my life…

Then I realize that my decorating style now consists of burlap, various beakers and flasks, actual syringes (including pens that look like syringes), multiple crow statues (I once considered buying a taxidermy crow too) and all sorts of scarecrow aesthetic.

Maybe I’m overdoing it?

the-nerd-bird  asked:

Being a trickster god, does Loki ever "take" things? I recently moved and have looked EVERYWHERE for part of my altar to Odin (a taxidermy crow I made), but it seems to have vanished. I've never worked with Loki and I have a feeling that maybe this is his way of trying to get my attention. Do you have any advice on how to contact him for the first time to see if he's involved, and maybe ask for my crow to come back?

Welcome, Lily!

It’s not unheard of for Loki or other entities to “take” things as a sign, as a way to express displeasure, or as a payment for a service you may or may not have agreed to or noticed that they rendered.

However, sometimes you also just lose stuff, you know? And moving is a really common time to lose stuff for completely mundane reasons.

And Loki is far from the only one do do this.  House wights are infamous for it. Other deities, tricksters or not, do it. And since the crow belongs to Odin (who qualifies as a trickster god himself), he’d actually be the one I’d pin this on first, if you haven’t ruled that out. At least from your ask, honing in on Loki specifically at this point seems like a bit of a leap.

That said, you don’t really need an excuse or a sign to approach Loki or any other Norse god if it’s something you want to do. Since you already worship Odin, you appear to have the process down. You should be just fine doing with Loki what you do for Odin.

- Mod E

Meet Poe (Corvus Corone, Carrion Crow).

The latest addition to my taxidermy collection. These guys are so hard to source within Australia because of many strict regulations and laws, and also Quarantine/Import laws are very tough.

He is a very high quality, handsome specimen. I couldn’t be happier!

A crow in progress, The long pins and the loose threads are to help keep the skin/feathers from shifting as the skin dries. I’ll post another photo soon as hes finished and his bindings/pins are removed.

This poor fellow was a roadkill bird, Its odd to find roadkill crows around here but we’ve had a very harsh winter here so the more desperate they get for food the more chances they must take.