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Image: Theodor Geisel in his home work room in La Jolla, Calif., in 1957. (Gene Lester/Getty Images)

Decades before he became a best-selling children’s book author, Dr. Seuss, a.k.a. Theodor Geisel, created a series of sculptures he called his “Unorthodox Taxidermy.” Using real horns, beaks and antlers, he fashioned whimsical creatures which look like they jumped right out of his books.

Now a traveling show of replicas, called “If I Ran the Zoo”, has landed at a gallery in Long Island. We bring you that story (how else?) in verse: Before His Name Was Known At All, Seuss Put Creatures On The Wall

list of books i found at the library today:
elegy for the departure (poetry)
whistler (about the painter dude)
the language of flowers: symbols and myths (looks like a grandma book)
multiplicity (scienceee)
an oresteia (fuckin…anne carson)
parrots (very big, lots of drawings)
sweetbitter love: poems by sappho (rereading)
book of longing (has shitty lil graphics to go with leonard cohen poems)
dreaming: an introduction to the science of sleep (looks like it was designed in powerpoint)
home book of taxidermy and tanning (very practical guide)

This book is the most beautiful thing

In a cute old fashioned but still mostly relevant and perfect kind of way. 
I just adore the gorgeously (for once not deadeningly boring) old fashioned language, a few of my favourites so far;
Having cleaned both leg-bones, thrust them both back into the skin in their normal position”
Just the image from use of the word thrust in that manner, later on it says “gently thrust” and I can’t even deal. 

“… and you have your specimen skinned and all ready to be poisoned … of course, arsenic in the hands of careless or very ignorant persons is dangerous. But it may safely be handled by any person of ordinary intelligence.”
I feel like here the author is pretty much saying “I mean really guys, you have to be a total idiot to screw up that badly.”

And my favourite so far
“ … a good taxidermist takes pride in not mutilating his specimens.”

The book by the way is Guide to Taxidermy, by Charles K. Reed and Chester A. Reed, and is a very good book.


Amid other projects i worked on yesterday, I finished up this gorgeous bag made from a pair of vintage mink hides and secondhand leather. Big enough for a book (or a Kindle!), as well as ritual tools, wallets and cell phones, and other personal items, it has a lot of potential for both personal and spiritual tasks. Here it is on Etsy!

Walked out of the library and realized that I had just checked out four books about taxidermy, and four books about former president Jimmy Carter.

Everyone these days worries that something they’ve done has put them on a government list, but I take comfort in the assumption that the list I’m on is the one with “????????” written at the top.

My brother, the librarian, loves me.

The taxidermy book says “you can use an ordinary household washing machine to prepare hides.” Ms Jess and the blue Force ghost of my mother disagree.