We’re announcing a call for entries for the 2nd Annual Baltimore Taxidermy Open! The BTO is a contest open to rogue taxidermists and collectors who want to show off their finest taxidermy-inspired pieces. This year’s competition will be held at @thewaltersartmuseum on Oct. 6th. Apply now at bazaarbaltimore.com! #taxidermycompetition #taxidermy #baltimore #baltimoretaxidermyopen #roguetaxidermy #waltersartmuseum #bazaarbaltimore (at Bazaar)

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Hey, folks! Have you taken a look at my Etsy shop lately? I’ve added some neat new art in the past few days, and there are some other works that have been waiting a bit longer for their new homes! I have tons of hide and bone costumery, jewelry, and other art, as well as all my currently available pagan nonfiction books. And I’ve destashed some hide and bone scraps and other art supplies that I won’t be using that you can pick up for your own artistic endeavors–everything’s at https://www.etsy.com/shop/thegreenwolf

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Kate Clark’s Twist on Taxidermy

Kate Clark, in a studio near Brooklyn Navy Yard, houses a variety of strange taxidermies . The interesting thing about her animals is that they all have human faces which have been sculpted from clay. She then uses the animal’s own facial skin to cover the faces. Kate uses recycled hides that are considered imperfect for trophy mounts.

“In the Western World, humans are so separated that we have no reason to connect with [wild] animals anymore,” Kate says. “We have become so other.” In fact, she says that most people don’t even realize that she often changes the sex of the animals. Going through her sculptures you will see female faces with antlers attached—an appendage usually sported only by male animals. “Something as straightforward as that doesn’t even register, because our understanding of the natural world isn’t very good anymore,” she says. SOURCE


We’re thrilled to announce that one of our all-time favorite Seattle shops, the Nevertold Casket Company, has just opened in a new, larger, and even more resplendent location. Owners Jack and Tiffany Bennett are skilled seekers of haunted wares and their shop is a wonderland curiosities and oddities. The walls, shelves, cabinets, and yes, actual caskets, are filled with beautifully strange and unusual objects and all sorts of things that “make one feel delightfully uncomfortable.”

Whether you live in Seattle or have plans to travel there, the Nevertold Casket Company is an experience that mustn’t be missed. To quote Archie McPhee owner @devilduck, “first you take your guests to the Nevertold Casket Company to see that life is short and spooky and then you take them to the Archie McPhee store because it doesn’t really matter.”

Follow the Nevertold Casket Company on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with all the wonderful weirdness Jack and Tiffany are continually adding to their shop.

Photos by nevertoldcasket and Liquidnight respectively.