Kingsman Exchange : Coming Home

I finally get to post my work here in Tumblr after the Hartwin Secret Santa (Summer 2016). 

Prompt: Daisy is actually’s daughter, a fact which comes to light after Hartwin is established. For whatever reason, he has to take her in and become primary caretaker. Harry has to adjust to being a father.

I had a great time doing this :D

This is one of my favorite photos that I’ve ever posted on my social media… so time for a repost!

“We take the culinary arts to a whole new level!

This is a female Celebes Crested Macaque (Macaca nigra), a critically endangered monkey from Sulawesi and nearby Indonesian islands!
This particular individual was born in captivity and passed in a Canadian zoo.

We are dehydrating the carcass for skeleton preparation and having this animal taxidermied as well!”

This specimen has since been taxidermied and is part of our permanent conservation exhibit.


Thanks to recent trades, here’s the main bulk of my death collection! That’s without the many various feathers, the eggs (all from pet birds), the octopus in a jar, the four dead birds in my freezer (all pets again) and the plushies made from real tanned fur, because I didn’t have enough space to lay it all out and because some of those items technically do not fit in the dead category.


Late-August update! This morning I went to a nearby garage sale, on a whim, and scored an old set of caribou antlers! They’re not in the best of shape — they were left outside for some time, and are lichen-y and chalky — but they’re so neat and pretty. I ordered a plaque for them online and they’ll be on the wall soon! I’m still collecting bugs, and I recently mounted up some colorful grasshoppers and an underwing moth. We also went to a nearby mining town and I got some local specimens of rocks: kona dolomite, breciated hematite, and botryoidal hematite. Saw some taxidermy and antlers at the antique shops, but didn’t need any.

Mr. Meatball went home today to his loving mama, @cemeteryxlife. Hairless animals are some of the toughest to mount due to their lack of fur. Wrinkles must be sculpted into the form and they must be airbrushed to achieve a believable pallor. Each one is an improvement and I learned a lot from this gift of a creature 💖
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'Witchcraft' threats don't stop federal prosecution over bird feathers
Despite an alleged threat of witchcraft "against all those who wish him ill," the feds are prosecuting a suburban man they say illegally sold vases and masks containing the feathers of migratory birds, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

Just a reminder that your religious beliefs don’t make you immune to the laws of the land. It is illegal in the U.S. to possess, buy or sell the feathers, other remains, eggs and nests of almost every wild bird native here, to include all raptors, songbirds, corvids, etc.

For my take on why we need the Migratory Bird Treaty Act,http://www.thegreenwolf.com/why-we-need-the-migratory-bird…/

For more information on animal parts laws, head over towww.thegreenwolf.com/animal-parts-laws/


Started working in earnest to build this macaw for a #petcommission. Using nylon string to reinforce the connective points of the various skull bones allows us to see the articulated nature of the bird’s beak.

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The International Cryptozoology Museum got a makeover! It used to be in a crowded two room shop in downtown Portland, Maine with too much to look at in too little time. However, they have proudly upgraded to an amazing two story area at Thompson’s Point in Portland. As you walk in there is a long hallway where the bathrooms (and showers for bicyclists!) are located and you can turn from there into the admission area and gift shop. The downstairs area has beautiful displays of everything from former cryptids to sea serpents. The upstairs is dedicated to taxidermy and humanoid cryptids. The walls are decorated with beautiful art and murals.

For more information about the International Cryptozoology Museum, you can visit their website