Wisconsin based artist Kelly Jelinek combines the art form of taxidermy with upholstery to create her colorful and unusual animal sculptures. The name of her art studio is derived from the artist’s last name, Jelinek, which means “little deer” or “little stag” in Czech, so it might seem no coincidence that she feels a strong connection to nature. But even more importantly, her work is faux and kill-free, and as a lifelong animal lover, she remains committed to making art that preserves the fantasy of animals while they were still alive. 

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Day 10: Share a story about a Vulture mishap or adventure.

There one was one morning I think in September that I had work around 10am and was shipping out something that morning for a customer. So making time, I left early and was driving down my road.  Not even three houses down I’m driving and spot a red blur on the side of the road.  I realize its in fact a red fox that died.  I was freaking out because I never find roadkill on my road and especially right by my house.

So once at the post office I checked the time and decide if I’m going to risk being late to work over this fox.  I was texting my mother about it and then texted her the message of “I’m doing it.”  Driving back to our house I passed her car and all I can see is her shaking her head with disappointment as we passed each other.  Pulling into our snow driveway, I  quickly ran into the house and grabbed a garbage bag and gloves and ran down the road to grab the fox.  Surely a few passing cars saw in fact a girl running back to the house with a dead fox in tow.  

To shorten the story, I got a good red fox and probably the first time I found something on my road that was a squirrel or a rodent.  I was also not late to work either!

I didn’t do as good of a job skinning him out but I do have a good half mount fox and I can salvage the rest of him for crafts!