some villainous concepts/headcanons:

  • Black Hat is a master of all things classical and occult but modern technology is mostly lost on him and he doesn’t care, if you handed him a smartphone he might eat it
  • Dr Flug has an infinite amount of paper bags so that if you remove one you find another and another onwards indefinitely, he can sometimes be found cutting the eye holes out of spares
  • Demencia knew and fell for Black Hat before he knew she even existed
  • Black Hat sometimes shouts random accusatory statements when surprised to play it off like he’s offended and not caught off guard, I.E. “HOW DARE YOU ENTER HERE UNINVITED”
  • Demencia’s job is bodyguard/guard dog, her obsession with BH assures she will fight to protect him or at the very least unwittingly notify him of a potential threat
  • Dr. Flug is a normal human evil-intern-turned-one-man-product-development-department with a family who still wants to see him for the holidays and pester him about his job and his love life
  • Black Hat hoards random nonsense spooky/twisted Victorian things, like taxidermied animals stood up like people and fencing each other or broken chandeliers
  • Dr. Flug can get motion sick, potentially due to his partially obscured vision (paper bag + goggles)
  • Black Hat talks in his sleep but only in horrifying otherworldly tongues of the dark whisperer
  • Black Hat is never seen without a hat, preferably black.
  • Dr Flug finds every possible opportunity to retaliate against BH’s torment in quiet and humble ways that won’t get his butt kicked, such as “he asked for 4 ice cubes but I gave him FIVE!! MWAHAHHAHA! HIS DRINK WILL BE ALL WATERY!” 
  • Black Hat does not require mortal sustenance but sometimes eats/drinks just because he can
  • Demencia is closer to chaotic neutral than true evil but let’s just let her have this
  • Black Hat takes offense to implications that he doesn’t understand something and will not ask for help; “OF COURSE I KNOW HOW TO EAT AN EGG” *swallows the raw egg whole*

Museum: so we got this weird animal from Madagascar called a tenrec

Taxidermist: ok what does it look like

Museum: well I guess it has big teeth so you should probably make it scary


Museum: maybe it’s a bit too much though can you do like, rounder and cuter?


Museum: …but not TOO round


Museum: …

Taxidermist: …

Museum: you know what?

Museum: just




Consider this. Night at the Museum meets Ghostbusters 2016.

Ghosts inhabiting the display mannequins, inhabiting the taxidermied animals, the priceless artifacts. Patty being chased by a squad of cavemen mannequins armed to the teeth. Erin being slimed by a fucking wooly mammoth. Abby having an existential crisis about having to shoot a priceless mummy with superheated protons. Holtz riding the mammoth that slimes Erin and fighting reanimated t-rex/dinosaur skeletons.     


This section will cover everything from tanning a pelt, to true taxidermy where an animal is mounted on a frame, to cleaning bones. Taxidermy is a very interesting art form that combines many different disciplines, but with guidance anyone can create amazing pieces that can be used to educate or decorate. I will give this warning though, because taxidermy deals with dead animals, it is incredibly important that you take all necessary precautions. Use protection when dealing with the animal, keep your workbench away from your living space, dispose of all leftovers properly, and make sure you look up the rules in your state about collecting roadkill.

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The guests discuss scary animals and taxidermy - The Graham Norton Show: 2017 Preview - BBC One

Hey uhh… I am all for animal welfare. Working with ethical taxidermy and zoological specimens, Animals are perhaps the most important thing to me.

I’ve heard some things in the animal welfare/vegan/animal rights communities that are concerning.

I’m talking things like

“fur farm animals are skinned alive”
“Race horses have their vocal cords cut so they don’t scream out in pain”
“Pigs are killed by being electrocuted through the anus” “slaughter house workers work there because they love killing and feeling blood on their hands”

And umm…. WHAT. I

I understand that things like bull fights and dirty mass slaughter houses are bad and need a serious change. But spreading strange and dramatic lies like that don’t help make your cause any more trustworthy.

There is no need to add extra shock factor. Especially to already shocking things. Please… this is coming from someone who is a huge advocate of animal welfare.

nonbinarydel-remade  asked:

Del headcanons maybe? ;3c

((I’ve got you my dude 👉😎👉 i wasn’t sure if you meant relationship headcanons or regular headcanons, so i went with the regular ones. make sure to send another ask if you wanted the other ones though B^0))

- Del really loves milkshakes and when he was alive he used to share them with Russel. Russel would just put a little straw in there and they’d both share it together.
- Del loves animals and he’s the one that got Russel into taxidermy. His favorite animals are hogs (The reason why Russel’s favorite is hogs too is because they remind him of Del :’^)).
- If he’s feeling bored, he’ll sneak around Kong Studios and scare everyone. Not seriously or anything, he just sneaks up behind them and goes “boo”. Everyone gets scared except for Russel, since he’s already endured Del’s shenanigans long before the others knew him.
- Del used to play baseball as a kid (Based off of this pic). Every time he won a game he’d tell Russel all about it and he’d listen to it like it was some incredible story Del was telling him. Russel would help him feel better after he lost too.
- Del was the mom friend when Russel wasn’t around, he was always making sure everyone was alright and when the others were at a meeting or something he’d babysit Noodle.
- Speaking of Noodle, when she was little he’d let her wear his cap!!! Noodle gave him her radio helmet as a way of saying thanks, but it was too little for him.
- Since Del can only come out when Russel’s asleep or passed out, when Noodle had nightmares, Del would comfort her. Sometimes when she couldn’t go back to sleep, they’d have mini sleepovers together.
- His hair’s juuust long enough to braid, so 2D, Noodle and Russel like to style it for him sometimes. He thinks it’s super nice and he keeps the hairdo for as long as he can.

So, I’m not really sure what to make of this. Someone is selling an alleged bluebuck head on eBay (for the low, low price of $300,000).

The description reads:

“This is a taxidermy head mount of an extinct species of African antelope called a bluebuck. An extraordinarily rare find! Currently there are only four specimens existing in the world, in Leiden, Paris, Vienna, and Stockholm.
Please read the excellent Wikipedia article on this animal, it’s a relative of the sable and roan antelope. There are no other specimens in the U.S. currently, even the Smithsonian doesn’t have one.

This animal went extinct in 1800, so the mount is very old, and not in perfect shape, but it is the only specimen in private hands. It’s a little less than 36" chin to tip of horns. This is an extinct animal, and as such has no protections. Will ship anywhere in the world.

I am in discussions now with an international museum to do DNA testing, I will let you know results.  They are also going to xray the mount. If there is a skull inside, the value will go up tremendously, as there is only 1 other skull in the world, and even that one has not been confirmed. If a skull is confirmed, the price on this piece will go up accordingly as it may be the only example in the whole world left.”

Interesting, but puzzling. I wonder where it came from and where it’s headed next? Hopefully a museum, if it’s authentic. You can view the active listing here.

beautifullightofdimensions  asked:

Honestly, I still believe that you could play a REALLY SASSY ASS RYOU OKAY? Into all the creepy things and doesn`t give a damn.

Based off my blog, what other characters could you see me Roleplay as?

// i’ve been really thinking about making a blog for him o mfg

i’d want to test him out a bit first though, just to make sure i don’t end up abandoning the poor guy r ip