Wisconsin based artist Kelly Jelinek combines the art form of taxidermy with upholstery to create her colorful and unusual animal sculptures. The name of her art studio is derived from the artist’s last name, Jelinek, which means “little deer” or “little stag” in Czech, so it might seem no coincidence that she feels a strong connection to nature. But even more importantly, her work is faux and kill-free, and as a lifelong animal lover, she remains committed to making art that preserves the fantasy of animals while they were still alive. 

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Nope! It’s just the most life-like taxidermied animals!


Day 8: What’s your favourite species to collect, and why?


There’s just something about them I like a lot.  Its weird since a few years ago my collection was so small and now I can say I have nearly 20 or so coyotes now.  I’m always looking to add more to the collection and always hard to fight not spending all my money on them.

Partly collect them since at least as far as spiritual things go that its my spirit animal and the other part being they fascinate me.  My area especially we get some really cool Eastern Coyotes and we see some wacky colors come out of my state the last few years.  Very interesting how hybridization has change them around her and given them some cool coat colors.  As you can see I owe a lot of coyote of different phases.

Taxidermist Needed!

I have an art project that requires a taxidermist.  I could (and will) eventually try to learn enough to what I need, but for now, between my brain and my neurologically inept fingers, it’s Not Happening.  So, I am in need of the Great Tumblr Brain Trust to help me find:

  • A taxidermist you could actually recommend in or near the DFW area. (I don’t want to just wander through GoogleFu and pick someone at random, and then end up with a reaaaaaally bad job).
  • One that is willing to work with what might or might not be an unusual request.
  • And that works with small animals (mice).

As I know prior posts and requests get little response, you may end up seeing this more than once, and for that … nope, I don’t apologize one bit.  It may jog your memory. 

Also, Eveshka, may need some teeny clothing links from you.

jarome the duck.

a recent aquisition from the local flea market, jarome is a taxidermied duck.

this might shock some of you considering the amount of dead animal pieces, bones, feathers and teeth i have, but i only actually own two taxidermied mounts..  Bocifus Buckminister the deer, and now Jarome the duck.

jarome is a sweetheart with gorgeous little pink feet.  however he is not a particularly gorgeous piece of taxidermy.  the paint job on his bill leaves something to be desired, but for around $20, who could go wrong really?

i’m currently trying to find a necklace that would go with his plummage..  any ideas?