The “Whale Basement” at the Zoological Museum of Copenhagen contains skeletons of every large whale species except the gray whale. Most of the specimens have been collected from strandings since the waters around Denmark are very effective at trapping large whales because of low depth, winding coastlines and fjords. One of the most notable strandings were a 24,4 meter long blue whale (seen in picture 1 and 2) which beached in 1931.


Julien Salaud

In Julien Salaud’s work there is a whole pantheon filled with animals depicted in different ways, such as drawing, etching and sculpture. It is generally accepted that his work examines the connections between man and animal. That is indeed one side of his work, but transformation is really the core of it: wood animals skins or insects turning into something else with additional beads, nails, feathers or rhinestone.

Julien Salaud lives and works in Orléans – France. He is represented by Suzanne Tarasiève art gallery in Paris.

Walter Potter (1835-1918) was a taxidermist who specialized in the unique. His pieces usually involved animals in human-like situations, often wearing clothing.  His specimens mainly died of natural causes, like in this piece, “Monkey Riding a Goat, c. 1870s.”  The monkey was acquired after he robbed a fruit stand in Shoreham, and was doused with a bucket of cold water.  The shock killed him.  The goat, on the other hand, was extremely aggressive, and was “put to an end”. (via A Case of Curiosities)


Nope! It’s just the most life-like taxidermied animals!