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It probably sounds odd to associate a cartoon about games with a gritty drama about a depressed Vietnam vet set in 1976 New York (which, for our younger readers, looked like modern Detroit), but there are parallels right from the opening monologue: Taxi Driver’s Travis talks about how his work as a short-order cook (if we recall correctly) defines him on his way back to his crappy apartment, while Ralph talks about how he hates being defined as a villain before heading back to the junkyard he sleeps in.

Then, when they express their unhappiness to their colleagues, they’re told to get over it and accept who they are.

And we mean they literally get the same advice; the older video game villain, Clyde, tells Ralph:

“Ralph, Ralph, we get it. But we can’t change who we are. The sooner you accept that, the better off your game and your life will be.”

While the older cabbie, Wizard, tells Travis:

“A man takes a job … that becomes what he is. You know, like – you do a thing and that’s what you are. … You get a job, you become the job.”

(No, we didn’t get the names mixed up – Clyde is the video game villain, Wizard is the cabbie. Go figure.)

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Netflix themed writing prompts:

- The first extra you see (mailman, taxi driver) is your character.  Write about what is happening to them during the main character’s plot.

- If the main character is in a car, write about what would happen if they ran out out of gas right now.

- Create a new character to be introduced.  How will the other’s react to them?

- Pick a show you have never heard of and watch the first episode.  Write what you want to happen in the second.

- Pick a genre (family comedy, horror, sci-fi) and write about a person who HATES that genre.

- Pick something at random.  Incorporate the title into a story.



Yesterday night a black man get lost a in my little city and he tried to get help asking people ‘’help me’’. A taxi driver took a photo of him and put it on facebook with the comment ‘’the first migrant is here’’. And peple started to comment things like ‘’he need a bullet in his head’’, ‘’ where he came from? he better go back there’’ etc. and everybody get scared that migrants will come here. One of my classmate, who is 19 years old write me on facebook a message: ‘’hey. did you know that a migrant is here? I hope he will leave this city’’. After that we find out that this man is an italian citizen who wanted to go to an other city but he get lost.

The fact that people in my city are so scared of a people who has black skin is scary. The fact that a 19 years old girl who is my classmate has this kind of thinking in 2016 is scary. The fact that people don’t help someone who says ‘’help me please’’ is scary. What’s going on in this world right now is totally scary and I hope that this kind of people can change their mind and they will realise how racist and homophobic they are. And they also have to realise that TV and media leads their mind and they don’t have to believe all the shit that the media tell them about migrants.

This is not the city I want to live in. This is not the Europe I want to live in. This is not the world I want to live in.

Brisbane area people, girls in particular - DO NOT GET INTO A TAXI IF THIS GUY IS DRIVING IT. I am writing this stone cold sober, this is a 100% true account of what happened tonight:

My housemate and I got into a taxi outside X&Y in the Valley, driven by the man pictured above, asking to go home (West End). He was abrasive and rude from the get-go, and also took us the longer route home after we specifically asked not to. I made it VERY clear that I was sober and Henri was drunk, he chose to let us in anyway. She gave him ample warning that she needed to vomit, opened the door and vomited out of the cab, not getting a spec of it on his taxi. At this point he became abusive, started screaming about it being a new taxi - Henri expressly said that she had not got any vomit on his cab and if she did she was more than happy to pay the fine. I tried to calm the situation down, and was told to shut my mouth and that, he “wasn’t talking to me”.

Henri needed to be sick again and I made that clear to him… He then VEERED AWAY FROM THE COURSE OF GOING TO OUR HOUSE, AND PURPOSEFULLY TOOK US DOWN A DARK, DESERTED STREET, pulled over and took Henri’s wallet. At this time she had stained the seat a small amount with her vomit, and we were both expressly saying, “We will pay for this, we’re so sorry.” At this time, he forcibly grabbed her wallet off her, got us out of the car and attempted to drive away with it. I very calmly told him that this was illegal, and he started screaming about the police. At this stage Henri walked up to him and tried to grab her wallet, he violently shoved her away from him and she stumbled over, so I called 000.

Somehow, whilst I was talking to eyewitnesses and trying to work out where the police were, this escalated into him pushing her so violently into a fence that not only was she knocked straight to the ground, but THE FENCE ACTUALLY CAME OFF ITS HINGES AND BROKE, she’s bleeding from the knee and elbow, with the green paint from the fence stained onto her arm, that’s the force with which she hit this fucking thing.

We are dealing with this assault in the correct legal way, four police officers arrived at the scene, we have two sober eyewitnesses as well as our own accounts, I’ve taken HD photos of all her injuries, but it still might not be enough to get this cunt what he deserves, so please, please pay attention to this and DO NOT GET INTO THIS MAN’S TAXI, he knew exactly what he was doing, he knew where to take us where hardly anyone would see, he tried to steal someone’s wallet, violently threatened her into giving him money (which he tried to force her to give in cash so there was no record), became physically violent towards a young woman half his size within minutes of the altercation, called me a “dumb slut” and told me to “shut up bitch” when I tried to talk some sense into him - this was not random, I would not be surprised if this man has a history of abuse because he was clearly getting off on it. He knew what he was doing. BE CAREFUL.

Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

That’s what Taxikick (beta) allows you to do according to the site. There’s no need to signup, just enter the taxi’s plate number, violation, and your comments and submit. Your complaints will then be emailed to LTFRB at the end of the day.

There are a lot of recent complaints (by the minute) which can be viewed from the site, with violations like “refused boarding”, “rude behavior”, “over charging”. I do not know how true these complaints are, but judging by the comments, many of them seem quite legit.

I am unsure however if the service would work. Without spam protection, it could be flooded with phony complaints. I also doubt if LTFRB will actually read the complaints and take action.

Anyway, it is still in beta and has potential.

Taxi Driver was released 40 years ago today. Did you know director Martin Scorsese was forced to discolor the blood in the film to get an R rating? Read the late Charles Silver’s take on the movie on our blog

[Taxi Driver. 1976. USA. Directed by Martin Scorsese. The Museum of Modern Art, New York]