My kink is just desperate dan and phil ngl 

like,,, coming back from a youtube party where dan was grinding up on hot girls and phil was fliriting with PJ and dan was constantly “subconsciously” licking his lips while phil got drunk which made his voice go so fucking deep and making the hairs stand on the back of dan’s neck and they stumble into their apartment after a taxi ride filled with rubbing each over the buldge in their jeans and a sloppy makeout session and dirty looks from the driver and they dont even make it up the stair and phil just pins dan against the counter and starts suck and nipping at his neck and whispering filthy things to him and dan just melts and drops to his knees and undoes phil’s jeans with a lot of struggle because they’re both piss drunk but all they can think about is each other’s skin and dan sucks and gags and is slobbering all over phil’s cock and phil groans at how sexy his little slut looks with spit and precum all over his face so he grips his hair and lifts his face his cock and tell his little slut to “bend over the counter so he can fuck his tight little ass” and dan immediately complies and phil just grabs his hair and pounds into his ass and dan screams out at how rough he’s being but he absolutely loves it and phil cant take how sexy his little kitten sounds moaning and mewling out raspy little sounds and he grips dan’s hips and pounds into him harder and faster and dan just lets out a long, slutty moan and cums in ribbons on the counter and phil groans at the sound of his slut being such a good whore and cums deep inside of him with a whisper of “good boy… such a good slut… my little whore…”


Van Gogh Inspired Rickshaw’s Interior is Transformed Into a Mobile Work of Art

Artist Nasheet Shadani  has collaborated with the creative and celebrated Mumbai-based initiative Taxi Fabric into constructing a dazzling rickshaw. The auto rickshaw from Delhi is adorned with Van Gogh inspired brush stroke. Its ceiling, side panels and seating contain swirling vibrant colors with pink, blue and yellow hues and the iconic Starry Night painting.

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