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Gerard Pique vs. Cope the saga

ok so let’s start off with some context, Cope (specifically @elpartidodelas12′ ) is media from Madrid, the same program that reported about Neymar being in a restaurant in Madrid last week alluding to the rumor about his alleged transfer to Real Madrid soon, to which of course Neymar called Bullshit on his SnapChay calling it out as ‘mierda’… ok well anyway, this tweet started it all

@Deportescope: “We talk to Javi’, the waiter of ‘Don OSO who served Torres the hamburger that changed his negative goal streak’”


GP: ‘It was a @Natruscat’ for sure! Now we just need to know about his tattoo artist, his barber, and the taxi driver that drove him to ‘el Calderon”

  •   ‘Natruscat’ is a Hamburger restaurant in Barcelona which Pique invests in, so it makes his tweet even more ironic lol 
  • you would think a footballer like Pique publicly making fun of this mess of an article would be embarrassing enough… 


@elpartidodelas12: “His tatoo artist is @Leo_Tattoos, his barber is Ramiro Fernandez and his taxi driver is Peton. And yes, it was a hamburger. Hugs”


GP: “ and which restaurant in Madrid did @Neymarjr dine in? By the way, ‘si’ when it’s written as an affirmation has a written accent”

  • whoever was running @elpartidodelas12 was trying to be a smartass but you can’t outsmart the ultimate smartass so he asks them about their report about Neymar dining in Madrid, knowing damn well that Neymar already called bullshit on…

@elpartidodelas12: “Good Geri! It was in Tatel, and he left at 23:45 Catalan time, in a marvelous minority. Are you sure you weren’t with him?”

jkshfilakfjks 1. this is a journalist talking to Gerard Pique, Neymar’s teammate & friend about something Neymar  allegedly did last week as if Gerard doesn’t talk to Ney on a daily basis and can’t find out through the man himself 2. NEYMAR ALREADY DENIED THIS RUMOR, THEY’RE OBVIOUSLY WRONG AND WE’RE PUBLICLY CALLED OUT ON IT LMAO   3.) they tried to insert different little ironic remarks in there to try to take jabs at Pique…. using ‘Catalan’ hour in reference to the controversy created in Spain after Barca’s account used ‘Catalan’ time instead of ‘Spain’ time to describe the hour of a game (petty), also the ‘maravillosa minoria’ is reference to the words Pique said about Espanyol’s fans which doesn’t apply to this conversation at all lol

GP: “Sorry but surely I wasn’t there. The last time I was in Madrid was on the 21th of November..Bona nit!”

….. AHH YES… November 21, 2015….a date we remember very well 

and this is why you don’t try to outsmart a smartass :)))



Deportes Cope TW: “We’re talking to JAVI, waiter at DON OSO, the one who served TORRES the burger that changed his bad streak with a goal”

And Geri responds:

“It was a @natruscat for sure! Now all is left is to find out who his tattoo artist is, his barber and the taxi driver who gave him a lift to the Calderon”.

anonim sordu:

I've been suffering really badly with depression recently, but tonight I really scared myself when I was driving, because every time a car went by in the opposite direction, I had to mentally check myself to make sure I didn't veer into their front end, I don't really know where to go with this, and i'm kinda scared to drive back...-Charlie


Oh wow, that does sound scary! I’m sorry you went through that, I know what it’s like to be scared of yourself and your mind. I’m glad you’re safe now, and you’re wanting to know how to get help.

If you don’t think driving would be safe right now, then I’d really encourage you to not drive. Putting your life at risk isn’t good, but you also end up putting somebody elses life at risk, which isn’t to great either! You sent this in a month ago, so I don’t know if you’re still struggling with this or not. I hope it hasn’t happened again, but if it hasn’t then I think I might have a few tips for you.

If you’re still scared of driving, do you think having someone in the car with you will keep you on track? Having somebody there might make you more conscience of the road. Also, listening to an audiobook or something might help keep you in the zone, and not think about crashing into another car.

If you’re not comfortable with driving at all, you could always take public transport until you feel safe driving again! You could also call an uber, lift, taxi, etc. Although these are alternatives, I do think it’d be good to try to drive and keep yourself in track to get over this, rather than ignore it. Yet it always is easier to say than do, so I totally understand if you’re too scared right now. Just keep your well being in mind, okay?

Best of luck,


Put your music on shuffle and answer these questions.

I was tagged by @camaraderiegems and @ohyo how can you say no to that!?

Title of the first song describes how you die ~

Mr. Taxi- Girls’ Generation (Wow. Literally the only song of theirs I like and I either get hit by a taxi or the taxi driver murders me!)

Second song describes your love life ~

Everything- Big Bang (Seungri, you are my EVERYTHING)

Third song will be played at your wedding ~

Just One Day- BTS (OMFG YES PLEASE I’m crying)

Add in my pants to the title of the fourth song ~

Koe Wo Kikasete (Let Me Hear Your Voice)- Big Bang

So: “Let Me Hear Your Voice In My Pants” (That’s just weird xD or dirty??)

Fifth song will be played at your funeral ~

Paper Hearts- BTS’ Jungkook Cover (Oh that’s nice. Can he sing it live too? This is really fitting actually and now I’m sad)

Sixth song is your theme song ~

Empty- JYJ (I mean I can be pretty emotionless)

Seventh song will be played when you think about someone you love ~

Bad Boy [Japanese Ver.]- Big Bang (I do like me some bad boys not gonna lie)

Add “With a Shovel and a Screwdriver” to the title of the eighth song ~

Loving You- Super Junior K.R.Y

“Loving You With a Shovel and a Screwdriver” (What.)

Ninth song will describe your week ~

Last Farewell- Big Bang (o.0 Side Note: I forgot how good this song was and I am this || close to going back and reliving all their old eras. God help me.)

Tenth song will play when you miss someone ~

Gmarket Party!- Big Bang’s G-Dragon (I’ve been Jiyong trash all my life, okay?)

Phew. Were you surprised by how many BB songs showed up? I wasn’t! (Seriously there’s like 400 in there and I wish I were joking)

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Brisbane area people, girls in particular - DO NOT GET INTO A TAXI IF THIS GUY IS DRIVING IT. I am writing this stone cold sober, this is a 100% true account of what happened tonight:

My housemate and I got into a taxi outside X&Y in the Valley, driven by the man pictured above, asking to go home (West End). He was abrasive and rude from the get-go, and also took us the longer route home after we specifically asked not to. I made it VERY clear that I was sober and Henri was drunk, he chose to let us in anyway. She gave him ample warning that she needed to vomit, opened the door and vomited out of the cab, not getting a spec of it on his taxi. At this point he became abusive, started screaming about it being a new taxi - Henri expressly said that she had not got any vomit on his cab and if she did she was more than happy to pay the fine. I tried to calm the situation down, and was told to shut my mouth and that, he “wasn’t talking to me”.

Henri needed to be sick again and I made that clear to him… He then VEERED AWAY FROM THE COURSE OF GOING TO OUR HOUSE, AND PURPOSEFULLY TOOK US DOWN A DARK, DESERTED STREET, pulled over and took Henri’s wallet. At this time she had stained the seat a small amount with her vomit, and we were both expressly saying, “We will pay for this, we’re so sorry.” At this time, he forcibly grabbed her wallet off her, got us out of the car and attempted to drive away with it. I very calmly told him that this was illegal, and he started screaming about the police. At this stage Henri walked up to him and tried to grab her wallet, he violently shoved her away from him and she stumbled over, so I called 000.

Somehow, whilst I was talking to eyewitnesses and trying to work out where the police were, this escalated into him pushing her so violently into a fence that not only was she knocked straight to the ground, but THE FENCE ACTUALLY CAME OFF ITS HINGES AND BROKE, she’s bleeding from the knee and elbow, with the green paint from the fence stained onto her arm, that’s the force with which she hit this fucking thing.

We are dealing with this assault in the correct legal way, four police officers arrived at the scene, we have two sober eyewitnesses as well as our own accounts, I’ve taken HD photos of all her injuries, but it still might not be enough to get this cunt what he deserves, so please, please pay attention to this and DO NOT GET INTO THIS MAN’S TAXI, he knew exactly what he was doing, he knew where to take us where hardly anyone would see, he tried to steal someone’s wallet, violently threatened her into giving him money (which he tried to force her to give in cash so there was no record), became physically violent towards a young woman half his size within minutes of the altercation, called me a “dumb slut” and told me to “shut up bitch” when I tried to talk some sense into him - this was not random, I would not be surprised if this man has a history of abuse because he was clearly getting off on it. He knew what he was doing. BE CAREFUL.

Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

That’s what Taxikick (beta) allows you to do according to the site. There’s no need to signup, just enter the taxi’s plate number, violation, and your comments and submit. Your complaints will then be emailed to LTFRB at the end of the day.

There are a lot of recent complaints (by the minute) which can be viewed from the site, with violations like “refused boarding”, “rude behavior”, “over charging”. I do not know how true these complaints are, but judging by the comments, many of them seem quite legit.

I am unsure however if the service would work. Without spam protection, it could be flooded with phony complaints. I also doubt if LTFRB will actually read the complaints and take action.

Anyway, it is still in beta and has potential.
Taxi Driver 40th anniversary: five films that influenced Scorsese’s masterpiece
On 8 February 1976, a very special movie with a very disturbed protagonist pulled into American cinemas... Forty years later, we look at some of the filmic influences on Martin Scorsese's brilliant psychodrama Taxi Driver.

40 years ago today, Martin Scorsese’s TAXI DRIVER blasted onto screens across the U.S. Read about how films by Bresson, Godard, and Fassbinder informed this American classic.