Can Donald Trump break the GOP’s strict orthodoxy on taxes, which says that no member of the party must ever, ever raise them for any reason, ever? For decades the Republican who even nods in the direction of a tax increase is all but tarred and feathered for apostasy. The party is so committed to this maximalist position that even when Democrats offer to trade modest tax increases for spending cuts, the Holy Grail of modern conservative governance, Republicans will turn them down. Who can forget the image from a 2012 GOP primary debate where, asked by Bret Baier how many of them would accept a budget deal with $10 of spending cuts for every $1 in increased taxes, not one of the eight candidates on stage raised a hand?

But that was before A Man Called Trump.

Can a Republican win his party’s nomination by promising higher taxes on the rich? Donald Trump’s about to find out


okay so i just found out that you can write off a whole bunch of things on your taxes. this includes:

school supplies (including those fancy pens we like)

textbooks bought from 3rd party

that computer or tablet you got for school

basically if its for school keep the receipt print online invoices

somethings arent included but a lot is

but here is a link for some reading 

i just though you could use what you paid to the school however thats not the case

They pay federal taxes, and fight in wars, and yet have no member of Congress who’s able to vote on their behalf, even though their population is larger than Vermont and Wyoming, and their gross domestic product is higher than that of 16 states.
—  John Oliver, criticizing the disenfranchisement of more than 600,000 voters in the US: the residents of Washington, DC. Here’s more on his Last Week Tonight segment.

For a second I was like why isn’t the government tracking down Steven Universe and making him go to school but I guess if your mom gives up her physical form for you to exist then you weren’t born in a hospital so he probably doesn’t have a birth certificate or a social security number
Steven Universe can never have a real job because he doesn’t have a social security number and he probably wouldn’t have to pay taxes
But he is still a consumer of the American economy
Does Greg get to claim him as a dependent even though, as far as the government is concerned, he doesn’t exist? Because Greg could really use that tax break and Steven is his dependent
Steven also couldn’t leave the country because he wouldn’t be able to get a passport
He also isn’t technically an American citizen