Taxation Isn't Only Theft, It's Destruction
Where the state is, there is the power to tax; for rulers cannot rule without taxation.

Where the state is, there is the power to tax; for rulers cannot rule without taxation. As Ludwig von Mises wrote: “The funds that a government spends for whatever purposes are levied by taxation.” Or as Murray Rothbard put it: “All state actions rest on the fundamental binary intervention of taxes.”

Where the state is, there also is the growth of the state. Why does a state’s scope enlarge? One theory is that interest groups seek to use the state’s taxing power for their own benefit. I would like to suggest a complementary theory. When the power to tax is conferred upon rulers, many harmful incentives necessarily are conveyed with it. These encourage the rulers to expand their destructive acts.

Republicans are already making it clear: Trump can do whatever he wants
Oversight? Accountability? Who are you kidding?

Remember when House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz pledged to pursue “years” of even more investigations against Hillary Clinton the day she was sworn in as U.S. President? “Even before we get to Day One, we’ve got two years’ worth of material already lined up. … We’ve got their foundation doing who knows what.” Well, when asked to investigate Donald Trump’s blatantly obvious conflicts of interest, Chaffetz says, “It’s sort of ridiculous to go after him.

Remember when Republicans, including Trump himself, screamed that the Clinton Foundation was “a criminal enterprise” because Secretary Clinton might have “had a meeting with a foreign dignitary whose government made a donation to the Clinton Foundation to support the distribution of AIDS medications in Africa”? Well, they don’t care that the Trump Foundation made illegal political contributions, was shut down by the New York Attorney General, and has now admitted to years of unreported tax-law violations (a.k.a. tax fraud), nor that Trump still refuses to release any tax returns. And it certainly doesn’t bother them that foreign interests are now pouring money into the coffers of Trump’s businesses and those of his children.

GOP strategist Chris Wilson calls concerns over Trump’s conflicts of interest “asinine.” Newt Gingrich calls them “stupid.” And Trump himself? He calls them “crooked.” (And also continues to insist that he’s immune anyway because “the president can’t have a conflict of interest.”)

All of them are betting that U.S. citizens don’t really care.

Are they right?

You have to pay your taxes right? I’m asked to pay my taxes so I do, that’s it. I don’t know why everyone talks about that everywhere. I’m focused on playing football and I pay my taxes.
—  Benzema when asked about MediaPart’s articles citing him as a “Fiscal Patriot” showing him to be the only player paying his taxes in his home country properly and in full amount. Which impressed a lot of people as he is usually painted as the non patriotic player in France.

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: Snooper’s Charter Allows the State to Lie In Court

Story #2: Pentagon Buried Study Exposing $125 Billion in Waste

Story #3: 65 Million Americans Should Threaten to Not Pay Taxes

To all my teenage and younger followers...

Let me tell you some life lessons I have learned in my 24 years on this Earth. 

1. Read the fine print. In every lease agreement, credit card application, and bill. Never take the information in large print as truth. The world is a place full of capitalist greed and people will try to swindle you for every dime you have. 

2. A credit card very rarely makes things better. While suddenly having a couple thousand dollars to spend might sound amazing, keep in mind the fact that you’re going to have to pay that back and then some. Never get a card with an annual fee if you can avoid it- because even if you don’t use it, it’ll still cost you.

3. Set up automatic payments. You will forget payments, and that can cost you (literally) a great deal. Set up automatic online payments with reminders so that you know it’s coming up, but don’t have to worry about it. 

4. In-Store credit cards are almost always terrible. Sears, Home Depot, Victoria’s Secret- all of them. They are usually packaged with fun deals like “get $50 off this purchase if you’re pre-approved!”. They fail to mention the 25% interest rate, annual fees, and the fact that it can only be used in that store. 

5. Keep your receipts. Seriously! Just keep a folder in your car and one in your house and drop every receipt you get in them.  At the end of the month dump them out and go through them. You’ll be amazed at what your spending looks like when it’s splayed out in front of you.  It makes budgeting much easier when you see real numbers. These can also come in handy around tax time- you would be surprised at the things you can write off in certain situations.

6. Learn about income tax. Visit the IRS website and educate yourself! It sounds boring (and it freakin’ is) but in no way does high school prepare you for or teach you about taxes well enough to hold your own in the real world. 

7. Claim as little as possible on your W4. When you start a new job, they always give you a W4 to fill out for tax information.  On line 5 of the form, it’ll ask how many allowances you want to claim. Now, claiming yourself may seem like a good idea because you get to keep more money on your paycheck- but it can also come back to bite you at the end of the year.  You may even end up paying in! On that same note, make sure your employer files your tax information correctly. I once ended up paying in $8,000 in taxes because my employer never had the IRS take taxes out of my checks! Whoops!

8. Start a savings fund. No matter how small it is! Even if you just put away $2 a week- it will eventually add up.  If you can, start a savings account that will earn you interest. 

9. Save your paystubs! If you plan to buy a car or rent an apartment, they’re going to want to see them.

10. Write down the start and end dates of every job you have. Making a resume and filling out job applications will be much easier with this information.

11. Make a good resume and keep printed copies as well as a digital copy at all times.  There are many excellent resume writing resources online that can help you (heck, I can help you- I used to work in HR!) buff up your resume.  You never know when you might meet someone who can present you with an opportunity! 

12. Never be afraid to ask for a raise or promotion.  If you are performing well and meeting or exceeding expectations- ask your supervisor for a raise or change of position that will pay more.  If you are aiming for a promotion, stroke the company’s ego, say something like “I would like the opportunity to prove my worth to the company and further my career with (         ).”

13. Debt collectors do not give up. They are a lot like the Terminator.  If you block their numbers or ignore their calls, they’ll find your family members or show up at your house. This is no joke. I have had hospital bill collectors call roommates, my parents, and even my dad once.  They are relentless and they do not care about your current situation or financial stability. They follow a script and expect you to pay up.  It’s hard not to panic when you get that first collections call- you definitely don’t feel in control of the situation. But remember, debt collectors are actually bound by many restrictions- they are barred from: 

-Using abusive or obscene language. -Harassing you with repeated calls.-Calling before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. unless you agree. -Calling you at work if you have asked them to stop. -Talking to anyone but you or your attorney about the debt. -Misrepresenting the amount of your debt. -Falsely claiming to be an attorney or a law enforcement official. -Falsely claiming to be a credit bureau representative. -Threatening to sue unless they actually plan to take legal action. -Threatening to garnish wages or seize property unless they actually intend to do it.

Always ask for written information on the debt- tell them to send you a paper statement of the debt so that you can look it over and decide what to do. Offer to make payments that are within your financial means- if they try to bully you into making larger ones, tell them you are well aware that they’ve looked into your finances and should know what you are able to afford.

14. Get renters insurance. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it! 

15. Take inventory of the things you own. If you own electronics, guns, or other expensive items, write down the serial numbers and take pictures of them in your house. That way, if there’s a break in, fire, or flash flood, you have documentation and data to provide to your insurance company. 

I’ll add more as I think of them, but here’s a start. It’ll be tagged under “successfully adulting”.

EDIT: Here’s a link to the google drive document version of this. It will be updated periodically! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q_YnP3euuJcfjpQY7wuE1JmB_5e60ebZFsfW5f0MtGM/edit?usp=sharing
This document also includes a resources section with links to help you get started in many areas of adult life!

Why isn’t Tumblr talking about the biggest leak in history?

The Panama Papers are information that has the potential to change the world and this story broke over 2 hours ago now. Putin might go to prison. Same with the Saudi-Arabian king Salman ibn Abd al-Asis, the Ukranian president Petro Poroschenko, the former Georgian prime minister Bidsina Iwanischwili, the Argentinian president Mauricio Macri, a quarter of the Icelandic cabinet, several other world leaders, and ‘best soccer player of all time’ Lionel Messi.

This is 2.6 terabytes of leaked data about tax evasion and off-shore companies, drug trade, etc etc etc. Remember Wikileaks? That was huge, right? The Panama Papers dwarf the 1.7GB of data we got out of that.


Just watch it. Think about it. Talk about it. This is real journalism and probably the biggest scandal of our lifetimes.

Congresswoman Who Used To Receive Welfare Wants To Drug Test Rich People Who Get Tax Breaks
"I would love to see some hedge fund manager on Wall Street who might be sniffing a little cocaine here and there to stay awake realize that he can't get his $150,000 worth of deductions unless he submits to a drug test."

Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) has had enough of the growing movement to drug test poor people who need government assistance. So on Tuesday, she’s introducing a bill that she says will make things fairer.

Her “Top 1% Accountability Act” would require anyone claiming itemized tax deductions of over $150,000 in a given year to submit a clean drug test. If a filer doesn’t submit a clean test within three months of filing, he won’t be able to take advantage of tax deductions like the mortgage interest deduction or health insurance tax breaks. Instead he would have to make use of the standard deduction.

Her office has calculated that the people impacted will be those who make at least $500,000 a year. “By drug testing those with itemized deductions over $150,000, this bill will level the playing field for drug testing people who are the recipients of social programs,” a memo on her bill notes.

Moore has a personal stake in the fight. “I am a former welfare recipient,” she explained. “I’ve used food stamps, I’ve received Aid for Families with Dependent Children, Medicaid, Head Start for my kids, Title XX daycare [subsidies]. I’m truly grateful for the social safety net.”

We all pay taxes.

Does it bother you that approximately $40 a year is taken from your paycheck to pay for “safety net” programs like food stamps? If so, you should be down right enraged to know that $6,000 is taken from your check so that companies like GE & Exxon don’t have to pay their fair share in taxes. Also, it means you’re an asshole.


Sh*t is completely hitting the fan at the Trump campaign. And we are HERE for it

Yep. Many of you are probably younger than the last time Trump paid taxes. And it doesn’t help that Trump is still struggling to justify his horrible body shaming comments. Which makes Hillary Clinton’s own late night Twitter rant all the more gratifying.

anonymous asked:

Since tax season is coming up, I wanted to let you guys and your followers know that if you make less than 50K a year, H&R Block will file your taxes online for you for FREE and they'll help you find deductions and stuff you probably don't know about so you can get your maximum tax refund.

Yep. Turbotax will do the same—and they’ll pay you back the fines plus interest if they make any mistakes (I’ve been using them for years upon years and never had a mistake; always got money back). This year they even added free state tax filing, which is huge.

You can also check with other tax services in your area. Chances are, if you’re using a 1040EZ, someone is willing to do your taxes for free.