For those of you concerned about Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon being ftp

Serebii joe posted this on neogaf.

“Oh yeah. Forgot to mention.

Japanese site lists 希望小売価格: 未定 “Suggested Retail Price: TBD”, which indicates it’s a retail title to me”

In a later post he said:

“Correct. Shuffle & Rumble World have the following:

Price: Play-to-start (With paid Items)

Conversely, Battle Trozei had
Maker’s Suggested Retail Price: 760Yen (Before Tax)

And the last Dungeon game had

Suggested Retail Price: 4,571 Yen (Before Tax)

So this means it’s either a boxed retail game, or a paid download title. No free to play.”


His exact posts are on pages 2 and 3.