Without individual and employer mandate, GOPcare won’t be able to deliver on popular obamacare provisions even if they keep it, like coverage for those with pre-existing conditions and no lifetime caps.

GOPcare is basically a massive tax break for the rich and insurance companies and low quality healthcare for everyone else, if you can afford it.

What’s also not being discussed or detailed is how it affects other important but not well known obamacare provisions, like for coal miners, for mental healthcare, opiod addiction, women’s healthcare, etc.

What’s more, their bill is designed around elections to let them get through 2018 and push all other issues to 2020, during the next presidential elections. All they care about is maintaining power, not American people.

Call your reps, don’t let it even go pass the house into the senate.
The Only Real “Centrist” Agenda

With Steve Bannon on way out, official Washington is jumping for joy that Gary Cohn – the former president of Goldman Sachs who’s now running Trump’s National Economic Council, along with Dina Powell, another influential Goldman Sachs alumnus,  – seems to be taking over Trump’s brain.

As CNBC puts it, Cohn will push “more moderate, business-friendly economic policies.” The Washington Post says Cohn is advocating “a centrist vision.” The Post goes on to describe “The growing strength of Cohn and like-minded moderates" as revealed in Trump’s endorsement of government subsidies for exports, and of corporate tax cuts. Says the Post: “The president’s new positions move him much closer to the views of … mainstream Republicans and Democrats.”

In reality, Cohn, Powell, and other Wall Streeters in the Trump White House are pushing Trump closer to the views of Wall Street and big business – views that are reflected in the views of “mainstream” Republicans and Democrats only to the extent the “mainstream” is dependent on the Street and big corporations for campaign money.

These views aren’t “centrist,” and they’re not sustainable. More tax breaks for the rich and more subsidies for big corporations aren’t much better for America than xenophobia.

Wall Street and corporate America seem not to have learned a thing from what’s happened over the past year. Do they really believe the anger, rage, hate, racism, and nationalism that welled up during the 2016 election was a random, passing phenomenon, like a particularly bad hurricane?

If so, they’re wrong. These sentiments came from a shrinking and ever more anxious working class. From millions of people so convinced the game is rigged against them they were prepared to overthrow the established order in order to get fundamental change. From voters whipped up into a fury over tax breaks and subsidies and bailouts for those at the top – socialism for the rich – but who for years have been getting the harsh losing end of the capitalist stick: declining wages, mass firings, less job security, emptying towns and cities, and their children with even lower and fewer prospects.  

They came from people who during the Great Recession lost their jobs, homes, and savings, as Wall Street got bailed out for its wanton greed, and not a single top Wall Street executive went to jail.

The so-called “centrist” policies that Wall Street and big corporations are now happily promoting via Gary Cohn and Dina Powell won’t reverse these sentiments. They’ll add to them, because these were same sort of the policies that got us to this point.  

There’s a better alternative. It’s to make it easy for people who lose their jobs to get new ones that pay at least as well, through wage insurance;  expand the Earned Income Tax Credit and raise the minimum wage so every job pays a living wage; invest in great teachers and great schools, along with a system of lifelong learning, and high-quality early childhood education; and provide Medicare for all.

And pay for all of this with a 2 percent tax on wealth over $1 million and a carbon tax. While we’re at it, get big money out of politics.

Here’s a  “centrist” agenda that big business, Wall Street, and the rest of America should agree on because it (or something very much like it) is the only way to move forward without inviting even more inequalities of income, wealth, and political power – and ever more vicious backlashes against such inequities.

If Wall Street and big business used the 2016 election as a teachable moment, they would realize this.

Fool me Once

Sorry, but I do NOT buy that the Senate absolutely will refuse to pass the destroy medical care act.  We were told for months that there was no way T^ump would win, so no.  Do not drop your guard, this bill is everything Republicans love, Tax breaks for the rich, screwing the poor, and sticking it to that black guy.

bigben25007  asked:

You're a special kind of stupid. U should check facts before posting fake shit. Fyi obama ran this country for the last 8 years. And ran it into the ground. Yet u wanna say hes so great and blame a man who just got in office.

  Ran it into the ground? Seriously?! You’re the one who should check his facts.
  Here’s a little comparison of when Barack Obama took office vs when he left office:
  The Dow Jones was at 6,626 when he started. It was at 19,875 a week before he left.
  Unemployment was at 10% when he started. 4.6% when he left.
  Uninsured adults made up 18% of Americans. This dropped to 11.9%
  Sales of American cars went from 10.4 million to 17.5 million.
  He reduced the deficit (as a percentage of GDP) from 9.8% to 2.8%.

  And blame the man who just got into office? How about this? In just seven weeks in office, ManChildTrump has gone on vacation to Florida (vacations paid for by the American taxpayer) at least four times.
  During the time he can be bothered to stay in the Oval Office, he’s been trying to destroy the Department of Education – apparently in an attempt to make everyone as ignorant as you.
  He’s trying to defund the EPA – that would be the department that tries to ensure we have clean air to breathe, and clean water to drink.
  He’s been at the forefront of dismantling the Affordable Care Act, taking medical coverage away from millions of Americans. And, at the same time, giving more tax breaks to the rich.
  He wants to cut funding for the Coast Guard and the TSA in order to pay for a wall the majority of Americans do not want, and which many experts say will not work. So, take money away from organizations that are currently keeping us safe, for a wall that won’t.
  Oh, and he wants to increase defense spending by $54 billion dollars – when we already outspend the next 13 largest military spenders COMBINED! And, 8 of those 13 are close allies with the US!

  I’d suggest you turn off Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, come up out of your militia bunker, and take a look around.

3/17/2017 healthcare

if you haven’t heard, republicans have introduced a plan to repeal the ACA/obamacare and replace it with their own ‘healthcare’ plan. Except this plan is terrible and will end up with millions off of insurance and giving huge tax breaks to the rich. It will hurt low-income minorities the most. Losing healthcare will end up killing thousands of Americans. Just google all the terrible things this bill will cause.

The House is voting on it on Monday the 20th (next monday). The Senate will vote on it on the week of March 27th.

Call your reps. Tell them to vote NO on Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill.

And call these people as well if you are able, even if you don’t live in these states:


Trump and the Republicans cut foreign aid to give tax breaks to the rich. The rich who are just hoarding money while millions are literally starving to death right now.

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Paul Ryan said that Republicans made “improvements” to their so-called health care bill. Well, if you’re in the top 2 percent or you are the CEO of a big pharmaceutical company, yes the Republicans did make major improvements for you. Under these “improvements” the top 2 percent will receive an additional $31 billion in tax breaks on top of the $275 billion already included in the Republican bill. Big pharmaceutical companies will now be getting $3 billion more — $33 billion in total. And instead of getting a $145 billion tax break, big insurance companies will be getting a $161 billion tax break — $16 billion more. Meanwhile, tens of millions of Americans will still lose their health insurance and premiums for low-income seniors will still skyrocket. They will still be left in the cold. The Republican bill is not a health care bill at all. It is a massive tax break for the rich and powerful and it must be defeated.
—  U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

deathgrillaz  asked:

This is such a random ask but I've been wanting to talk to someone in the subject. I keep seeing articles and hearing people say that you can't be fiscally conservative but social liberal, because capitalism "screws over minorities" or something. What do you think about this? I consider myself fiscally conservative even though I'm a broke mixed girl.

Being fiscally conservative is supporting restrained government spending, keeping a balanced budget, eliminating wasteful spending that only serves increases the burden of taxes and national debt, and generally supporting free market principles. People often distort the meaning of it when they tie it to what Republicans have historically done like increasing military spending, tax breaks only on the rich, etc. And most of us know that political parties a lot of times don’t tow in line with core beliefs they claim they have.

When you tie in ‘socially liberal’ with that, it’s generally in the form of “I want government to stay out of our personal lives and stop threatening the rights of certain people”. I’ve heard people use it interchangeably with classical liberalism (that might sound better to some people); I don’t know if that’s the correct term though.

And Capitalism isn’t inherently racist; people can exploit basic aspects of capitalism by using those to create a racial hierarchy, creating barriers to prevent racial minorities from achieving economic success. But no economic system is fundamentally racist – racial/ethnic hierarchies form independently in of those. Many countries that were historically non-capitalist – some still are - have had a fair share of ethnic tensions too. The Soviet Union had taken many efforts to deport specific ethnic groups such as the Polish, Greeks, the June deportations of Estonians/Latvians/Lithuanians and ethnic Koreans.

To say that centuries of racism will suddenly go away if we get rid of capitalism is just naïve at best.

50pence  asked:

i voted christy clark. for personal reasons. i am neither rich nor white. i am low-income and disabled. the stereotypes that NDP-ers perpetuate aren't true and i wish the polarizing attitude of BC politics would just stop.

That’s fine. 

I disagree with her party’s politics, and I feel that they hurt many people, but in particular low income, disabled people (not raising social assistance, clawing back bus passes from disabled, giving tax breaks to the rich, homelessness exploding under CC’s government, etc). 

No one ever said you couldn’t vote for them. We do live in a democracy.

For the record I am low income and disabled as well.

A conversation with my conservative mother about Dumpcare

“Daddy is so angry. He called and even wrote to our representative.”

“Wait, what?”

“The healthcare bill! He told that moron since he voted for it he will never get re-elected!”

I pause, puzzled.  My father is a big fan of our district’s representative. A ‘Guns n’ God’ asshole who rolled in on the Tea Party hate wave. “Pop is complaining to the tea party dude he helped elect?”

“Well, yes, how dare he vote for that bill. Don’t they know what it’s going to do to people?”

“Yeah, they know it will make rich people richer.”

“That’s not what it is…”

“Hell yes it is, ma. It’s about tax breaks for the rich and making sure insurance companies please their shareholders. They do not give a fuck about people like us. I mean did you take a look at the list of pre-existing conditions that won’t be covered? Oh wait, you couldn’t have. They didn’t show that on Fox News.”

“Daddy and I don’t watch Fox News anymore.”

I’m shocked. My parents have been brainwashed by Fox for ages now. It was their lifeblood during the Obama years (aka The Good Ol’ Days.) “I’m sorry, what did you just say?”

“It’s gone down the tubes. There are other news channels, you know.”

“Well,” I chuckle, “that’s true.”

“Anyway, I think we should have single payer healthcare, don’t you?”

Were You Invited to the Party in Washington Today?
Tens of millions of Americans were not.

I contemplated going on a nice, long rant about the bullshit piece of legislation that was passed by the House in DC today.

But you know what, instead I went for a bike ride. And when I got back, Charlie Pierce had taken care of the rant for me.

This bullshit will make it all but impossible for 2 of my 3 kids to get insurance on the individual marketplace should they ever need to. It will gut preexisting condition coverage, gut essential health benefits, gut Medicaid funding & expansion, dump 10’s of millions off of their insurance, raise premiums - AND give a nice fat fucking tax break to the rich.

This is the dumbest, most ridiculous piece of legislation I’ve ever seen. Voted on before the full text was available publicly, and with no CBO scoring and very little debate. Not interested in excuses.

The correct way to fix the ACA’s issues would have been with bipartisan legislation that brought everybody to the table - instead we get this.


Guess I’m ranting anyway.

Jeremy Corbyn vows to block £3bn of Tory 'tax breaks for the rich' and use cash for new police

Jeremy Corbyn will pledge to block almost £3bn of planned “tax breaks for the rich” in order to pay for 10,000 new community police officers in England and Wales.

The Labour leader believes money saved from scrapping a Conservative plan to lower capital gains tax will easily cover the cost of his pledge and enable him to guarantee current funding levels for 43 police forces.

Writing exclusively for The Independent, shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott accused the Conservatives of having failed people from less well-off, ethnic and other minority backgrounds who are more likely to fall victim to crime, claiming “few of us live in gated communities with their own private security firms”.

Mr Corbyn will claim the move to put a beat bobby in “every electoral ward” is needed due to recent rises in some types of crime and deep cuts to police funding which have seen officer numbers drop 20,000 under Conservative administrations.

He planned to say: “Cutting police numbers especially when there is more crime to deal with is unacceptable.

“That’s why Labour will put 10,000 new police officers on our streets. The safety of our communities is vital to us all.

“Community policing means uniformed officers being visible, local and accessible. They engage with the public, have a detailed local knowledge and build a network of relationships.”

In the 2016 Budget it was announced that the higher rate of capital gains tax will be cut from 28 per cent to 20 per cent and the basic rate from 18 per cent to 10 per cent, costing the public purse £2.75bn over the next five years.

Recent data from the Office for National Statistics suggested that in the year ending 2016 there were “genuine increases” in some “high harm category” offences, including knife crime and homicide, while Home Office data shows the number of police officers plummeting from around 142,000 in 2010 to 122,000 last year.

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott said: “Labour will reverse the Tories’ tax breaks for the rich, providing new money that can be used to put a bobby on the beat in every electoral ward in the country.”

In her article for The Independent, she went on: “Crime affects all of us. But very few of us live in gated communities with their own private security firms.

“It is ordinary people who suffer most from crime, and women, people from ethnic minorities, religious communities and the LGBT community who are all more likely to be victims of crime. On this, as with its entire policy, Labour stands for the many, not the few.”

A Conservative spokesperson responded: “This is just another nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn idea which he can’t pay for because his sums don’t add up and he’s already spent the money for it three other ways.

“Jeremy Corbyn promises all sorts of things, but we all know he can’t deliver. He and his supporters want to take away the powers the police need to keep us safe, and his coalition of chaos would undermine the Brexit negotiations. That would put the growing economy that funds the police at grave risk.

“Under Theresa May, the police have cut traditionally-measured crime by a third, and with her strong and stable leadership we will be able to make communities even safer.”

Michael Moore just officially endorsed Bernie Sanders for POTUS.

My Dear Friends,
When I was a child, they said there was no way this majority-Protestant country of ours would ever elect a Catholic as president. And then John Fitzgerald Kennedy was elected president.
The next decade, they said America would not elect a president from the Deep South. The last person to do that on his own (not as a v-p) was Zachary Taylor in 1849. And then we elected President Jimmy Carter.
In 1980, they said voters would never elect a president who had been divorced and remarried. Way too religious of a country for that, they said. Welcome, President Ronald Reagan, 1981-89.
They said you could not get elected president if you had not served in the military. No one could remember when someone who hadn’t served had been elected Commander-in-Chief. Or who had confessed to trying (but not inhaling!) Illegal drugs. President Bill Clinton, 1993-2001.
And then finally “they” saId that there’s NO WAY the Democrats were going to win if they nominated a BLACK man for president — a black man who’s middle name was Hussein! America was still too racist for that. “Don’t do it!”, people quietly warned each other.
Do you ever wonder why the pundits, the political class, are always so sure that Americans “just aren’t ready” for something — and then they’re always just so wrong? They says these things because they want to protect the status quo. They don’t want the boat rocked. They try to scare the average person into voting against their better judgment.
And now, this year “they” are claiming that there’s no way a “democratic socialist” can get elected President of the United States. That is the main talking point coming now from the Hillary Clinton campaign office.
But all the polls show Bernie Sanders actually BEATING Donald Trump by twice as many votes than if Hillary Clinton was the candidate.
Although the polls nationally show Hillary beating Bernie among DEMOCRATS, when the pollster includes all INDEPENDENTS, then Sanders beats Trump two to one over what Clinton would do.
The way the Clinton campaign has been red-baiting Sanders is unfortunate — and tone deaf. According to NBC, 43% of Iowa Dems identify themselves more closely with socialism (sharing, helping) than with capitalism (greed, inequality). Most polls now show young adults (18-35) across America prefer socialism (fairness) to capitalism (selfishness).
So, what is democratic socialism? It’s having a true democracy where everyone has a seat at the table, where everyone has a voice, not just the rich.
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary recently announced the most looked-up word in their online dictionary in 2015 was “socialism.” If you’re under 49 (the largest voting block), the days of the Cold War & Commie Pinkos & the Red Scare look as stupid as “Reefer Madness.”
If Hillary’s biggest selling point as to why you should vote for her is, “Bernie’s a socialist!” or “A socialist can’t win!”, then she’s lost.
The New York Times, which admitted it made up stories of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq & pushed us to invade that country, has now endorsed Hillary Clinton, the candidate who voted for the Iraq War. I thought the Times had apologized and reformed itself. What Is going on here?
Well, the Times likes its candidates to be realistic and pragmatic. And to them, that means Hillary Clinton. She doesn’t want to break up the banks, doesn’t want to bring back Glass-Steagall, doesn’t want to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr., doesn’t want Denmark’s free health care system. Just not realistic, I guess.
Of course, there was a time when the media said it wasn’t “realistic” to pass a constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote. They said it would never pass because only all-male legislators would be voting on it in the Congress and the State Legislatures. And that, obviously, meant it would never pass. They were wrong.
They once said that it wasn’t “realistic” to pass a Civil Rights Act AND a Voting Rights Act back to back. America just wasn’t “ready for it.” Both passed, in 1964 & 1965.
Ten years ago we were told gay marriage would never be the law of the land. Good thing we didn’t listen to those who told us to be “pragmatic.”
Hillary says Bernie’s plans just aren’t “realistic” or “pragmatic.” This week she said “single payer health care will NEVER, EVER, happen.” Never? Ever? Wow. Why not just give up?
Hillary also says it’s not practical to offer free college for everyone. You can’t get more practical than the Germans – and they’re able to do it. As do many other countries.
Clinton does find ways to pay for war and tax breaks for the rich. Hillary Clinton was FOR the war in Iraq, AGAINST gay marriage, FOR the Patriot Act, FOR NAFTA, and wants to put Ed Snowden in prison. THAT’S a lot to wrap one’s head around, especially when you have Bernie Sanders as an alternative. He will be the opposite of all that.
There are many good things about Hillary. But it’s clear she’s to the right of Obama and will move us backwards, not forward. This would be sad. Very sad.
81% of the electorate is either female, people of color or young (18-35). And the Republicans have lost the VAST majority of 81% of the country. Whoever the Democrat is on the ballot come November will win. No one should vote out of fear. You should vote for whom you think best represents what you believe in. They want to scare you into thinking we’ll lose with Sanders. The facts, the polls, scream just the opposite: We have a BETTER chance with Bernie!
Trump is loud and scary — and liberals scare easy. But liberals also like facts. Here’s one: less than 19% of the USA is white guys over 35. So calm down!
Finally, Check out this chart — it says it all: (Note: Hillary has now changed her position and is against TPP)
I first endorsed Bernie Sanders for public office in 1990 when he, as mayor of Burlington, VT, asked me to come up there and hold a rally for him in his run to become Vermont’s congressman. I guess not many were willing to go stump for an avowed democratic socialist at the time. Probably someone is his hippie-filled campaign office said, “I’ll bet Michael Moore will do it!” They were right. I trucked up into the middle of nowhere and did my best to explain why we needed Bernie Sanders in the U.S. Congress. He won, I’ve been a supporter of his ever since, and he’s never given me reason to not continue that support. I honestly thought I’d never see the day come where I would write to you and get to say these words: “Please vote for Senator Bernie Sanders to be our next President of the United States of America.”
I wouldn’t ask this of you if I didn’t think we really, truly needed him. And we do. More than we probably know.
Sincerely Yours,
Michael Moore

“The top 400 wealthiest people in this country earn $345 million a year, and they pay an effective tax rate of 16.6 percent. They do not need an extension of tax breaks.

By the way, for the United States of America, this effective tax rate of 16.6 percent, on average, is the lowest tax rate for the very rich in America that there has ever been on record. So we have already given the wealthiest people in this country the lowest effective tax rates in the history of our country, at least since they have been keeping records. That is what we have done. So the idea of giving these guys–who are doing phenomenally well, who already own more wealth than the bottom 90 percent–more tax breaks is totally absurd.” – Senator Bernie Sanders, The Speech

Ok, we get it. Hillary Clinton isn’t perfect. WE GET IT. No one who is going to run is. No one.

But what exactly do you think you’re accomplishing by finding out people support someone wholeheartedly, whom most of their views and positions you also would probably support, and immediately finding out and “exposing the TRUTH” about what a devil they are? Do you honestly think most people don’t already know she’s not perfect? Do you really think everyone else is that stupid and you and a few other pretentious people on social media are the only smart ones?

And what is your answer? Tell us. There are only 3 possibilities here if you’re an American citizen:
1) Vote for Hillary, who at least is to the left and probably going to support gay, women’s, and recent immigrants’ rights, for the most part.
2) Vote for some asshole, probably overly “religious”, white, straight Republican man who is right-wing, and is probably going to actively work against gay rights, rights for women and women having a say in making the laws that affect women, and immigrants’ rights, while also working to provide the most tax breaks for the super rich, and probably working for looser gun laws. In which case, *sarcastic voice*, oh, you’re right, this is so much better. I’m so glad I found out the truth about Hillary and didn’t vote for her. So much better having this closed-minded cis, straight, conservative MAN in office. You’re right! *slow clap*
3) Don’t vote at all. (Or vote for a third party that you know for a fact will never get even close to enough votes to win, which is, therefore, also basically not voting.) In which case, you are helping nothing. You’re doing NOTHING.

It’s useless and pointless, what you’re doing. Stop. Just stop.