tax nfl

How about this...if you hate what the NFL does so much, why don’t we stop paying for it?

The NFL is treated as a charitable organization and doesn’t pay corporate taxes.  Every other business is paying about a quarter to a third of their income…but the NFL gets to keep all 14 billion of their dollars.

Stadiums are often entirely built with with taxpayer funds.  Aren’t you happy that you have to pay couple cents more on every purchase because of the sales tax needed to pay for the stadium. 

Most college football programs actually lose money, so that’s what your student loan money goes to. Aren’t you happy you’re delaying having to buy a home so the NFL got a free training program.

And last but not least all high school football programs are money pits.  So aren’t you glad you’re paying more in property taxes on mortgage or rent to again fund the NFL’s free training program…can’t wait all that property tax money that will soon be needed to pay for the wave of lawsuits about concussions that you know is coming.  

But strangely you won’t actually see anyone argue to stop subsidizing this business with taxpayer funds…because nobody in power is an actual conservatives, and they want the bread and circuses to continue.

dripping-with-good-looks replied to your post: chicago-bluebonnet asked:but moll…

you… love taxes?

yes! taxes pay for things, like schools, and roads, and healthcare. i am very, very into taxes. taxes could take me on a date and i’d totally foot the bill.


Even The Mayor of the City Hosting the Super Bowl Admits the Game Costs Taxpayers Too Much

The Super Bowl will be played in Glendale, Ariz. on Sunday.

And the city’s mayor doesn’t seem thrilled about it.

“I totally believe we will lose money on this,” Mayor Jerry Weirs told ESPN the Magazine.

How so? According to USA Today, Glendale will spend $30 million to host the game on Sunday. Last year, New York and New Jersey spent a combined $70 million for the game, which was played in East Rutherford, NJ.