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Loot from Michael’s today!

I went to my local Michael’s today (three days before halloween) with 23 dollars in my purse and this is what I came back with! The store was mostly Christmas themed by now, but all the fall and Halloween stuff was 60-70% off. Here’s what I ended up with!

  • 4 Corvid candles ($6.00 60% off - abt. $2.40 before tax)
  • 12 Orange tealights (12) ($6.00 70% off - abt. $1.80 before tax)
  • 1 tealight holder mason jar ($5.00 70% off - abt. $1.50 before tax)
  • 2 large fall candles ($6.00 70% off - abt. $1.80 before tax, so $3.60 total)
  • !!!!!!! Gemstone pieces in cute little jars ($10.00 before tax)

Close up of the gemstones, the most expensive but my favorite find:

There’s bamboo coral, rose quartz, magnesite, onyx, peridot, red agate, citrine, amethyst, “crystal” (I think it’s clear quartz), garnet, aventurine, and tiger eye. Quite the selection for 10 bucks! This is a bunch of crystals I didn’t have before that I do now. Great for baby witches!

The total cost ended up being $20.61, so I could have grabbed another candle from the ENTIRE AISLE DEDICATED TO CANDLES, because there was a tall pink candle I had my eye on for $1.60.

Michael’s is a great store for witchy supplies, granted you go at the right time.
It looks more and more like the Trump presidency will end in impeachment
During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump made it crystal clear that he did not possess the temperament, acumen or values req...
By Maxine Waters

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump made it crystal clear that he did not possess the temperament, acumen or values required to effectively lead our democracy.

After his election, many believed he would “pivot.” But we’ve seen over the last few months that Trump will never be presidential. He is dividing the people of this country and he has no respect for government or the Constitution.

It’s not only Trump’s flawed character that concerns me, but his potential to implement policies that could harm so many in this country.

Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey in what appeared to be obstruction of justice, admitting that his decision to do so was based on his dissatisfaction with the Russia investigation. He later pardoned Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, despite a U.S. District Court ruling that he had illegally targeted Latinos.

It is clear from Trump’s behavior and efforts to derail the Russia investigation that he has something to hide.
Trump eroded America’s leadership in the fight against climate change by withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement. He isolated our NATO allies and embarrassed our country during the G20 Summit. He continues to risk our national security by provoking North Korea and delaying enforcement of new sanctions on Russia. Trump has also ignored the conclusion of U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections, and he refuses to be critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The president has failed to deliver on many of his major campaign promises. Trump said he would create jobs by investing $1 trillion in our nation’s crumbling infrastructure, but his budget proposal would reduce overall infrastructure funding over time. He promised that he would protect Medicaid and Social Security, but his budget proposal slashed $1 trillion from Medicaid and cut Social Security Disability Insurance by $64 billion. He vowed to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, but after congressional Republicans failed to pass legislation, he decided to sabotage the ACA by refusing to fund cost-sharing reductions.

Trump also instituted an ill-conceived travel ban on visitors from six majority-Muslim countries, and ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that affects 800,000 young people — more than a quarter of whom live in California.

As the clock runs out on his first year in office, Trump is preparing to give fellow millionaires and billionaires a hefty tax break that adds trillions of dollars to the national debt, raises taxes from 10% to 12% for Americans in the lowest tax bracket and penalizes blue states such as California by eliminating deductions for state and local income taxes.

Finally, every day we learn more and more about the extent of coordination between his campaign and the Kremlin to undermine our democracy. It is clear from Trump’s behavior and efforts to derail the Russia investigation that he has something to hide. I believe that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation will reveal the facts, and in the final analysis, Congress will have no choice but to impeach this president.

me, dragging myself online at 6pm: good morning i hope u all had wonderful days & if u didn’t have a wonderful day i hope u dream of enacting revenge upon the world in a glorious animu mecha battle to restore ur mood, wat is up


All Tenipuri Museum ~Venue Limited Goods~

•Tapestry Tezuka vs Atobe (Manga)
•Tapestry Tezuka vs Atobe (Anime)
•Tapestry Tezuka vs Atobe (Musical)

Price:  1,500 JPY + tax
Release Date: October 12-26, 2017
Characters: Atobe Keigo & Tezuka Kunimitsu

•Can Badge Collection (Manga)

Price: 450 JPY + each
Types: 19 pcs

•T-Shirt (Manga)

Price: 2,000 JPY + tax
Size: S, M and L
Characters: Echizen, Tezuka, Yukimura, Atobe & Shiraishi

•Mini Tote Bag (Manga)

Price: 1,500 JPY + tax
Release Date: October 12-26, 2017
Characters: Seigaku, Hyotei, Rikkai & Shitenhouji

•Character Badge Collection (Anime)

Price: 300 JPY + tax each
Release Date: October 12-26, 2017
Types: 11 pcs
Characters: Echizen, Tezuka, Atobe, Akazawa, Minami, Tachibana, Aoi, Yukimura, Shiraishi, Kite & Houou

•Acrylic Stand (Anime)

Price: 1,200 JPY + tax 
Release Date: October 12-26, 2017
Types: 11 pcs
Characters: Echizen, Tezuka, Atobe, Akazawa, Minami, Tachibana, Aoi, Yukimura, Shiraishi, Kite & Houou

•Tote Bag (Anime)

Price: 2,500 JPY + tax
Release Date: October 12-26, 2017
Characters: Seigaku, Hyotei, Rikkai, Shitenhouji, Higa & U17

•All Tenipuri Museum Art Print

Price: 1,000 JPY + tax
Release Date: October 12-26, 2017

1960′S French Army Chino デッドストック


60年代”French Army Chino Pants"デッドストックが札幌店に入荷いたしました。




(・身長:170cm ・体重:63kg ・着用サイズ:35)

60年代のフランス陸軍カーキトラゥザー、オーバーサイズで穿いてもジャストサイズで穿いても、ほど良くゆったりとしたシルエットが男らしさを演出してくれます。 2本のインタックや、ボタンフライ、フラップ付きのバックポケットなど、ファッション性の高いディテールも備え、密かな人気を誇るアイテムです。少量の入荷になりますので、気になる方はお早めに!!札幌店でお待ちしております。



※ 『WAREHOUSE直営店の公式アプリ』アプリユーザー限定の様々な


是非、フォローを宜し くお願いします。

〒060-0063 札幌市中央区南3条西9丁目998-5


All Tenipuri Museum ~Event Only Limited Goods~

•Big Acrylic Stand Tezuka vs Atobe (Manga)
•Big Acrylic Stand Tezuka vs Atobe (Anime)
•Big Acrylic Stand Tezuka vs Atobe (Musical)

Price:  3,000 JPY + tax
Release Date: October 12-26, 2017
Characters: Atobe Keigo & Tezuka Kunimitsu

•Canvass Panel Complete Edition (Manga)
•Canvass Panel (Anime)
•Canvass Panel Complete Edition (Musical)

Price:  4,000 JPY + tax
Release Date: October 12-26, 2017

•Big Tapestry (Musical)

Price: 17,000 JPY + tax
Release Date: October 12-26, 2017
Characters: Echizen Ryoma, Tezuka Kunimitsu, Atobe Keigo & Yukimura Seiichi
Republican Plan Delivers Permanent Corporate Tax Cut
The bill would cut corporate taxes to 20 percent while delivering more modest savings for middle-class families, but it would not affect 401(k) plans, as many feared.
By Jim Tankersley, Thomas Kaplan and Alan Rappeport

For the first time, the United States is proposing to effectively levy a global minimum tax of 10 percent, which would apply to income that high-profit subsidiaries of American companies earn anywhere in the world. The effort is aimed at preventing companies from shifting profits abroad and grabbing back some of the tax revenue on income earned overseas. Those profits are currently not taxed until they are returned to the United States, giving companies an incentive to keep that money offshore since they are taxed at the current corporate tax rate of 35 percent.

The White House has said more than $2.5 trillion in American profits are held offshore.

The bill would force companies to pay a one-time 12 percent tax on liquid assets held overseas, like cash. The tax, which is reduced from the current 35 percent tax rate, would be payable over eight years. For illiquid assets, like equipment or property, the tax rate would be 5 percent.

It would also force American subsidiaries of foreign-owned companies to pay a 20 percent excise tax on any payments sent back to foreign affiliates.

The Mercantilism of George III made more sense than this shit.  This is vile idiocy that by design or accident will destroy free trade and the US economy.  

I thought this was a bit high so I did the math.
5 below sells theater size boxes at 4oz for a dollar a box.
There are 48oz in 3lbs.
48oz divided by the 4oz boxes is only 12.
12boxes at a dollar a box plus tax is only $12.84 which is less than half the price of this bulk rate on Amazon. So yeah.

Apparently I’m just going to go to 5 below and buy 40 boxes (10lbs) for 42.80 👀

Jazz Hands! A fun mix of electroswing and Jazz! Bring in the Band.

[Listen here]


1. Go Daddy-O Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 2. Dirty Dance Black Cat Zoot 3. Bad boy Good man Tape Five 4. Sing Sing Sing (electroswing remix) The Benny Goodman Orchestra 5. Strangers in the Night Frank Sinatra 6. Dream A Little Dream of Me Billy Holiday & Louis Armstrong 7. One Fine Thing Harry Connick, Jr. 8. T'aint What You Do Swing Republic ft. Mildred Bailey 9. Brass Goggles Steam Powered Giraffe 10. Beatophone Caravan Palace 11. Tax Free Sax TiTAN 12. Somebody Loves Me 13. Jazz Me! Shemian 14. Jazz Hands Frootful

(( A silly fanmix I thought up while thinking of Buges and Big Band. Not even necessarily as a ship, but more of just in-general.))

anonymous asked:

Why would you do a basically comic for 20 or 30$?? I could literally buy about 3 or 4 mangas for those prices. You should try 15 or 10$ because that's how much usual comics go for. Unless you're doing it all in color and depending how many pages. Be realistic, a lot of fans are probably college students too who struggle to pay stuff let alone buy your amazing work for a high price.

I’m not sure where you live, but where I live in America one manga costs about $12 with tax. The money offer was a guestimation on the higher range, just in case.

The printed volumes will have a cover that’s not paper (though I’m not sure if I could do hardcover, we’ll see), as well as be in color, which is more expensive than black and white. They will also include some character commentary and doodles/small comics in the back. I’m not sure how many pages will be in each one, and that is not a definite price. I will know for sure how much shipping is and how much it costs to make one when I order the first prototype. If it looks good then I will take pictures and show you guys the quality.

But if it costs like $20 and shipping is another $3/$4, that’s why it would be around the price I set. I can’t charge $15 for a book that took $25 to make, you know? I’ll give you guys definites if I am able to do this.


The World’s Highest-Paid Actresses 2015

Jennifer Lawrence may have been made famous by The Hunger Games, but she’s certainly not short of bread: The 25-year-old banked $52 million pre-tax over 12 months to be the best paid actress–$16.5 million more than second-ranked Scarlett Johansson, who earned $35.5 million. Read >

Hi, I’m Immortan-Joe Hokey, Australian Treasure Hider for the Parliament Funkadelic.

Despite looking like a crooked, smug, fart-sniffing, thick-necked, no-lip, boiled-egg-eating, pancake-destroying, walrus-bodied, Sopranos-reject, bloated, fucking-goombah, I’m actually an all-round great guy, a man of the people. All of my maids tell me that.

Anyone born after about 1995 is pretty much screwed because all of the people born before then have made housing anywhere near the CBD unaffordable. We’ve had the benefit of stimulus packages, low interest rates, low-doc or no-doc lending practices, first homebuyer schemes and wages that are commensurate with housing prices.

Prior to 1995 the banks’ lending practice was to loan a person a maximum of about 4 times their salary to purchase a house. That put an artificial, but tangible, cap on housing prices, somewhere in the realistic reach of most Australians earning an average wage.

Fast forward to 2015, meet Average Joe. Average Joe is on the average wage of $75,000. The average Sydney property price is estimated to reach $1m by the end of the year, or 13 times Average Joe’s average wage.

This means Average Joe can’t realistically own an average home. With the average Sydney rent around $600 a week, he will never be able to save enough to get a deposit, to get a $1m loan, to ‘buy’ a house. I say 'buy’ because really, the bank owns Joe’s house for the next 30 years, until he pays off his $1m mortgage.

With interest rates at 5.5%, everyone, including Average Joe and me, Immortan Joe, thinks that housing is affordable. But let’s do something I don’t really like doing as the Tressure Hunter of Australia, it’s called math. We’ll keep it basic because that’s all I can handle. For instance, let’s take a look at Average Joe on $75,000 and the average house price of $1m.

If you calculate a mortgage with a 30 year loan, for $1m, at 5.5% interest the total interest payment is $1,044,040. Let that sink in for a second. That’s more than the amount of the loan, just in interest.  Add to that the repayment of the principal of $1m, and the total cost of an average house over 30 years is $2,044,040.

30 years might seem like a long time to put a house on lay-buy, maybe you could pay off more, earlier? Well hold on there Donald Trump, lets take a look at this month by month.

From his $75,000 a year, Average Joe earns a net income $4427 a month. The 'minimum’ monthly repayment on Joe’s million dollar loan is $5678.

This means that if Joe never ate, never paid any bills, never went out with his friends, never bought a present for anyone, never bought lunch, never serviced his car, refilled it, never caught public transport, never bought any clothes, never had the internet, Netflix, a gym membership, never posted a letter, never bought furniture for his house, never bought a coffee or had a pet… and put every single cent into his 'average’ home loan, he would still miss his repayments by $1251 a month, or $15,000 a year (which he would be charged another $800 a year on that missed amount at 5.5% interest).  

Let’s say interest rates went up, by a few percent, say 1.5% in the next few years and remained stable. That mortgage interest payment would now be $1,395,066 or $350,000 more than the loan at an interest rate of 5.5%.

To put that extra $350,000 in perspective, Joe’s $75,000 a year is actually $53,000 after tax. That’s another 6.6 years of annual salary for Average Joe. So for Joe, if he took out a loan at 35, and expected to retire and own his home at 65 he would be mistaken. He wouldn’t be able to retire until he was 71.6. Oh and don’t forget, Average Joe was short $1251 on the 5.5% loan each month. Joe is more likely to die before he owns his home.

What’s my advice for Average Joe. Just get a better job. Get on SEEK and go for it! Don’t work a job that pays less than $75,000 or even $100,000 a year. Just refuse to. Someone will find you and pay you more, because of stuff.

If that doesn’t work, just become a boring lawyer, dentist, banker, doctor or some other job with the highest suicide rate, worst working hours and highest incidence of depression. Forget pursuing a creative career and the dream of owning a home, they’re mutually exclusive now.  Instead, devote yourself to being a ruthless, cutthroat money obsessed corporate prostitute drone.

Here are my other great ideas for home ownership and riches, officially endorsed by the Department of Treasury:

  • be born into a rich family, you can do this early on in life by only being ejaculated out of the balls of a man who either has lots of generational wealth, or is going to be successful (look into the future for this), or make sure you hook up with the egg of a similar woman (again, look into the future and choose your balls/egg combination wisely)
  • develop an interest in corporate law, banking or cardiology from an early age (7 or under) if you aren’t into these topics in your youth then make yourself interested in them, the other option is being poor and not driving
  • get in a time machine and travel back to the Pilbara in 2002 and get a job doing pretty much anything, like a janitor on $150,000 or a lollipop-man-for-trucks on $170,000
  • sell your vagina/anus to pay off your HECS debt (i.e. become a highly paid whore)
  • be a young attractive woman and baby-trap a rich man (i.e. go to a bar frequented by investment bankers and have sex with one of them while lying about being on the pill, give birth to a golden goose baby)
  • join a bikie gang and sell marijuana or crystal in bulk (note!: don’t get murdered or arrested, this is bad for your credit rating)
  • create the “car-house”, my car-house is a 2005 Kia Sorrento. I’m making some money on it by renting the glove box to an international student
  • be a networker, people love other people who network, constantly pressure people into becoming your clients, they love this
  • get a TER score of 99.98 or higher, just beat the competition from elite private schools with great teachers and/or Chinese supercomputer children, become an accountant
  • steal from the elderly, children, cars, work, everywhere, just take it, take things and pretend you didn’t do it, you are Winona Ryder
  • invent gold
  • Save every cent you earn, never associate with friends. Get comfortable being described as 'frugal’, 'tight’ 'cheap’ or 'stingey’, don’t enjoy life, just be obsessed with money. Never pay your share.
  • cheat a skewed tax system, tell your employer you 'only take cash’, claim your tax deductions as tax deductions, invent 12 children you need support payments for
  • walk out of restaurants without paying, or eating, because you can’t afford anything at McDonalds anyway, this is also known as 'not eating’.
  • get a second job at night driving for Uber, wait tables, work mornings at a bakery then night shifts at a local steel mill, never sleep, become Eminem sell 100 million albums
  • murder your landlord and assume their identity, your new name is The Talented Mrs Joan Jenkins
  • become immortal, work for 600 years non-stop and treat yourself with a holiday in Kuta, or Seminyak if you’re a real fuckin snob and saved well
  • marry an investment banker who looks like Alf and probably has the personality of a shoe (my favourite)
  • join FIFA, the Australian Wheat Board, Australian Water Holdings, a drug squad, or other corrupt organisation such as a local government council or workers union management and take bribes
  • make your own house out of materials from around the hou… oh wait…
  • buy a house from Ray’s Outdoor Camping World. People might call this a 'tent’ but that is an ancient word for 'house’. You now own a 'house’.

anonymous asked:

People aren't illegal. White people literally butchered,disgraced and stole from Native Americans. As well as other ethnicities.

Hey. Hey you. I’m aware of what Europeans did when they came to America. EVERYONE is. Literally everyone. The average intelligence of Americans is actually higher than you seem to think, so get off your high horse.

Are you also aware that yes, people can be illegal because one of the biggest issues with having 12 million (yes, that’s million) people unregistered in the United States is that they are living without paying taxes? 12 million people in the country aren’t paying taxes. So towns with high illegal immigrant percentages have higher taxes and worse schools because only a portion of the population is paying for schools. Also, illegal immigrants have a harder time going up the economic ladder due to the fact that they usually arrive to the United States poor and they usually work low paying low skill jobs, which creates a racial hierarchy, which for many reasons is a huge issue.

At the same time, the people who come here not only aid the economy by lowering the price of crops due to their cheap labor, but they also bring in a new culture into the country. Did you know that within the next 25-50 years that up to 90% of Americans will be of Hispanic heritage and between 50-70% of Americans will speak Spanish as either a first or second language?

I said it was a very delicate issue and that it had a lot of moving parts. I didn’t even cover half of what there is to say in this. I couldn’t even squeeze all of the available information into my final thesis essay for my Modern America class.