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DIRT 100% Natural Dirtyより最新Collection販売のお知らせ

6/10(土) 12:00からONLINE SHOPにてDIRT 100% Natural Dirty最新Collectionの販売を開始いたします。
更に前回ご好評により早期完売したJewelry Collectionの2アイテムの再販も決定いたしました。
¥12,000(TAX IN)
¥5,800(TAX IN)
DIRT 100% Natural Dirtyのロゴをあしらったシンプルなデザインのキャップとなります。
¥25,000(TAX IN)
外側にはDIRT 100% Natural Dirtyの刻印をあしらっております。
¥11,000(TAX IN)
※燻の加工具合により個体差が生じることがございます。 ●COMPASS ROSE NECKLACE
¥13,000(TAX IN)

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昨年のTeeに続いて今年もThe Good Companyにアニバーサリーアイテムで作ってもらいました。

2周年はみんな大好きRose WaveがCapで登場です。






Made in USAボディを使用しており問題無しのシルエットです。

The Good Company

“Rose Wave 6Panel Hat”🌹

Black / Navy / Khaki


※5.27(sat) 12:00〜発売です。

※通販は5.29(mon) 12:00〜お受け致します。店頭で完売の場合はご了承下さい



Guinness back on tap lifts sales for Young's

The boss of London pubs giant Young’s today said settling a disagreement with drinks maker Diageo to reintroduce Guinness to its empire of watering holes has helped sales jump.

Patrick Dardis said three years ago the group stopped selling the black stuff because it was unhappy about a deal with Diageo. It instead introduced Young’s London Stout.

Dardis said: “We gave it a go, but our customers wanted a recognised stout. We have a new agreement with Diageo and the brand is selling very well since we reintroduced it in 2016.”

That helped revenue at the firm, which has 217 sites in the capital, to increase 9.4% to £268.9 million in the 53 weeks to April 3.

AIM-listed Young’s has also benefited from opening its Mayfair flagship, the Guinea Grill, on Sundays for the first time.

Pre-tax profit rose 12.8% to £37 million, but Young’s warned business rates and higher wages will hit margins. The shares fell 15p to 1328p.

Bargain Booze-owner Conviviality said full-year sales nearly doubled to £1.56 billion, helped by acquisitions and a strong retail performance.


The World’s Highest-Paid Actresses 2015

Jennifer Lawrence may have been made famous by The Hunger Games, but she’s certainly not short of bread: The 25-year-old banked $52 million pre-tax over 12 months to be the best paid actress–$16.5 million more than second-ranked Scarlett Johansson, who earned $35.5 million. Read >

anonymous asked:

Why would you do a basically comic for 20 or 30$?? I could literally buy about 3 or 4 mangas for those prices. You should try 15 or 10$ because that's how much usual comics go for. Unless you're doing it all in color and depending how many pages. Be realistic, a lot of fans are probably college students too who struggle to pay stuff let alone buy your amazing work for a high price.

I’m not sure where you live, but where I live in America one manga costs about $12 with tax. The money offer was a guestimation on the higher range, just in case.

The printed volumes will have a cover that’s not paper (though I’m not sure if I could do hardcover, we’ll see), as well as be in color, which is more expensive than black and white. They will also include some character commentary and doodles/small comics in the back. I’m not sure how many pages will be in each one, and that is not a definite price. I will know for sure how much shipping is and how much it costs to make one when I order the first prototype. If it looks good then I will take pictures and show you guys the quality.

But if it costs like $20 and shipping is another $3/$4, that’s why it would be around the price I set. I can’t charge $15 for a book that took $25 to make, you know? I’ll give you guys definites if I am able to do this.