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“And I came back… but at a cost; You left me disfigured.”

I wonder how cartoonist feel when instead of there target demographic being a bunch of kids like they planned it turns out to be a bunch of 16 - 30 year olds.

Like instead of a “ Oh this character’s my favorite and I want to be just like them when I grow up ” they get “ Hey so like when’s my ship going to become canon ? ”

Can I have this dance?

I am in love with this ship now…
I don’t know why… but they’re so cute together!!!
I really love both of the episodes The Scam and The Matchmaker.

The title I put there reminds me of High School Musical or whatever…
Also I don’t know why I drew a hat for Darwin…
(plus, i’m terrible at backgrounds…. ;-; )

Artwork by @derpyzu

Carrie and Napstablook (remade)

A year ago… I made this drawing.
It’s a bit cringy for me that I drew this a year ago but I was really proud at first.
And now I’ve renewed and redesigned it!

(it’s been a while since i drew blooky tho…)

I wish I had a Nintendo Switch…
So I’ve decided to draw Gumball playing his Nintendo Switch… god I’m so jealous… XD

I drew him in a different style, it’s actually my first time doing this new style.
(it’s so difficult….)