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Have you seen the Rory to my Amy Series? If not, highly recommended: archiveofourown.org/ser…

Hahaha I actually follow the author on tumblr and like…fucking run to AO3 when she posts updates. Absolutely adore it. Not only is it well written, believable, adorable, and full of feels; it has five billion Doctor Who references. Best ever.

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I really like the idea of Stiles being the star to be perfectly honest. It would fit him better, personality wise. Derek as Tristan because of reasons. Kate as Victoria because you can’t have one without the other. And Peter is obviously Shakespeare.

Sassy Captain Peter! Oh my God, yes! ALL THE YES.

Undertaking this fic is a truly horrible idea and I’m starting it this weekend.

Or tomorrow. Either or.

I was tagged by the lovely @dav3xroad to describe myself as three fictional characters. ONLY 3?! ugh this will be difficult. I pick Lulu from Final fantasy X, Anna from When Marnie was There and obvi, Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail. Just like lulu, I have a stoic and self-possessed nature making me seem insensitive at times, but conceals a bit of gentleness underneath. I can be stern and scathing, and I don’t not smile often. I’m nonetheless kind-hearted, caring and intelligent, and have become reserved and prefer to keep my emotions locked up, choosing to examine the world with realism and logic. Just like Anna, I have extremely low-self esteem and feel worthless all the time. I can’t believe in anything anymore and I hate myself. Juvia…well, picking just ONE gif was difficult, I can have the same emotional range as her. From being depressed to over-reacting over the smallest thing. I tag @imdeaddontwakeme @misfit-0f-sex-addicts @tawnywolf and that’s all cause I have no tumblr friends :’)

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