tawny scrawny lion

NOTE: This contest has concluded. Thanks to those who participated!

Hey, it’s winter! That means it’s as good a time as any to do another giveaway for The Art of Language Invention! (Not for the baby. She’s just there because I like taking pictures of her. :) Also at the bottom you can see a scrap of the blanket, made by my mother-in-law, which has panels from The Tawny Scrawny Lion. It’s amazing.)

The general idea behind the giveaway is to get the word out to folks who participate in a winter gift-giving tradition, e.g. Snow Swap; Solstice Sharing; Homey Hearth Exchange; Flurry Fasting; the Feast of the Cradled Fawn; Moontagen; the Hibernatoriad; Fountain Fest; the unrelated Fountain Feast; Carol Crossing; Packaging Week; Open Rations; Middle-Morn; Kick-and-Crowd; Coupon Cozies; Heliotrope; Berry Separating; the Saunterdown; Mash and Fickle; the Measurements; Sledge Week; the Nights of Silver Twine; Light Wishings; Bottles; the Trail of Open Doors; Overtide; or any other denominational or non-denominational observation you or others may or may not observe. Whether you open one up in your Fountain Fest clam or enjoy it with your traditional Overtide apricots, The Art of Language Invention makes a welcome addition to a cold and joyous winter night.

For THREE (3) of those who reblog or otherwise share this post, I will ship you a signed and personalized copy of The Art of Language Invention. For details, see below!


In order to qualify, you must do one of the following by 11:00 a.m. on December 21st, 2015:

  • Reblog this post (favorites are appreciated, but they do not count for this).
  • Retweet the tweet associated with this post (likes are appreciated, but they do not count for this).
  • Share this post on Facebook* (likes are appreciated but they do not count for this; also see CAVEATS below).
  • Share/reshare this post on Google+ (+1′s are appreciated but do not count for this; see CAVEATS below).
  • Compose your own post on Tumblr or your own tweet on Twitter that links to this post (but you MUST tag me or mention me on Twitter—@Dedalvs—otherwise I won’t know about it!).

Doing each of the items above will give you one opportunity to have your name or handle (or friend’s or loved one’s name, if you so choose) made into a word in one of the above-listed languages. This means each person can have up to four chances (but no more than four). Despite having multiple chances, each person can be chosen only once.


I’ll edit this post when all three copies have been given away. Please note that I will contact you using Tumblr’s messenger thing. Please respond within 24 hours or I will select another winner.

If you make a post on Facebook, I have to be able to find out about it in some way. Facebook has a lot of privacy settings built in, so if you can’t show me your post, I can’t count it.

If you make a post on Google+, tag me in it. You can find me here.

* * * * *

Thanks for reading, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

UPDATE: All copies have been claimed. Thank you to those who participated!