tawny cat

(*art by @jingleyams)


this is pretty feathertawny heavy, follows Tawny’s life and Feahtertail’s death and the aftermath

1. Borders
2. Never Give Up
3. Running with the Wolves
4. Bird Set Free
5. Live Like Legends
6. Storm
7. She Keeps me Warm
8. Meet me on the Battlefield
9. Daughter of the Moon (aka feathertail’s song)
10. This Goodbye
11. I Can’t Breathe
12. When the Darkness Comes
13. The Dark 
14. Clouds (the group saying goodbye)
15. Flares
16. Holes in the Sky
17. Do You Remember?

Dutiful and Cat

I don’t like Dutiful’s face XD Hope you like it, anyway ♥ !!!!

*not spoiler, I only read the first book of “ The Tawny man trilogy” and in my country the second book will be published in November 2016  T______T sniff….*

Robin Hobb ©

For @assbutt-i-might-be

“This one’s cute, look.” Dean tried to get Cas’s attention. A small white dog panted and gave him the cutest doggie grin. “What do you think?”

No answer. Dean turned, and Cas was nowhere to be found.

“Dammit, angel, where’d you get off to this time?” he grumbled, leaving the dogs in search of the angel.

He found Cas in another area, sitting cross legged on the floor with a tawny cat in his lap. The cat was purring; Dean thought Cas might be as well.

“I thought we were looking for dogs?”

“I found a cat. Or, perhaps the cat found me.” Cas scratched behind the kitty’s ears. “I feel as though I’ve bonded with this one. I’d like to adopt him.”

Dean sneezed three times in a row. “I’m allergic,” he informed Castiel.

“Oh.” Cas’s face fell.

“But I could - ACHOO - get some damn Claritin or something, I guess. If you really want the cat.”

“I do. We understand each other. And his eyes remind me of yours.”

Dean rolled the aforementioned eyes before smiling indulgently at his angel. “Alright then, you can keep him.”

Cas’s smile was worth all the sneezes in the world. Hell, Dean would sneeze extras sneezes just to see that smile.

“Thank you, Dean.”

“Anything - ACHOO - for you, Cas.”

Not spider related but my cat of 15 years passed away today, I had her since 4th grade, I may not be as active in the coming days, She was a great cat, Tawnie will be missed 2000-2016 good bye little kitty