Joker Imagine : Bonding with his daughter

Joker’s P.O.V.

‘’I need to go J’’ Y/N sighed while putting on her black boots. ‘’But what if I do something wrong?’’ I groaned, talking about our 3 year old daughter, Jezebel but she preferred to be called princess. She was the cutest little girl I had ever seen with brown curly hair and piercing blue eyes. She looked a lot like Y/N, but she had my eyes. I loved her, but I was still Joker. I was scared I couldn’t take care of her when Y/N was gone.

‘’Oh you’ll do fine’’ Y/N sighed and then grabbed her purse. ‘’I know you’re a good dad. You’re not bad at everything’’ She giggled at me and came closer. I rolled my eyes, but couldn’t hold back a smirk. ‘’I’ll be back at 8 pm. Remember that she has to take a nap and then she needs food’’ Y/N told me seriously before giving me a kiss. It was left short, but I still got a little spark from her lips.

‘’See ya’’ I hurried to say before she could go. Just as the door closed, I heard a little princess coming closer, small steps getting louder. ‘’Daddy!’’ She squealed happily and soon I felt someone tugging my red shirt. I turned around and saw her standing there in a green dress, a tiara and she was holding a plastic knife. Her big blue eyes were looking up to me and she was smiling. ‘’How is daddy’s little angel doing?’’ I asked her and kneeled down so i was on her level.

‘’I’m no angel’’ She giggled and hugged the toy knife. She was really cute. Even tho I hated most people and I could be the cruelest most cold-hearted person ever, this little girl had me wrapped around her finger. I only cared about two girls, Jezebel and her mother Y/N. Everyone else could go and fuck themselves. ‘’Who told you that?’’ I raised my non-existing eyebrow. ‘’Me’’ She answered proudly. Suddenly she jumped and raised the plastic weapon, holding her other hand on her hip. ‘’I’m pwincess of the world!’’ She declared loudly, her tiny voice sounding like it was coming through speakers.

I picked her up and held her high, spinning around once. ‘’And I’m the king of the world’’ I joined her little thing. It caused her to giggle again. ‘’We are the bestest daddy’’ My little princess told me very surely and then hugged me, wrapping her small arms around my neck. I just held her in my arms, letting this little girl hug me.

Then reality hit me. I actually had a daughter. Sometimes it felt so unbelievable. I was responsible of her, she looked up to me. It was mind-blowing to think about, but wow I was happy. ‘’Can we go to the pow pow place?’’ Jezebel whispered after a while, knocking me out of my thoughts. I looked into her eyes and sighed. ‘’I’m not sure you’re big enough to shoot yet’’ I admitted seriously. Y/N didn’t like the idea at all. She wanted Jezebel to be at least 5 until she could start shooting stuff.

Suddenly I saw pouty lips and glossy eyes. Oh fuck. ‘’But I wanna shoot’’ She whimpered sadly. I saw dinosaur tears forming in her eyes and I started to slightly panic. ‘’Oh..Don’t cry baby. Daddy will take you to the pow pow place’’ I promised, hoping that it would stop the tears. Miraculously the tears disappeared and a big grin appeared on her face. ‘’Yes!!’’ She cheered loudly and dropped her knife while throwing her hands in the air.

‘’But you can’t tell mommy’’ I reminded her while walking out, heading to the elevator. ‘’I won’t’’ Jezebel reassured me. As we got in the elevator, I saw our reflection in the mirror. I liked seeing myself like this. I would give Jezebel the childhood I never had. A good one. ‘’Can I pwess the button?’’ She whispered excitedly. ‘’Hmm let me think’’ I was slow on purpose. She crossed her tiny fingers and nearly held her breath. I lowered her in front of the buttons. ‘’It’s that one’’ I pointed at the right button. Then she pressed it and chuckled at it. Oh the little things kids found interesting.

‘’The tawget is Batsy’’ I heard her saying which surprised me. ‘’Where did you learn to hate Batman?’’ I questioned her and held her hand, not wanting her to run off when the doors would open. ‘’You and mommy’’