Tyler Lockwood Appreciation Week | Day 7 - Why you love Tyler.

There are not enough adjectives in this world to describe my love for Tyler Lockwood. He’s stolen my heart so completely that I find it extremely hard to express my love for him in words because nothing I can ever say can do my love for him justice. Tyler has had the best character development on the show by far. He went from this douchebag jock who bullied people for pleasure to a guy who would give up his own body just so other people could have a better chance at life. He makes mistakes yet he always makes up for them. He doesn’t expect people to just forgive him because he’s had a hard life. No. He goes impossibly out of his way to make it better, to fix whatever he screwed up. Let’s face it, Tyler has been through a lot. I can’t even name everything he’s been through ‘cause I’m pretty sure I’ll forget something. He’s a fighter though and that’s one of the many many things I love about him. He just does not give up. He always strives to be better, to do the right thing. Instead of turning into an even bigger bully than his season 1 self, he turned into a hero.


           ↳ Day 5 :
Moment that made you cry.

« he’s all i have… » « and you’re all he has. »

this is not a special moment that made me cry, but the whole episode. tyler has lost everything he had in one episode. one moment, he was a leader, an alpha, he had a mission, he was doing something good, something right, helping his friends, protecting people he cared about. he had his mum, being all supportive and proud of him. he had his girlfriend, a best friend he thought he could trust as hayley. he had a goal, something he could finally be proud of… and suddenly. everything disappeared. he felt betrayed by caroline, the only one he wanted on his side. he discovered the one he thought was his friend was lying to him, using him… all he ever worked for was gone. his pack. his friends. his hopes. his goal. he had nothing else but his mum. but klaus killed her. he didn’t want to kill tyler, but to make him suffer, to take everything away from him… EVERYTHING. and now, tyler doesn’t have anything left, but caroline who doesn’t seem to be fully on his side. that’s what makes this ep so sad.


 Tyler Appreciation Week ↝ Day #03a: Favorite Tyler Ship

She’s been there for me, more than anyone’s ever been my entire life. I kinda fell for her. I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t, because she’s pretty incredible.


So, in light of all of the TVD character appreciation weeks that are popping up all over the place (Stefan, Damon, Elena, Caroline, ect) We thought it would be nice to have a Tyler Lockwood Appreciation Week. Tyler really needs more love among this fandom and we are the ones who are going to give it to him. Tyler Appreciation Week will be from December 10th - 16th. 

Days Themes:

Day 1 - Favorite Tyler moment [Dec. 10th]

Day 2 - Favorite quote/song [Dec. 11th]

Day 3 - Favorite ship/crackship [Dec. 12th]

Day 4 - Favorite bromance [Dec. 13th]

Day 5 - Moment that made you cry [Dec. 14th]

Day 6 - Wardrobe appreciation [Dec. 15th]

Day 7 - Why you love Tyler [Dec. 16th]

Please feel free to participate in any way, shape or form; whether it be by creating gifs, graphics, fanfiction, fanvideos, or just simply expressing your opinion. This is something that we want to do to show our LOVE for the character. So please do not use this as an excuse to spread more hate, this is supposed to be a positive and fun way to show our love for the characters and the show. We will also be using the tag #TAW12 for these posts. So please if you are going to participate use that tag, and we will be reblogging all of posts right here, also using that tag. So join in on the fun!

*We do not want to intrude on any other characters assigned week, so if anyone is aware of a different character who has already been assigned to this week, please let us know immediately, and we will change it, it’s just been a little hard to keep track of what characters have already been assigned*


tyler lockwood appreciation week: day seven -  why you love tyler.

for the amazing character development. he has evolved so much, and i adore how far he’s come as well as all the hurdles he’s cleared.


Tyler Appreciation Week ↝ Day #01: Favorite Tyler Scene

Omg this scene. Tyler could have easily just let Stefan or Damon come and save Elena, but he went ahead and tried to do it himself anyway. When Caroline was kidnapped by the werewolf pack, he hesitated. Now here he is, no hesitation, he saw an oppurtunity to set Elena free and he took it. Then Klaus comes in and he confronts him. Tyler is such a bamf in this scene. He confronts Klaus with so much honesty and bravery. Tells him he isn’t going to take his crap anymore… And that he really loves Caroline and that’s how he able to break this supposedly unbreakable sire bond. Klaus tries to tell him he did him a favor and he immediately calls him out on his BS. Tells him that he doesn’t give a crap about him and his obsession with hybrids just stems from his own loneliness. Then he helps Stefan and Damon dessicate him.


Day 1 - Favorite Tyler moment - Tyler standing up to Klaus and what he believes in. After being used and basically turned into a slave, Tyler breaks the sire bond so he can be with Caroline and stop Klaus from turning Elena into a blood bag. Tyler had many great moments but I think this sums them all up. This is why he is the most herioc character on TVD, why he is the one that always thinks about his friends, his loved ones before he acts, even if he is under the influence of a bond that is believed to be unbreakable. I believe that love has turned him into a better person, someone who can do anything because he is in love and because he’s loved in return.