pre-scratch tav looks like looks like a self indulgence opportunity my guy
and also a lone forest hermit that is a disney princess and is friends to alien birbs

The fact that Meenah and Aranea are the first two to show up makes me think that they were two of the most influential members of the party. We already know that Arenea was the one who learned how to orchestrate the scratch, and it was Meenah who ensured their continued existence afterwards. So… what did the other 10 trolls accomplish? Probably not much since we know they failed in their session. As far as the group dynamics go, those two and possibly the Sufferer probably did the lion’s share of the work.

Personality wise, they seem to contrast their ancestors/descendants in a lot of ways, so I’m expecting to see a brave Tavros ancestor and an archer Equius ancestor, and that sort of thing.

As for how the kids will change on their three year voyage? Who knows! Three years is a long damn time. We’ve already seen the blossoming romance between Jade and Davesprite. With any luck, Kanaya will finally work up the nerve to talk to Rose about her super obvious feeling for her. But really, just about anything could happen.

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Do Kanaya, Sollux and Tavros know much about their ancestors?

Future Tavros: Ancestors was kind of… a loaded topic for me? For a long time. Because of the whole… Vriska thing, I’m probably one of the ones who is… particularly sensitive about people… conflating them with their ancestors at all.

Future Tavros: I only really got willing to touch it a while after I died, when I got volunteered to go with Aradia on her Ghost Archaeology vacation to Alternia. And some of the Signlessists know things.

Future Tavros: There are some very divided opinions on him.

Future Tavros: Knowing the history did explain a lot about the cavalreapers!

Future Kanaya: I have learned a lot about her over the sweeps, from various sources. She seems to have been an admirable person.

Future Sollux: As little as I can manage, which is still more than I’d like. 

Future Sollux: …

Future Sollux: Sure he’s this great ~friend and comrade~ of the Signless, but outside of the apocryphal stories people tell for fun no one ever talks about anything he DID other than get helmed to the Battleship Condescension afterwards, and…

Future Sollux: There’s some… helmsman legends about the Battleship Condescension, and…

Future Sollux: I don’t want to bring the two together.

yes, it is absolutely true that tavros being a man and vriska being a woman are a VITAL ASPECT OF THEIR INTERACTIONS because yes hussie went out of his way to make it clear that misogyny WAS an issue on alternia but you’re a fucking moron if you’re going to ignore the fact that tavros’ ancestor was a working class man who died leading a revolt against the upper class and vriska’s ancestor literally had the title of fucking “marquise”

@snakeassassins replied to your post: are you TELLING ME that hiveswap takes place the…

uhhh I’m not 100% sure cuz I’ve only heard rumors but I’m pretty sure the sufferer is like an actual character in the alternia part of hiveswap, so I think it takes place sometime during that period ???

nah, that cant be right– when the sufferer was alive i dont even think tavros’ ancestor/beta rufioh was born yet, and it was the fucking…. summoner! the summoner that spawned the rebellion that made the condense boot adults off of alternia 

without any more context i’m willing to buy that hiveswap is set a little bit before sburb AND sgrub if only because the timelines being kind of synced makes sense although im positive some absolute BULLSHIT is going to happen and throw off all my predictions at some point lmao

I found the power supply to my scanner. Don’t be surprised if You see me dumping more sketches now. I do most of my doodling in a sketch book!

First off, some Tavros Ancestor. I did not make his horns big enough, I forgot that they must be able to support 30 birds comfortably on each side. 

It's About Hornswagger and Dualscar

OKAY so you know I wrote that fic about HORNSWAGGER SHINYWINGS and how he got his wings and there was pinata well did you know that he had a brief encounter with….THATS RIGHT…..DUALSCAR. and this is that story right here okay.

so it started with Dualscar over…no wait i mean dualscar was like sailing the ocean and he was like “ACK SEAGULLS” and he shot cannons at them because nobody likes seagulls and he HIT ONE but guess what it wasn’t even a seagull! It was just HORNSWAGGER SHINEYWINGS. And he was all like “uHH, i THINK YOU, uHH, bROKE SOMETHING ON ME.” And Dualscar was all like “OH MY IT’S A LOWW BLOOD ON MY SHIP HOWW DARE YOU THINK YOU'VVE GOT THE RIGHT TO SET FOOT ON MY BELOVVED SHIP.” and Hornswagger oh by the way if you didnt read my other fic Hornswagger Shineywings is Tav’s Ancestor so yeah Hornswagger was like “bUT, uHH, yOU SHOT ME DOWN FROM THE SKY, i UHH, tHINK?” And dualscar was having NONE OF THIS LOWBLOODS BULLSHIT and he was like

woah that paragraph was too long anyways Dualscar was like “REMOVVE YOUR PANTALOONS LOWWBLOOD.” and Hornswagger didn’t want to but Dualscar was giving him a look of like intense lust and so he had no choice but to remove his pants. After all of that happened Hornswagger was all like naked but he had a shirt on and dualscar was looking at him and all lickin his lips and then he picked up tavs ancestor in his mouth like you know pirates hold their swords that way yeah like that and dont ask me how that works I dont know everything! but anywas Dualscar climbed up to the crows nest and then he set Hornswagger down and then…wait no then he got up to the crows nest and he pinned Hornswagger against the mast thing like i dont know it thats still called the mast?

but anyways yeah he pinned hornswagger to the mast and shoved his dick into him hard without like even worrying if he hurt the other troll and like he just shoved his dick as far as it would go and hornswagger screamed but nobody could hear them because they were at sea and also kind of in the sky because they were in the crows nest. After he got all the way in to Hornswagger he like began pulling out reaaaaaly slowlike and the look on Hornswaggers face was all like painy and scared but as dualscar pushed his was back in Hornswagger’s face was also kind of pleasurey! And then like he wrapped his legs around dualscar cause when someone does that the person fucking them can go deeper and thats what Hornswagger wanted and Dualscar grinned and enjoyed the sound of like you know the sound that someone makes when you fuck them against something its like thump thump thump

and he was grinning at that sound and also the sound of Hornswagger’s unsure moans and he moved in swiftly and like wrapped his teeth around Hornswagger’s throat to kind of and bit down so he couldn’t breathe very well! And Hornswagger dug that really hard and tried to moan but it came out like a squeak and a “dUALSCAR, pLEASE…” and Dualscar ROARED and thrusts in harder and harder and like i dont know if like Trolls have prostates but probably not or something but they do right now cause I say so and my lips are super chapped and red and they look like Andrew Hussies so obviously he is posessing me.

and anyways i was going somewhere with that and this is where Dualscar’s dickfins brushed against Hornswaggers trollprostate and it was like REALLY GOOD you know? I bet you dont know but anyways right as Hornswagger came he mooed like the prized steer at a county fair which they also have in troll land. and then Dualscar screamed “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL” as he came hard into Hornswagger and was like using him as a bucket if thats even how they reproduce?

And then Dualscar is such a badass that he was like “you’re filthy, lowwblood. clean yourself up and get the hell off a my ship.” and then he climbed down and continued to pirate things! And Hornswagger layed in a heap and like flew off but he lost his pants in the water.

the end.

P.S. and like years later Eridan found his pants and then like everyone knows that Hornswagger washed his pants in poison so when Eridan touched them guess what! he threw up.

P.P.S. and then he died.