Maybe I’m petty, but I saw this and felt left out so I did a thing.

On a side note, the “Round peg in square hole” was suppose to be two different photos but that exceeded the photo limit, so I made it into one…damn tumblr photo limits…

On another side note, this could be the worst idea I ever had.

pre-scratch tav looks like looks like a self indulgence opportunity my guy
and also a lone forest hermit that is a disney princess and is friends to alien birbs


redesigns of my old beforan ancestors, this time all of my own design and made to seem more cohesive as a group :3 way more pleased with how everyone turned out this time around ///especially the ladies ooh la la//

there’s some lots of info on their jobs and my headcanon beforus junk below if you’re interested, too!

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nitram rotation

Rufioh(ancestors troll) -> The Summoner (beta troll) -> Tavros(alpha troll) -> Rufioh


 *just re-design.  u_u (Difficult to explain. sorry)













beta summoner coat

Homestuck Headcanon

Tavros has a rare mutation which gives him a lifespan similar to that of a highblood. Nitrams are just prone to weird stuff, apparently.

On Alternia this never came up ‘cause he died aged six, but on Beforus he was actually pretty famous for his lifespan. People often wondered if he was lying about his blood, or whether it was even the same guy.

Over time, his seemingly eternal youth earnt him the nickname of the Lost Pupa. Even after his passing (probably in some epic way) the Lost Pupa became a figure of myth and folklore - a lowblood who was said to be immortal.

The impact of the Lost Pupa myth was such that it persisted after the Scratch in the stories of “Pupa Pan”, leading to the creation on Earth of “Peter Pan”.

All that time, Tavros was looking up to and pretending to be himself.

I found the power supply to my scanner. Don’t be surprised if You see me dumping more sketches now. I do most of my doodling in a sketch book!

First off, some Tavros Ancestor. I did not make his horns big enough, I forgot that they must be able to support 30 birds comfortably on each side. 

It’s interesting how a lot of people forget that aside from the typical powers of their caste, the communing abilities, the Nitrams also were pyrokinetic to some degree.  It’s a shame we never got to see this used in combat, but it would have made things interesting.

Just imagine the Summoner having mastered this in secret and using it when he surprise attacked the highbloods.  So cool.