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Jake made a Dirk that knew about Sburb. When Jake went full power after Aranea used her powers, he became a full fledged Dirk. Terezi(Seer of Mind) saw Dirk, even though no one else could. Stick with me now. In Hivebent, on the meteor, Terezi told Tavros not to let anyone tell him Rufio wasn't real. Does that mean Pages have the ability to make mind projections? And to take it one step further. Since Mind is all about thoughts, could a Page of Mind make an army by just thinking hard enough?

The thing with Pages, is that they tend to make up something to sort of distract themselves, projections. Jake has Brain Ghost Dirk, Tavros has Rufio. Horuss either has Nothing because of him being a Page of Void, just his obliviousness, or the fact he’s Hoofbeastkin counts as his mental projection. Jake manages to make Brain Ghost Dirk more real because, tying to his aspect, Hope, he’s literally “believing in him so hard he becomes a little bit less fake”. Tavros doesn’t have this projection made reality, but he does have an /army/ by the end of the comic. So a Page of Mind? Yeah, they could likely make a god damn Army of Thoughtforms to serve them.

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What's the deal with Brain Ghost Dirk? I don't really understand his nature (may just be from not understanding aspects too well.) Also I know for some time John and Dave had <3< and <3 shirts, did Rose and Jade ever have <> or c3< shirts or are those quadrants not important enough in this context?

We never saw them with <> or c3< but they could’ve easily had them in the past, maybe Jade with <> and Rose with c3<? As for Brain Ghost Dirk, he’s a bizarre mix of Jake’s Hope and Dirk’s Heart. See, Jake, as a Page, and specially a Page of Hope, made a projection of his subconscious in a way that seemed reliable and good for him, much like Tavros has Rufio, Jake has Brain Ghost Dirk. Except of course Dirk’s existence is weird as fuck because he’s a Heart Player and has like a Zillion splinters, so even this one sort of counted as part Dirk, even though it’s Jake’s Subconscious Mind, it acts as a sort of Projection of what Jake sees in Dirk.