My homestuck gender/sexuality hcs

John- demisexual heteroflexible cis boy (he/him)
Dave- pansexual transboy (he/him)
Rose- homosexual demigirl (she/her)
Jade- bisexual transgirl (she/her)
Jane- homoflexible cis girl (she/her)
Dirk- homosexual cis boy (he/him)
Roxy- bisexual cis girl (she/her)
Jake- pansexual demiboy (he/him/they/them)
All trolls except Kanaya and Porrim are pansexual (the maryams are both homosexual)
Karkat- male (he/him)
Kankri- agender (he/him/they/them)
Aradia- female (she/her)
Damara- female (she/her)
Tavros- demiboy (he/him/they/them)
Rufioh- agender (any pronouns)
Sollux- bigender (he/him/she/her)
Mituna- pangender (any pronouns)
Nepeta- female (she/her)
Meulin- female (she/her)
Kanaya- female (she/her)
Porrim- female (she/her)
Terezi- genderfluid (she/her/he/him switching)
Latula- female (she/her)
Vriska- demigirl (she/her/they/them switching)
Aranea- female (she/her)
Equius- male (he/him)
Horuss- male (he/him)
Gamzee- genderfluid (they/them usually but sometimes prefers different pronouns)
Kurloz- doesn’t like to label himself (any pronouns)
Eridan- agender (he/him/they/them)
Cronus- demiboy (he/him/they/them)
Feferi- demigirl (she/her)
Meenah- female (she/her)

Has anyone else noticed how

this Page

and this Page both have a “brain ghost” that trys to encourage and help the Page?

What if that’s how the Page’s potential manifests itself? We’ve seen it in two out of three pages, and the third Page, Horuss, is a Void player, which can be considered as a “nothingness” player, so he might not have a brain ghost.

I dunno, just something interesting I’ve observed about the Pages.

tcrdedd  asked:

gafsjfdj now describe each character using only 1 word (i only know dave's word is ppprobably applejuice)

john- main

jade- furry

rose- emo

dave- ???

jane- ruler

roxy- cute

dirk- gay???

jake- gay.

karkat/kankri- shout/hostile

aradia/damara- sweet/awesome???

tavros/rufio- adorable/AMAZING???

sollux/mituna- powerful/CUTIE

nepeta/meulin- shipper/kitty!

kanaya/porrim- dork/beautiful

terezi/latula- LOVE!!!!!!/LOOOVEEE!!!

vriska/arena- spider/chill

equius/horuss- protec/good

eridan/cronus- omg/no

feferi/meenah- GOOD/stabby

theres a lot of characters fam,, even more than that

i also forgot someone but its late