tavros horn tutorial



this is going to be reallllly long so sorry but its really easy to make!

 i will show the pictures for the parts you will be using in the instructions  be aware that i did not take these pics while making my horns but ill explain to the best of my ability)  *[where you can get items from; but i do live in CA so sorry if i mention a shop you don’t have near you!]

Okay for this you will need to following!!:

- BIG ass block of Styrofoam (i mean big) [any craft store, i got mine from Michael’s craft store]

-2 types of pool noodles ( long! it needs to be cut up into four pieces!) [ step on down to your local pool supply shop, if not try hardware store for hollow foam tubing]

-a wooden dowel (long) [Michael’s/craft store/ hardware store]

-template [ the way i originally found the right size for my horns was getting butcher paper and drawing on the horns  based on a pic of a cosplayer; by doing all this math i took the length and height of their horns compared to their head height and length and then taking my head measurements and finding the size of the horns from that.. sorry that might be confusing but if it helps, you use that one math equation where your given three numbers and you have to find x by doing cross multiplication…]

-Styrofoam adhesive spray [craft store/ Michaels]

-tub of mod-podge [craft store/Michaelsupply store]

-model magic [craft store/Michaels]

-tub of Gesso (acrylic) [Aron Brother’s/ art store]

-lightweight spackling (when you buy this stuff if you pick it up and its heavy you got the wrong one. its light for a reason.)[harware store]

-sand paper [hardware store]

-a Styrofoam cutter (these can be expensive so if you don't want to pay a lot then you can stick to the sandpaper or get a bread cutting knife) [craft store/ Michaels]

-headband (black wide headband) [ uhh… anywhere really]

-power-drill and regular old screws [if you don't own one ask someone to lend it to you]

-acrylic paint (red, orange,yellow) [like any craft or art store]

- i think thats it.. really


i have described how to do that in the list of materials 

- if that's too complicated or it didn’t make any sense just test out designs onto a big piece of butcher paper and then hold the cut out pieces next to your head in the mirror!


this is the width of the styrofoam i got.. (it was really long when i first got it but ive used it all up, so this is just what im showing for the demo..)

okay this is a shitty template i quickly drew on to show you guys so dont make it this size or it will be way to small.

-because we will be using pool noddles as the base of the horn draw a line  somewhere after the curve of the horn where it begins to flatten out. this is where you will cutting out the horn shape

-draw the line farther than what i have in this example pic you will need room to sand and an un-curved place attach the noodle to.!!

here is a pic of my semi finished horn.. the black mark is where the styrofoam and pool noodle meet i would recommend using this measurement for the styrofaom part (its light weight so don't worry about it toppling when you connect them)

-Once you have drawn down a line where the styrofoam will be cut off at, start cutting and shaping the curve of your horn! ( make sure you only cut out the part you have labeled as styrofoam and leave the “noodle"portion left on the block.)


as said in the item description you will need TWO types of pool noodles

-one has to be large  and have a large opening while another has to be small enough to snugly fit inside the larger one 

-the small on will also need to have a small opening that will fit a dowel inside on it (ill talk about this later)



- measure the two noodles against the rest of the template so you know where to cut them so they can fit with the styrofoam part (always cut just abit more than you need just in case but please make sure that the smaller noodle is a bit longer than the larger because it will need to be put inside the styrofoam later (ill explain later) )


you are basically going to need to use this:


this is Styrofoam adhesive i got form a craft  store.

-okay so your going to need to cut a shallow hole in the end of the styrofoam so that you can stick the left over part of the small noodle inside, make sure that only the small noodle fits in the hole so that the larger noodle will slip onto the outside.. here’s a shitty drawing:

- okay so cut out the dark green part so that you can stick the noodle part inside of it slighlty

-spray the adhesive to the end of the pool noodle (MAKE SURE ITS JUST THE SMALL NOODLE FOR THIS STEP) together with the inside of the styrofom

-spray that bitch alot!

now spray the larger noodle to the left over styrofoam to create the outer layer

-hold together until it will be fine to set down to dry further

- repeat with other horn set thing.

here is what it should look like with just the small noodle attached to the styrofoam

oh how i despise old photos

okay so here is what the two noodles look like together.. i had to outline it in sharpie because it wouldn't show up on camera


you will need to bring out the big guns for this step, and by big guns i mean a shit load of white model magic. ( oh and instead of buying a bunch of colors that came together and only picking out the white ask a store worker if they sell a giant tub of all white only,.. they should have it..)

- okay there’s no technique way to covering the horns except to cover alot and all of it 

- its okay to cover it in alot of layers and it end up being really lumpy because where going to sand it down after anyway.. so more is better

here’s what one of the nepeta horns im making looks like after i cover it in model magic

see its looks like shit and its really lumpy now but once you sand it down it gets better

 heres a before and after sanding down the model magic.

-model magic takes at least two days to dry (just to be sure) 

- you will notice that even after you sand the model magic down to whatever size you need (just make sure its even) that there will be fractures, cracks, or even little peices missing in the model magic. Dont fret its fine

- to fix that you are going to need this

this is the light weight spackling

-all you need to do is take a little of this stuff (unless you want to get fancy and use a butter knife, i just use my fingers for this bit) and run it over the damaged areas

-note: this stuff is pretty annoying to apply so be careful and go slow, also a little of this stuff goes a long way; so you only need to buy one tub and even that will last you forever. great if you need to make a lot of horns!

- alright let dry for awhile (a few hours to overnight depending how much you use..) and then use a fine sandpaper to lightly go over any rough areas after its been spackled 

-now that your horns are basically the right shape and everything is even its time to mod-podge!!

here is what im using

- apply evenly; this is used as a sealant against water (for the mostpart) and to harden you horns so they stay safe and dont get messed up. (you only have to apply one coat but the more the merrier.. i apply at least two just to be safe)

-note: sometimes cheap brushes will leave little bristtles all over your horns when you apply the mod-podge, so i used little sponge brushes that i got in a pack at the craft store

make sure to wash them out or they will be ruined!!! ruined…. 

-after the mod-podge has dried its time to coat them with Gesso; which is basically put on props so that you can paint on them with acrylic paint  and it will stick to it better.(it mainly used on wood props but whatever it works for this to)

use the spongy brush for this too

-this dries white so its also a good base before you paint

-you may notice that little lines apear on the horn after the paint dries.. thats fine its just happens when the paint dries. just paint over it again

-the gesso should be applied at least 2 times..i usually go with three.

-Its fine if you need to repeat the steps after your done. i know that if my horns get moved round alot (especially when i had to store it while my house was under construction) that i just respackle over some of the showing cracks and reapply the mod-podge and gesso again.

here is what mine look like now that ive finished this step..

now just paint (ill prob do a paint tutorial for these horns at a later time)

-go over paint job with a coat of mod-podge to protect and make shiny

- now get a wooden dowel

-now slide the wooden dowel in (carefully or it will crack the model magic) and cut down to size so that only a little itty bit of wood sticks out

ugh i lost my cut pieces but you get the idea…

okay so i havent done the next step to my horns yet but ill tell you how it should go down


- so locate three points on your cut wooden dowel thatyou can safetly screw in a well… screw

make sure its not chipped like mine!! or do…. no no , dont

here comes another bad paint drawing .. 

-your going to locate a point on you headband where your horns will look the best..

okay sorry for the drawings ill upload this with real pics when i get to it..

- now your basically going to use your power drill and screw into those three marks from the inside of the headband 

-now just slip on your already colored horns, make sure they are snug, and watch out for door ways!! 


its really fun to use you uncut dowel, with both horns on, and charge around like a mad bull making grunting noises and scaring your relatives!! ahah my aunt almost passed out when i came up from behind

(im going to try to thread the wooden dowels so that i can just twist the dowel off the headband.. im going to do this because i plan on keeping my headband under my wig so once i put my wig on top of my headband the screws will just poke out of the lacing and i can then just twist on the dowels and then slip on the horns!.. i ll make another post on how to do that once i get to it..)

- you are now done with complete tavros horns!!! if i seem to have missed anything or you have questions just ask 

Tavros Horns Tutorial!

first of all, you gonna need:

  • polystyrene
  • spackling (the thing you use to get texturized paintings)
  • yellow and red paint
  • sand paper
  • a large (black) tiara
  • two BIG ASS screws
  • hot glue
  • tape

get your ‘polystyrene’ (idk the common name of this), draw the shape of your horns and cut it out

after cut out and sand papered:

then you will cover it entirely with the 'clay’ (spackling), and paint it yellow!

wait for it to dry, now get a piece of the tape to keep apart the yellow part from the orange one (get the orange paint by mixing the yellow with a bit of red, its easier to get a nice tone then buying a whole thing of orange)

and remember to keep the 'glue side’ UP! so it dont ruin your beautiful yellow painting

paint it orange an wait for it to dry (again), it will look like this without the tape:

do the saaaame thing with the red part, and as you can see i did the yellow ring by hand (but its just because i really like it this way)

in the end will look like this:

time to attach them!! get the tiara, make a whole where the screw will be (thats going in the middle of the horn) and between them fill it with hot glue, the horns are VERY light it doesn’t need too much effort to get them stable  

it may hurt a little after a long time but the wig protects your head (at least mine does)

thats it guys!! horns done! FLY PUPA, FLY!!!

you can ask my friends i hit pretty much everyone (and every door, every wall…) with my horns and it still hangin well! it takes time to get used with the space notion but you guys will do it well.

anonymous asked:

How do you make your troll horns?

That depends!

horns like this are throwaway, I make them in less than a day for closet cosplays. They’re twisted up plastic grocery bags held in the proper shape with masking tape, then wrapped in yarn and painted!

these are what i actually wear to cons - they’re pieces of model magic that I twist up, bend into the proper shape, then paint and seal with clear spraypaint once they’re hardened!


Hello everyone! Finally here we are with our special:


You’ll need:

  • Pool noodle;
  • Stylet;
  • Wire;
  • Hot glue;
  • Paper;
  • Adhesive tape; 
  • Hair band;
  • Yarn, and
  • Yellow, orange and red inks. 

First of all you’ll have to decide how long you want your horns to be. Then, cut the pool noodle in a diagonal way, (Images 1 and 2)

Take the wire and divide it in 6 pieces (we recommend you to do not use less than 6). Then, stick them in the pool noodle you’ve already cut and mold them like the point of a horn. (Images 3 and 4)

Use some hot glue to make sure they won’t fall! (Images 5 and 6)

Put all the wires together to make the tip and use again some hot glue to make sure they won’t separate anymore. (Image 7) 

Take the paper and go sober (honk) while you make some balls of paper. (Image 8)

Use the balls of paper you just made to fill the space among the wire. After you’ve done that, it is time to use the adhesive tape and wrap that structure to assure that everything will keep together. (Images 9, 10, 11 and 12)

You are almost finishing you Tavros’s horns! 

Now you’ll have to use some hot glue one more time. It will make sure that the yarn won’t go anywhere. Then, you have to roll your horn up with that until the end. (Don’t forget to use the glue again on the tip). (Images 13, 14, 15 and 16)

It’s the moment to release the artist you have inside your heart and paint your horn! When you finish this, you practically already have your horns done. (Images 17 and 18)

You’ll have to use the hot glue again. But now it is the final part, you just have to glue the horn on the hair band. (Image 19)

AND IT IS DONE! }:DD  (Image 20)

I hope it will help you and that you like it! Any questions, just contact me and I’ll try to clarify all your doubts! 

P.S: We weren’t using our cosplay because it was a rainy week day.

P.S 2: I have no idea why I am green on the last photo, what the hell?