Hey guys!

Have you seen A6A6I5 yet? I will post the art I did for it later, but in the meantime have this!

I was told to make the pictures for the update look rough and unfinished on purpose (still not sure why, if those are supposed to be photos and not drawings though), and I assume other artists were told the same, so please don’t say something like they “didn’t try hard enough”.

But before I started working on that I’ve made these quick warmups to embrace the sketchiness :з


headcanon heights/body types during/post-meteor aka timelinewhattimeline.png

so sorry for the 90° angle, but there was NO way tumblr was gonna let me put this up without eating it and the detail as a singular image. other than having to tilt your head, though, i really like how this turned out and am thankful that 25 hours of work paid off so well~



i just really wanted to draw this because 1. a lot of these really fit their characters 2. because of the 1000 follower milestone (which was a while ago but better late then never. you cant tell me what to do. i do what i want) aND 3. becaUSE ITS ALMOST HALLOWEEN. MERRY HALLOWEEN MY TAINTED SINLORDS LET US NOW FROLLICK IN THE FIELDS OF SKELETAL SPOOPINESS AND HAVE A GAY OLD TIME

based off this post: http://ciphord.tumblr.com/post/130480222513/signs-in-a-haunted-house

Oh man! I know it’s been some time but I just have to say it: I loved the latest upd8! I mean, look!

First of all we have Tavros preventing Gamzeecalypse simply by throwing him off the rage game right into love limbo and all thanks to got-brought-back-to-life-by-Terezi confidence!

Then we have Feferi, who decided that Green Sun is a great opportunity to have beach party and Gamzee happily complied, as always! Murderstuck completely avoided and all thanks to Terezi-and-John-bringing-back-Feferi-to-life-movement!

Of course, it’s not like it stopped srs pale GamKars from happening, I mean, why should it??? Karkat never stood a chance against Gamzee-not-being-bad-thanks-to-Terezi-thinking-it-out-properly!

And because Terezi-thought-Eridan-deserved-a-second-chance-cause-this-would-only-be-just, Eridan gets to shine as a quadrant and history nerd! Also, don’t you think it’s a perfect situation for Rose to learn how to auspisticize?

And man, it was obvious that Terezi was going to bring Nepeta back to life so she can finally bond with her non-F4C3T1OUSLY and wow, can you see this helping Nepeta bring shipping out of the shadows and getting over her Vantas crush at the same time???

Then, there’s Sollux. Welp, shit happens when you make blind dude stay around. Guess it’s no big deal since he didn’t mean to and without drama Rose might see it as a wake up call from fate.

Almost forgot about this one! Look how happy Gamzee seems to be, like for the first or second time in his life probably! And he is bonding with Kurloz! Yay, finally bonding with dancestors!

Oh man, and then there’s Equius utilizing his fi%ing skills and helping alphas with prototyping properly! Aren’t you glad Terezi and John brought Equius back to life since it’s not his fault society messed up his head and his death was a result of that?

Some more Equius knowing what is he doing (oh, and there’s Vriska’s head too, I wonder what’s up with that).

And then there’s like Fedorasprite (FedoraPipesprite anyone???) helping guide Jane to her Dad and Kanaya seeing herself having a makeover done in another timeline and wow, aren’t you glad Terezi brought back to life everyone whose death seemed to be UNJUST.

Cause imagine what if she brought back to life only one character and that character would act like if whatever it did actually fixed everything thanks to its overgrown ego and what if it would steal other’s characters plots and character development and possible outcomes and-

OH W8.