Hey guys!

Have you seen A6A6I5 yet? I will post the art I did for it later, but in the meantime have this!

I was told to make the pictures for the update look rough and unfinished on purpose (still not sure why, if those are supposed to be photos and not drawings though), and I assume other artists were told the same, so please don’t say something like they “didn’t try hard enough”.

But before I started working on that I’ve made these quick warmups to embrace the sketchiness :з


headcanon heights/body types during/post-meteor aka timelinewhattimeline.png

so sorry for the 90° angle, but there was NO way tumblr was gonna let me put this up without eating it and the detail as a singular image. other than having to tilt your head, though, i really like how this turned out and am thankful that 25 hours of work paid off so well~



i just really wanted to draw this because 1. a lot of these really fit their characters 2. because of the 1000 follower milestone (which was a while ago but better late then never. you cant tell me what to do. i do what i want) aND 3. becaUSE ITS ALMOST HALLOWEEN. MERRY HALLOWEEN MY TAINTED SINLORDS LET US NOW FROLLICK IN THE FIELDS OF SKELETAL SPOOPINESS AND HAVE A GAY OLD TIME

based off this post: http://ciphord.tumblr.com/post/130480222513/signs-in-a-haunted-house