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A thought about them that they’d never share: “Sometimes I still think he finds me boring. But if I say it again, he might get sick of me, so I won’t.”
First impression of them: He gives a soft little laugh. “Oh thank Mythal, someone who can actually help.”
Favorite thing about them: “His smile. Always his smile. It feels shallow to say it, but his real genuine smile…I love so much about him though. Everything. His words, his poetry, the way he sees the world, his touch, his laugh, the sparkle in those beautiful eyes, the freckles I can connect like constellations…ah…Mythal, I said too much.” He turns his gaze away with an embarrassed blush.
Least favorite thing about them: “He can be so arrogant at times, so sure that his way is the only way.”
Hopes for their future relationship: “Aneth ara, ar lath ma uth. Mir vhenas na ma’in. Mir vhenan na ma’in. Sahlin, mahvir, melanadas.


As I Ventured


Tavis had been stuck in the Emerald Graves for a long period of time. A month to be precise. It would perhaps be longer if the Inquisitor continued lingering unnecessarily. They had other things to accomplish after all. He was used to being away by now but still… sometimes it grew tiring. He found himself thinking of Sahlin often, in the few quiet moments that he had. And that day, it admittedly sent a nostalgic ache in his chest.

He sighed and attached the letter addressed to Sahlin, to one of the Ravens scout Harding managed. Tavis tied it to the Raven’s leg and sent the bird to find him.


I found myself thinking of you often today. Though there should be little surprise in that.

A shrine to Sylaise. Resting outside a ruin. It appeared so small as a spectator. As someone viewing from the outside. Seemingly quaint.

But inside the ruin, it was massive and sprawling. So intricately designed. The deeper you went, the more inspiring it became. The more wondrous.

Many hidden meanings laced within ancient paintings. Beautiful and deep. Mysterious and fascinating.

Crumbling statues of forgotten gods. Observant and quiet.

Secret trinkets scattered about. That grew in number and value, the further you ventured.

Solas and I explored it together in silence. Every little piece left behind made me smile. As if your name was etched into each discarded memory.

Sahlin, I saw, on each ancient remnant.

Some small. Some too large to carry. But every one of them had some beauty attached. Every piece, they held a deep significance. And once you touched them, you were left in entranced.

I found a small amulet abandoned and forgotten.

A shame really. But someone should have it. And I could think of no other, that deserves it more than you, Sahlin.

                                                Atisha Lethallin,



A small runic symbol, upon the Silverite necklace.

Peace. It said. Atisha.

Taylor Dating

Am I the only person that doesn’t care who Taylor dates? I feel like everyone is caught up in her dating life, that it’s not about her happiness to me more. Why can’t we all be happy for Taylor? She’s the one that said she wouldn’t date unless they are extraordinary. Instead of looking at Taylor’s past or Taylor’s boyfriend as of now. Why can’t we focus on the tour and her happiness? There’s so many other things and Taylor’s life besides her previous and current relationships. But I feel like where only focused in who she’s dating compared to all the other good things that she is been doing like faced timing a fan with cancer, or helping a couple announce their wedding date, or giving money to the person that had to go fund me account because I needed help.




Sahlin’s hair was slowly drying over his shoulder as he peered into the fire. He watched the flames licking at the logs and felt the warm heat of them against his bare skin. He sat on the ground in only his Dalish leather trousers in the Dirthavaren fields beside the river where he had just had a wash. His Inquisition gear was safely packed away, but for this mission, for this task, he needed to be a First again.

It made him concerned. It made him frightened. It made him determined to do it right. 

His eyes fell on his Keeper’s coat, folded with his soft grey wool tunic and his bracers and greaves and Dalish leatherworked pouches like he were peering into a lifetime ago. The scent of cooking hare was sharp in the air, and succulent, and the soft sizzle of fat dripping into the fire was enough to make him hungry for things he could hardly remember before. 

The views gave him a comfort though, however wracked by war they were, a mirror image to the vistas that stretched quiet and beautiful and achingly tarnished within his own soul.

He settled back, drawing his knee up to his chest and looking up as Tavis sank down at his back, straddling him with his legs as he did so. That too was new, but not unexpected. They had their own camp, had been sent ahead to entreat the Dalish - at their own request - and for once it felt like maybe this was normal in all aspects of their lives. Sahlin bowed his head a little, reaching to comb fingers through his wet hair, and smiled slightly at Tavis’s fingertips sliding up his back towards his shoulder. 

And then, instead, he felt touches somewhere else. 

He froze, drawing a long, slow breath as Tavis’s fingers traced the outline of the jagged crescent across his side. For a moment it was all he could do measure his breathing, to hold very still, as long fingers traced it around from back to front, along the bottom of his ribs under his arm and around towards his chest. When at last the fingertips brushed the end, he wet his lips, waiting for words, for something, for anything, turning his head ever so slightly back towards Tavis. 

Ask, he thought. Ask for the story. A decision, he realized as it settled. You…to you I will tell the whole truth.

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Sahlin bites at his lip a moment, then bends to scoop up a handful of snow and pack it carefully into a ball. And then he hurls it as hard as he can, right at the back of Tavis's shoulder with an amused laugh and sparkling eyes.

Tavis stilled what he was doing a moment and spun around slowly. Still kneeling down he took snow in his hand sneakily. Keeping the snowball in his palm, His hands were behind his back as he slowly walked up to him with a raised brow and little smirk.

He stood before the man with a growing sly grin and kissed him deeply before plopping the large snowball on top of Sahlin’s head. Wetness running down the man’s hair and face.
“I think you can do better than that Lethallin,” he murmured with amusement in his eyes.

Care and Comfort

Continued from: here


Tavis gave him a reassuring nod and smile. Knowing that Sahlin may not wish to be seen he searched for the man’s cloak… he found it. Wrapped it about the elf and pulled the hood up before placing a kiss on his cheek. He lead them through the halls and corridors that he knew to be less crowded. They shifted through with little notice.

When they entered his own little residence he finally spoke “I am here for you Lethallin,” Tavis embraced him. Wrapping arms about his waist and pulling back to rest his forehead upon the others. He ran a finger down the elf’s jaw “whatever you need.”

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He didn't make a point to visit the tavern often. It was loud and full of people. But every so often he would go and listen to Maryden sing, and sit with the others. Tonight was such a night. But the night was winding down now. Maryden was singing something soft and sweet and a little sad, and half the occupants were dozing or gone already. So Sahlin reached for Tavis's hand, lacing their fingers together before giving a soft, blushing smile and saying very quietly, "/Ma lath, dance with me?/"

Tavis tilted his head slightly, lacing fingers back through Sahlin’s.
“I would love to ma lath,” his smile grew at the blush.

With that he rose, bringing Sahlin along with him towards the floor. One hand gliding towards the small of Sahlin’s back, guiding the others hand to rest along his shoulder. As he laced their fingers together. The hand on his back drawing him close and moving to the slow rhythm.

“Ar lath ma,” he whispered near his ear, as their cheeks pressed together.


Sahlin drew Tavis down the path, towards the grassy hills cast in deep shadows from old ruins long since abandoned and fallen into disrepair. Soft birdsong hung in the trees overhead, quiet rustling as the breeze sent the leaves to quivering above them, and the sunlight filtered through the warm afternoon. 

He didn’t speak. He didn’t need to. And he didn’t let go of Tavis’s hand. 

He led him down through shadows to where the grass was thick and full, in the shade of a tree that had split the wall, and within earshot of a cheerful little brook that had yet to become a raging deep river and was still merry and bright in the afternoon sun. 

Nobody would miss them. 

He carefully turned to Tavis then, going up on tiptoes a moment to gift him with the softest of kisses. And then he quietly drew him down with him into their patch of grass.


He pressed Tavis down into the cool earth, tall grasses tickling at them both, and then quietly climbed over him, straddling his hips in the sunlight and bending to kiss him again before quietly untangling his braid and letting his hair fall about their faces. 

And for once he did not count the costs. This peace was for them, and nothing else mattered. And he wanted to say it, to feel it, to let it shine through peaceful and bright, like the sunlight filtering through the trees, like the soft chiming of quivering leaves, like birdsong and tickling grass, like the still-standing ruins worn through by time to softer edges and quieter secrets.

Ar lath ma, aneth ara” he whispered against Tavis’s lips. “Ar nuvinen ma.”

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“And this... is it” he let go of Sahlin's hand after directing him further into Dwarven stone fortress. Deep within the storm coast. It was damp and dismal. But he knew it was a ruin... and descended rather deep. He killed some spiders along the way but they could make good use of that later. Possibly... he chuckled. Regardless; the presents were what lay deeper within it. @tavis-of-bannorn

Sahlin paused at the carved stone doorway, mouth open in awe as he stared at how…very…

It’s so much bigger than I thought it would be!” he said in a soft voice. He glanced to Tavis, eyes wide with wonder. “Why is it so large? Aren’t the dwarves smaller?” He had expected…he did not know what he expected. It felt like the whole weight of the mountain were there to come down on them at any moment, a gaping maw looking to swallow him deep in the earth. 

And then he gave a soft little laugh.

Mythal ma halani, you bring me to all the nicest places,” he teased, but he was genuinely happy to be there. He had seen the sea, glittering beyond the stormy skies, as far as he could see. He had traipsed through rain and over rocky scree hills to reach it. And now they were there, and it kept getting better.

Are we going to go in?” he asked, eyes sparkling.

Tending To Business Part 5 - HAVEN


Sahlin stood, arms crossed, at the door to the infirmary, out of the ring of firelight where someone was playing music and people were dancing. Behind him, injured soldiers, scouts, and mages filled his infirmary - exhausted or weak or quiet. Above in the grey sky, amidst the flurry of snow, it seemed a storm was yet brewing, even though the green yawning hole in the sky had finally at last come to a close. 

At first it had seemed that the plan upon returning was to drag all the mages out to the Breach. Many of them had finally ended up going. It was Grand Enchanter Fiona and a collection of First Enchanters from various Circles - apparently they had leaders as such as well? - who had determined that it would not take all of them to have the necessary impact, and Commander Cullen was quick to agree that taking every mage up to the Breach was an unnecessary risk in case something should go wrong. This was how Sahlin had been left behind, a healer more an asset and his inability to wield much offensive or defensive magic making him more a liability if he had gone. Instead they chose the best they had from their pick of the Circle Mages, bound now to the Inquisition, and gone off to do the work themselves.

Sahlin’s interactions with the mages had been minimal since leaving Redcliffe. He had kept mostly to himself because it made him very wary to be seen in the company of other mages when they were so closely watched. But that did not mean they had not quite crossed paths. The mages had seen him healing, and several had told him he was a Spirit Healer, in high demand in the Circles, and particularly in military encampments such as the Inquisition’s. If that was not enough to make him very cautious, one of his patients had caught his wrist, clamping down tight, and warned him not to let it slip to any of the Templars there at the Inquisition that he healed with the aid of spirits. To do so would be to welcome even more scrutiny, and possibly to be deemed enough a threat to remove from trouble. There were Tranquil in the Inquisition now, a few that had gone with the mages or had joined during the months since it all began. To see them walking around emotionless…it made his blood run cold.

“You have the look of someone who is looking to run,” the patient had said, holding tight to his wrist, eyes cold. “Don’t make it harder than it already is by giving them reason to chase you.”

And Sahlin was ready to run, to leave, wondering if it was better to slip out in the night unnoticed now that the Breach was indeed closed or whether to wait until morning and pretend to filter out with the others who had come to the Inquisition in a more disguised approach. Either way, it did not yet matter. He would not go without Tavis, the only link he had there in the Inquisition, and Tavis had not yet appeared. And so he stood, satchel on his shoulder like always, cloak wrapped about his shoulders against the chill, waiting for the other man to find him while he watched the celebrations ongoing not far from the small infirmary. There was nothing odd in his clothing for those who had seen him before. He always looked more or less as he did in that moment. But that night it did not stop his concern, because he still felt like maybe they were watching regardless. It made the world seem tense, that gathering clouds threatening to bury them all under the weight of the coming storm.

Don’t be long, lethallin, he thought, eyes again scanning the crowd. I do not like this. Not one bit.

And that was when the warning bells began to sound.

He’s not perfect. You aren’t either, and the two of you will never be perfect. But if he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice, and if he admits to being human and making mistakes, hold onto him and give him the most you can. He isn’t going to quote poetry, he’s not thinking about you every moment, but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break. Don’t hurt him, don’t change him, and don’t expect for more than he can give. Don’t analyze. Smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad, and miss him when he’s not there. Love hard when there is love to be had. Because perfect guys don’t exist, but there’s always one guy that is perfect for you.

Bob Marley


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Tavis is a babe. 8| signed K-mod (Kaaras is nodding in approval)

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“A nod of approval, Kaaras? I shall tell him you said so. You know it might make him want to share, though?” he teases softly, then looks away with a fond smile and a deep blush. “I’m glad you approve.”


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//<3 Welcome to hell my friend. Welcome to hell. 

Tavlin forever, just sayin’. Seriously though, Sahlin without Tavis just…isn’t. And Tavis without Sahlin…we saw a taste of that today. Ugh. They have their moments when they get into conflict, but these are few and far between, and even though it hurts when they do I love seeing them work through those things, and trust one another with the parts of themselves they keep closed off to everyone else. 

God I love how much Tavis’s presence make Sahlin burst into smiles and joy. He laughs. He fucking LAUGHS. It hurts my heart. Of course there’s too many feels (see earlier post about getting carried to bed) but plz nvr stp. Tel’mana.

Tavis is the light of Sahlin’s world too, his sun, the one he reflects. He wouldn’t have it any other way. He needs him like he needs sunlight. Mythal ma halani, he’s too fucking cute. And…omg let it last forever. They’re neither of them thinking of the future, and yet and yet and yet…please don’t let this ship die. Sail off into the sunset instead <3 They’re too perfect and wonderful for one another not to. And if anything were to happen, all their fans would be broken hearted forever. <3