Hey guys, I know how much you all love my translations! I’d like to keep it at least somewhat sane here so I have a made lj for full doujin translations at tavinyan! It’s friend-locked, so please be patient as I go through and add people to the list alright? ♥♥♥

I will, however, make sure to add a news post here whenever there’s something new over there! ヨロシクね~♫

B2nd AR Movie

Pendant rises from the 3DS, Camera closes in and transfers to the game world

Agnes: Where in the… world is this?
Anyone? Is anyone here?
Oh! My pendant!
It seems to be alright.

To you I have not met,
To you I do not know where,
Is my prayer reaching you?

Distorted: Agnes!! Where are you hiding?

Agnes: …Not good!
There’s no time. This is the only thing I’ll say.

Distorted: Agnes-!

Agnes: Do not despair!
You may have felt like you have failed.
But you know, in this world, there is nothing that is meaningless.
Think very hard. There is always a way.
By your own hands,

Distorted: That’s where you were, Agnes!

Agnes: Please, save everyone and this world. As a Warrior of Light, again.
Agnes covers the pendant with her hands blocking the view
Distorted: Agnes!!

Regarding the Pocketbook of R novels...

I do really wanna translate these books, now that I have them in my hands and started to read them.

1) They are fat! 271~ and 277~ pages respectively. No surprise coming from Ringabel. thanks for all these words jerk jkjkiluvyou
2) I’m gonna be slightly busy on more financially important things to me. That’s life, I suppose.
3) WOW, ARE THEY SPOILER CITY. WOW. THANKS RINGABEL. (But because of the setting+plot, it can’t be helped. *shruggggg*) It’s pretty much required to beat the game. hurhur

I, personally,would like to put in a lot of effort into these novels, going over and making sure it’s next-to-perfect, using the English terms/names etc. So, I would just ask for patience, and it will get done eventually. I’m definitely not the fastest at translating, but I make sure I’m accurate even if it drives me insane some times. It’s good learning practice for ALL THESE KANJI. I think I learned a ton in the course of playing through the game 2 ½ times.

I suppose this regards the Drama CD as well, that may take more time due to having to transcribe spoken word, but I love this series and I really would like to share the love I have with all of you this way.