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You guys may remember the work I mentioned I was doing for a big company around Christmas/New Year. (No prizes for guessing what it was for!)

Unfortunately my designs were not approved for use but I wanted to share with you all the work I had done (with permission of course!)

The Link pillow was the most time-consuming. Consisting of around 12-13 hours applique work, it was starting to turn me slightly insane! It was a great pillow to practise new techniques though, such as my free-motion quilting and layering. Shading with thread isn’t an easy task!

This was a very fun project and I’ve been told my work catches the eyes of people in its current location. It’s nice to be able to bring a smile and awe to someone’s face :)

Happy Majora’s Mask Day!

Narcotics are a necessity in this game :D

WIP. Prismacolor on printer paper. Might add some colour digitally, especially the blue light emitting from the poppy :)

Garrett’s outfit is a pain in the ass! Started off referring to the art book, then I was all “oh screw it” so now I’m just winging it :I

I like how “in thought” he looks


I forgot to show you all the photographs I took at the Game of Thrones Gallery in Bethnal Green, London!  #GOTgallery

I was chosen by Isaac Hempstead-Wright (aka Bran) as one of the winners and I had my Lord Baelish portrait displayed there!

My boyfriend and I took a day trip down there, sipping celebratory whiskey on the way there and back :D  It was a wonderful albeit surreal experience and it’s made me proud to be an artist :)

I received the artwork back this week along with Season 6 on DVD and the portrait is currently for sale. Please message me if you are interested in buying him!

Majora’s Mask Pillow - “Glow-in-the-Dark” Concept

So I’ve ordered some pretty neat glow-in-the-dark threads online lately, my first batch arrived and I’ve tested it out today and it looks great!

Now I’ve ordered other colours such as blue, pink and green and I await them eagerly in the post!

This is my idea for a super-deluxe version of my Majora’s Mask pillow

The embroidery threads have to be used quite thickly in order for them to glow in the dark, so a dense satin-stitch will be used as always on these pillows. I’ve also added a little decorative stitching to the horns. These will all be different patterns (the pink, green and blue) and I will pick one of my 50 decorative stitches on my machine to achieve this effect

There are a couple of colour changes in the “normal” version, such as pink outlines and the inner eyes being almost white (I’ve also ordered a fat quarter of glow-in-the-dark cotton!)

But this is the general idea…if all goes to plan it should look something like this

What do you think? :D

Tonight’s commission - Family Dog portrait

Prismacolor pencil on Strathmore Bristol Board Smooth

A little progress.
It felt at first like I hadn’t used my pencils for years, it was quite difficult to get going, but I started to get back into the swing of it again.

One of the keys to working with Prismacolors is building up layers slowly and carefully. Some people prefer to work from light colours to dark, but I prefer the opposite, working from dark to light.

My wip drawing for the Game of Thrones fan art competition! I don’t expect much to come of it as I’ve probably left it too late, but here’s a preview!

Also apologies for the up-and-up-and-coming canvassing in advance. I don’t usually ask for support on things, but it looks like this could be a judging by popularity contest *le sigh*