tavi tutorial


Training with the help of Tavi’s tutorial

  1. Unamused
  2. Repulsed
  3. Is anyone else hearing this? but okay it’s more like a “please help me get out of this conversation, I’m about to cry” look
  4. Really?
  5. Oh. My. God.
  6. Pfffff… I’m gonna murder you, (you bloody woman).
  7. Headache - I didn’t manage to widen my eyeballs but I look a bit like I’m on another planet (lalalala not listening to what you’re saying but still it’s giving me a headache)

Okay now I’m improvising.

  1. another version of the “really?” look, that I use a lot. It means “That makes absolutely no sense.” . Also “Wtf are you saying?!”. You can use your hands/arms : both palms facing the sky.
  2. Oh god. A mix of the omg and headache. This one works even better when you have glasses.
  3. ARRRH. I make a lot of noises so that people get what I mean. Here you can sigh deeply in an annoyed way or even make a throaty groan.

D.I.Y. - Ahoge/Cowlick for Cosplays by Tavi Kat

View the full tutorial here: