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Ladies that Simply Rock

Finding good role models has become harder, in a time where we are bombarded with all kinds of stuff by the media. Little girls wearing tons of make-up, music videos that resemble orgies, drunk men on TV whining about their sex lives, people that make New Jersey look like we’re all either Guidos or Guidices, shows promoting teen promiscuity, and all kinds of things that quite frankly we could all do without. It really makes me happy to think that there are still girls who know how to be their own selves, and are  fearless, something I admire a lot,
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Emma Watson, better known for having played the fiercely loyal Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series is quite possibly one of the most down-to-earth people. Despite her world-wide fame,she achieved top grades in all her graduation tests, and in 2009 she decided to go to Brown University, and later transferred to Worcester College in Oxford. She has worked closely with the organic and free trade pioneer label People Tree. She’s also one of the most talented actresses out there, but of course, you knew that…

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Taylor Swift has got to be one of the best artist out there. Maybe it’s because her music is so easy to relate to (Fifteen is my themesong this year!!), or maybe it’s the sense of innocence that she kind of reflects that make her so appealing. She makes you feel like you could be BFFs with her, just by listening to her music. I’ve never been to her concerts, but the energy she gives off whether it be on TV, or the radio or magazines, makes you want to believe in fairy-tale endings for every story. And she’s Fearless!!!

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Tavi Gevinson, Two words: Awesome! Rookie! It’s incredible to think that a girl my age can be so totally awesome. She has a very unique sense of style, and a kind of worldliness about her that make her the kind of girl you wish you could just sit and talk to, and learn a lot from. If you haven’t already, you should really check Rookie out!

Ruby Karp is also a really awesome girl. When I first started reading her articles on HelloGiggles, I was like “This girl is so mature! Even more than a lot of the kids my age!”. It’s really nice to see smart writing from younger girls who tell it like it is. I really admire that about her!