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Nina wandered about the room, kicking around a few things. It had slowly become a mess, though she had asked Diego to take care of it. She started to walk out of the room when her foot got caught on one of his shirts, making her fall to the ground. Her elbow hit the floor as she fell to her side. Goddammit... this was the last straw. "Diego!!!!"


Diego was having so much fun with his life, now that he had the mindset of a young adult. He felt like he could do whatever he wanted and got away with it. Well, all accept what happened within his and Nina’s household. The male heard her scream his name, and he froze up. That wasn’t good. 

Getting up from the living room couch, he ventured to the bedroom she hollered from, carefully taversing his clothes. “Yeah?” he asked once he got there, looking down at her.