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NHL superstar edition FMK Crosby, Karlsson, and Taveres

F - Tavares (I thank AO3 fanfic and a couple of mutuals for that one lol)

M - Karlsson (I support his drag persona)

K - Crosby (because he’d rather to go the white house… jussayin… might change if I ever forget that fact… but for now it is what it is)


Canada at the Olympics - Jamie Benn, Patrice Bergeron, Jay Bouwmeester, Jeff Carter, Sidney Crosby, Drew Doughty, Matt Duchene, Ryan Getzlaf, Dan Hamhuis, Duncan Keith, Christ Kunitz, Roberto Luongo, Patrick Marleau, Rick Nash, Corey Perry, Alex Pietrangelo, Carey Price, Patrick Sharp, Mike Smith, Martin St-Louis, P.K. Subban, John Taveres, Jonathan Toews, Marc-Edouard Vlasic, Shae Weber

Men’s Hockey, Gold

Prompt #6: Identification

“Oi, do you see that lass?” a whisper said to the other amidst the livelyness of a taver. “She’s been awfully quiet, looks familiar too, but I can’t tell from where.” a woman hushed as she proceed to stare at the main attraction of the gossip talk.

It was nothing new, nothing to be alarmed of, at least not if it concerned women from drunkards who did better at noticing things than her pursuers. Or was she still being chased rather than being the chaser? Haila couldn’t tell anymore. From mask to mask, name to name. It was all that could be done. Sit and watch, pretend to be someone whe wasn’t someone that stood out regardless of race and gender to a degree.

Haila Wetyios, Raih’a Bahjiri, Hels, of the Iriq, Haila Lee. None of it mattered when it came down to whom she was. A woman with several reasons to return to a life of trouble. A lass eager to learn more of the world and see it for it truly is. A newly born lady, given a second chance to settle once and for all. A young one forced to throw everything away for a life away from all that she knows. And a mother to protect the only light left in her life.

There were many names waiting, names being remembered by different people and different places. Yet here she was, heeding to them by standing still and listening to the voices of the land, watching silently in disguise. She truly was a woman of many masks.