Kolohe Andino – “I’ll take Restaurants!” June 6, Tavarua

SIF: Congratulations on winning your heat. You beat last year’s runner-up, Gabriel Medina. What was your strategy out there?

KA: The waves are bumpy and not barreling that much out. I tried to surf what came to me.  It was tough, but it was a really good result.  I didn’t surf it that good.

SIF: What advice do you have for people who want to surf Restaurants as good as you do?

KA: Well, watch out for the reef it’s definitely really shallow. And you have to go fast, down the line. If you are afraid of reef you may not want to come here. Cause its all reef breaks, but if you put that behind you, you can get some of the best waves of your life.

SIF: What’s your favorite wave, Restaurants or Cloudbreak?

KA: For me Restaurants, because you can sit in the barrel for 30 seconds and you can’t do that at Cloudbreak. Restaurants is one of my favorite breaks in the world, seems to be the best. Also, Raggs Right in Indonesia, that’s a favorite.

SIF: We don’t see many Americans like we do Australians here in Fiji, what can you say to them about the experience here in Fiji.

KA: You better get down here because it’s the best spot in the world.

Alex Gray: It’s 2 am, and I just landed at LAX after 4 days chasing a swell in Mexico. I have a text from the most badass person I know asking to come to #fiji. That was an easy yes to answer! 15 hours later I’m on a flight with hopes of perfect #cloudbreak. The wildcard factor is there’s a devastating cyclone hitting fiji in 3 days which could ruin all hopes of waves. I figure screw it, rather check it from the channel than have #FOMO! I land straight into this session with only 3 incredible other surfers out. It’s moments like this that I could careless I haven’t slept in 2 days due to travel, and am probably bankrupt haha. This is what I live for :) #turkeymelt photo @duncanm #halfnaked @tavaruaislandresort via Instagram on Surftagram.com

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