So this might seem a little out of nowhere, but for my birthday last week I posted a comic about my original series In Two Minds that I’ve been working on on the side. I love my babies oh so very much and I thought that the comic I made up to post was enjoyable as well, but I never thought it’d get anywhere close to 200 notes! I mean, it was essentially their debut!

I truly can’t express how happy it’s made me to know people enjoyed the little peek into the land of my OCs! It really was the best birthday gift I could ask for, so thank you! \(;v;)/

I hope you look forward to seeing more of them in the future - they’ll definitely pop up again >:3c

(and don’t worry if you see this before today’s comic - one still posted today, this is just an extra :>)


A while back I made one of my OCs into an Animal Crossing villager and it was really fun so I decided to make the whole bunch from the story into villagers!