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Signs as cat gifs


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The Signs as Japanese Words

Aries: 風光る(Kaze Hikaru) A warm spring breeze which follows the winter. Spring’s cherry blossom breath flushing over your face. A warm spring kiss after the freeze of winter air.

Taurus: 雅 (Miyabi) Elegance, refinement, sophistication. Graceful manners. Courtliness. Eliminating anything vulgar. 

Gemini: 本音 (Honne) & 建前 (Tatemae) Ones true self (honne), true soul and the facade, the mask they wear in public (tatemae).

Cancer: なつかしい (Natsukashii) The feeling of nostalgia. Desiring and missing something. Happy memories of the past. Transcient state of mind recollecting the best of the past.

Leo: 花笑み (Hanaemi) A flowering smile. a smile as beautiful as blooming flowers, opening up their lush petals. inspiring people to be happy.

Virgo: 真面目 (Majime) A personality possessed by one who is hard-working, earnest, punctual, honest. A reliable person who will get things done without causing a ruckus, good morals.

Libra: 逢りば兄弟 (Ichariba Chode) Meeting someone and instantly considering them a friend, or even like a sibling. Instantly harmonizing with another.

Scorpio: しのびなく(Shinobi Naku) To shed silent tears, to hide your tears from others. Like a ninja or warriors cry.

Sagittarius: 幽玄 (Yugen) An extension of feeling “awoke”, an awarness that there is more to this universe beyond temporal existence which triggers deep, mysterious feelings. A philosophical feeling, close to touching a profound reality which underlines our extistence.

Capricorn: 頑張る (Ganbaru) Working hard, going above and beyond, reaching your full potential beyond belief. Perservering through tough times.

Aquarius: 合縁奇縁 (Aienkien) An unusual couple, brought together by some sort of “quirk of fate”. Strangely united but happy together. 

Pisces: 鏡花水月 (Kyoka Suigetsu) “Flower in the mirror, moon on the surface of the water” Something you can see, but cannot touch, like a mirage. Beautiful dreams that are unattainable. Beauty that can only be felt, not touched.

The Signs As Things I Hate About Life

Aries: When you feel like you’ve achieved nothing in your life.
Taurus: When you become so stressed out that you feel like you want to scream and cry at the same time.
Gemini: When you lose a really close friend and you have no idea how so you just rack your brain trying to figure put where you screwed up; even if it wasn’t your fault.
Cancer: When you blame yourself for everything and feel as if you’re a terrible person.
Leo: When you feel like no one listens to you or cares about you.
Virgo: When your heart gets broken over and over again.
Libra: When someone takes advantage of you, yet you still stay their friend because you don’t want to be alone. 
Scorpio: When you worry about being forgotten by everyone you know/knew.
Sagittarius: When you’re happy for a long period of time, but then you just become sad for no apparent reason.
Capricorn: When you feel like life is no longer a blessing, but now a curse.
Aquarius: When you lock yourself away and begin to normalize it.
Pisces: Feeling alone, even when you’re not alone.

moon signs and what makes them cry

Aries Moon: Disappointment, defeat/failure, not feeling good enough, getting last place, anger, frustration, limitations, injustice, guilt

Taurus Moon: When they’re hungry, when they’re drained, when they’ve bottled up their feelings for too long, animal cruelty, rejection, feeling alone, being proven wrong

Gemini Moon: Talking about their feelings, lack of intellectual stimuli, lack of ways of self-expression

Cancer Moon: Sad movies, other people’s pain, family issues, cruelty of any kind, emotional music, receiving criticism, hurt/sick children

Leo Moon: Losing an argument, not feeling good enough, hurt pride, animal cruelty, not knowing how to comfort others, bullying/humiliation, the thought of aging/dying, when they’re at their breaking point, being a third wheel, being ignored

Virgo Moon: Other people’s pain, self-reflection, animal cruelty, will cry for joy before crying for sadness, when plans change, betrayal, not feeling good enough, making mistakes at work, stress, feeling incompetent 

Libra Moon: Being overwhelmed, anger, being ignored, frustration, sad movies, relationship issues, other people’s pain

Scorpio Moon: Self-defeating attitudes, aggression directed at them, being yelled at, being overwhelmed, rejection, having to repeat themselves, animal cruelty

Sagittarius Moon: Other people’s pain, being overwhelmed, feeling alienated or alone, anything that has to do with them, having to express their emotions in words, anger

Capricorn Moon: Family issues, music, sad movies, animal cruelty, not having access to money, having fewer hours at work, not being taken seriously

Aquarius Moon: Pretty much nothing.

Pisces Moon: Animal cruelty, heartbreak, sad movies, extreme anger/frustration, other people’s pain, being yelled at, death, being cheated on, loss of loved ones

Earth, Fire, Air, Water.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo): You ruin your life by not living your life to the fullest.

Fire Signs (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo): You ruin your life by being your own worst enemy.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): You ruin your life by closing yourself off and hiding your true emotions.

Water Signs (ScorpioCancerPisces): You ruin your life by letting your past and emotions damage your future.

growing pains 💔

while the moon sign may reflect direct influences on the native during childhood, it can also represent a lack of some kind which shapes their needs as they age. this may be an alternative upbringing instead of the obvious interpretation

note, to clarify: the native themselves didn’t necessarily “lack” anything, their childhood environment or the people surrounding them did

MOON IN ARIES lacked recognition, reward, profound excitement, spontaneity, or fulfilling risks in their childhood which creates a deep need to out-perform others in order to solidify their worth and individuality; there may have been a consistent absence of stimulation in their environment so that they now seek thrilling unfamiliar experiences (or foster an uncomfortable fear of such). They didn’t feel safe in their identity so now the instincts support the survival of ego.

MOON IN TAURUS lacked material comfort, personal space, luxury, security, or physical affection in their childhood which creates a deep need to acquire their own worldly possessions, wealth, and general abundance in their adult life. They may have “expensive tastes” now because they often “went without” in their youth. There is also a tender longing for sensuality, romance, and sweetness to make up for physical coldness, distance, or lack of attention from the parent(s).

MOON IN GEMINI lacked definitive proof / adequate rationale, communication, and intellectual fulfillment in their childhood which creates a deep need to glean answers out of the world around them; they have to make sense of life or they become anxious. They may have felt invisible and unheard, so now they speak more (or less) than their fair share because they don’t think others listen or care. They constantly felt misunderstood as a kid, so they’re inclined to over-explain.

MOON IN CANCER lacked tenderness, security, emotional attention, or gentle nurturance in their childhood which creates a deep need to either over-protect their emotions or force vulnerable, intimate relationships; they were deprived of true inner safety so now they obsess over it, over-share, cling to those they love and demand the affection & care they require. They can also become repressive and withdrawn, repeating their parents’ neglect and possibly becoming cold.

MOON IN LEO lacked heartfelt praise, attention, encouragement, or creative outlets in their childhood which creates a deep need to dominate the spotlight & remain the focal point (or they have a strong aversion to this & avoid it). Insecurities/nervousness are significant issues that are hard to cope with, and they need cathartic emotional expression (often through art) & positive feedback or they quickly become overwhelmed with self-doubt and feel trapped inside.

MOON IN VIRGO lacked support, guidance, mature & just reasoning, and stable improvement in their childhood which creates a deep need to become their own parent and independently steer themselves toward continual progress. They don’t feel like others are capable of helping them so they have an aversion to asking for it. The immense pressures they felt in their youth to make things run smoothly & achieve success by themselves persist (painfully) in adulthood.

MOON IN LIBRA lacked compromise, interpersonal harmony, and acceptance in their childhood which creates a deep need to perpetually undermine their own desires & emotions to keep others comfortable, consistently making sacrifices so loved ones don’t have to. Their identity may have been shunned, criticized, or judged in their youth, so now they feel like they have to keep things unique to them private & only share what others relate to, to conform to the social climate.

MOON IN SCORPIO lacked honesty, protection, validation, and healing in their childhood which creates a deep need to defend themselves from any external stimuli (person or situation) which they don’t know inside-out; they are highly suspicious because they felt lied to in their youth. They weren’t taught how to cope with or process emotions in a healthy way, so they develop negative patterns of thought and behavior which can become self-destructive.

MOON IN SAGITTARIUS lacked profundity, adventure, personal liberty, and truth in their childhood which creates a deep need to explore the world on their own, live without limitation, and discover the meaning of things independently. They strongly reject the realities other people try to force them to live in and avoid being tied down to anything that stifles or confines their expansive psyche for a fear of returning to the draining stagnation they experienced as a kid.

MOON IN CAPRICORN lacked structure, constructive criticism, and respect in their childhood which creates a deep need to force the world around them into a strict order to comfort their anxiety. Constant instability in their youth created a repressive cycle, containing the self to combat their frighteningly un-contained life. They weren’t taught how to gently improve themselves so they seek success & perfection through self-brutalization in pursuit of honor, to be worthy.

MOON IN AQUARIUS lacked forward-thinking, stable logic, and compelling originality in their childhood which creates a deep need to break away from tradition and normalcy, to “stir the pot” and establish an identity unprecedented in their family. They’re determined to invent a new way of life for themselves. There may have been over-emphasis on emotionality which made everything extreme and dramatic, so they disown their feelings to keep level-headed.

MOON IN PISCES lacked compassion, release, kindness, and intuition in their childhood which creates a deep need to manipulate tenderness & support out of their environment, since they had no other way to get it; they may leech it from loved ones for this reason. Emotions were externally suppressed or hidden, so now they require regular catharsis to stay healthy. As a child, they were spiritually & interpersonally uninspired, so now they romanticize to be content.

Having trouble remembering what the Signs and planets mean?

Here’s a cheat sheet!

The Zodiac Signs: These key phrases express what the basic nature of each of the signs at their core. Sometimes it’s what most important to them, usually it’s what’s second nature for them to focus on.

  • Aries: I am
  • Taurus: I possess
  • Gemini: I think
  • Cancer: I feel
  • Leo: I will
  • Virgo: I analyze
  • Libra: I balance
  • Scorpio: I desire
  • Sagittarius: I see
  • Capricorn: I use
  • Aquarius: I theorize
  • Pisces: I believe

The Planets: These key phrases express what the basic sphere of personality each planet is designated to.

  • Sun: As a whole, I am- | I behave-
  • Moon: I deal with emotions by- | In order to be happy, I need-
  • Mercury: I communicate through- | I learn by-
  • Venus: I value- | In romance, I-
  • Mars: I am passionate about- | I deal with anger by-
  • Jupiter: I am luckiest when- | I expand through-
  • Saturn: I view my limitations as- | I feel responsible about-
  • Uranus: I rebel- | I progress towards-
  • Neptune: I feel enlightened when- | I lose touch with reality-
  • Pluto: I transform- | I seek power by-

The Houses: These key phrases express the fields of our lives the houses govern.

  • 1st House: Self
  • 2nd House: Possessions
  • 3rd House: Communication
  • 4th House: Home
  • 5th House: Pleasure
  • 6th House: Health
  • 7th House: Partnership
  • 8th House: Sex
  • 9th House: Philosophy
  • 10th House: Social Status
  • 11th House: Friendships
  • 12th House: Subconscious
sylvia plath quotes for the signs:

aries: “i have the choice of being constantly active and happy or introspectively passive and sad. or i can go mad by ricocheting in between.” 

taurus: “the floor seemed wonderfully solid. it was comforting to know i had fallen and could fall no farther.”  

gemini: “i want to live and feel all the shades, tones, and variations of mental and physical experience possible in my life. and i am horribly limited.”

cancer: “perhaps some day i’ll crawl back home, beaten and defeated. but not as long as i can make stories out of my heartbreak; beauty out of sorrow.”

leo: “i want to taste and glory in each day; to never be afraid to experience pain, to never shut myself up in a numb core of non-feeling, or to stop questioning and criticizing life and take the easy way out.”

virgo: “what horrfies me most is the idea of being useless: well-educated, brilliantly promising, and fading out into an indifferent middle age.” 

libra: “i felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery - air, mountains, trees, people. i thought, ‘this is what it is to be happy.’” 

scorpio: “if the moon smiled, she would resemble you. you leave the same impression of something beautiful, but annihilating.”  

sagittarius: “i wanted change and excitement and to shoot off into all directions myself, like the colored arrows of a fourth of july rocket.”

capricorn: “i took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart: i am, i am, i am.”

aquarius: “i shut my eyes and all the world drops dead. i lift my lids and all is born again.” 

pisces: “here i am, a bundle of past recollections and future dreams, knotted up in a reasonably attractive bundle of flesh. i remember what this flesh has gone through; i dream of what it may go through.” 

Moon Signs’ Positive and Negative Qualities

Positive Aries Moon: Standing up for others, independent, quickly overcoming negative emotions, honest and straightforward, great leaders, optimistic, courageous and not afraid of anything or anybody

Negative Aries Moon: Impatient, exploding when angry, argumentative, throwing tantrums, easily bored, causing confrontations, immature at times, initiating projects but never finishing them

Positive Taurus Moon: Dependable and trustworthy, affectionate, down to earth souls, always reaching towards their goals, never rushing into emotional situations without a thought-out plan

Negative Taurus Moon: Overindulging in food, too concerned with their material possessions, stubborn, lazy and sometimes unmotivated to get up,

Positive Gemini Moon: Keeping things fun, saying the right things at the right moment, intellectual and curious, sharing their knowledge with others, extremely constructive, boundless active imagination, good sense of humor

Negative Gemini Moon: Talking too much, overanalyzing their emotions, having an urge to create arguments, constantly changing what they want, not listening to what others have to say

Positive Cancer Moon: Psychically gifted, offering tender love and support, close bonds to their mothers, selfless and nurturing, knowing when someone is unreliable, sweet souls

Negative Cancer Moon: Clingy, holding grudges, using emotional blackmail to get their own way, shy and nervous, sensitive to people’s opinions, moods change often

Positive Leo Moon: Loyal friends, easy to reason with, magnificent entertainers, assertive, natural leaders that are able to inspire others, educated about a variety of topics, outgoing and enthusiastic  

Negative Leo Moon: Unwilling to share control, overly dramatic and egoistical, not handling rejection very well, hard time holding onto money, seeing it as a necessity to have the last word

Positive Virgo Moon: Helping out their friends, good memory, very honest and with strong morals, keeping things neat and orderly, grounded and stable, taking care of their health, analytical and practical

Negative Virgo Moon: Critical of others and pointing out their flaws too often, perfectionists, obsessed with details, feeling like they’re not good enough  

Positive Libra Moon: Good at socializing, peaceful and harmonious souls, graceful, never wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, good manners, excellent planners, getting along well with most people

Negative Libra Moon: Indecisive, seeing flaws in everything around them, obsessed with creating balance, easily influenced, tendency for people-pleasing

Positive Scorpio Moon: Not letting themselves be manipulated, natural psychologists, magnetic personality, passionate and attractive, able to walk away from negative situations

Negative Scorpio Moon: Tendency to become evil, jealous and possessive, deep fear of betrayal, sensitive to criticism, having a hard time opening up to others

Positive Sagittarius Moon: Positive and open-minded, fond of learning, adaptable, happy-go-lucky demeanor, great teachers and mentors, interested in travel to foreign lands, making friends easily

Negative Sagittarius Moon: Pushing people’s buttons for fun, thinking they’re always right, running away from darker emotions, switching plans at the last minute, irresponsible

Positive Capricorn Moon: Responsible and mature from a young age, loyal and generous, taking any kind relationship very seriously, humorous, always working towards a goal, never depending on anyone else

Negative Capricorn Moon: Obsessed with proving themselves, melancholic thoughts, afraid to show emotions, too hard on themselves, having trouble letting people in

Positive Aquarius Moon: Doing well with groups and communities, original turn of mind, friendly towards others, valuing equality, not afraid to be different, well-respected amongst their friends, freedom-loving

Negative Aquarius Moon: Emotions are rarely visible, feeling like no one understands them, overthinking everything, very unpredictable, getting too caught up in their own vision

Positive Pisces Moon: Artistically talented, romantic and highly compassionate, having a sixth sense, knowing what others think and feel, vivid imagination, avoiding conflicts

Negative Pisces Moon: Pushing people away when stressed, forgiving too easily, hard to see a situation for what it really is, tendency to become a martyr, stuck in their own reality