taurus quirks

Quirks of the Signs

Aries: while they can be pretty “snap judgment” types they’re always forgiving and surprisingly un-judgmental when it comes to things they’ve experienced themselves. Nothing else though

Taurus: sensitive to the sound of people chewing, mouth noises.

Gemini: easily spooked/surprised especially by movies


Leo: you have to be ready to go when they’re ready to go, or else they’ll rush you and if you show any sign of not rushing they’ll get frustrated

Virgo: supplements. They all take health/vitamin supplements.

Libra: quality over quantity every time and they don’t fuck with anyone who doesn’t feel the same way, they WILL lose respect for you

Scorpio: very particular about the fabrics they wear

Sagittarius: they’re low-key hoarders and will get angry if you try to give something of theirs away, even if they literally never use it or have no use for it

Capricorn: no half-assed cleaning; yes, some are messy but even when the messy ones decide to clean something they basically become mr. Clean

Aquarius: they’re all secret (or not so secret) drama queens and they live for it, and most of them are the type to say “I hate drama” then immediately start gossiping

Pisces: things have to be in the “right” order (although their order usually looks like chaos and mess, but know there is a method to their madness and sometimes you may understand it; but often you never truly will)

Taurus Courtship

For those of you who are dating a Taurus (or an unlucky enough to go through a breakup with one) here is some insight as to how Taurus go about dating, if they are serious about you at least. Enjoy!


When you catch a Taurus attention it is instant.

It can best be summed up by the Incubus lyrics:

“Participants all in black and white
You enter in full blown Technicolor
Nothing is the same after tonight”

Taurus will notice you and will take heed .However, it may take a bit for a Taurus to get the right mindset to dedicate themselves to you. Aesthetically speaking, you have to look good in order for Taurus to take notice, and even then, a quirk is what brings the Taurus in. This quirk can be anything ranging from enjoying the same tv show to how you treat your family to even a jellyfish infatuation hobby. What sets yourself apart is what Taurus love. 


A Taurus will look and observe, chat a bit, charm you, then decide if it is worth it to give you a piece of their heart. You will be trading a piece of yours too (that is one thing people who break up with Taurus don’t notice in the beginning). With a Venus charged planet, you will find yourself saying “Yes” before you know it. And with Taurus being a Venus charged planet, if they sincerely like you, emotions will overcome rationality leading to doing whatever it takes to hold your hand. The courtship phase may be seen as one of the sweetest, under the Taurus eye, as it is full of innocence. 


A Taurus will observe you, they way you speak, the way you act, they way you treat them. If they know they are in good hands due to repeated behavior and/or actions that prove it, they are yours, seriously, you can get them to do most (probably all) things. If not you will firsthand experience the stubbornness. Keep your Taurus sweet. They will repay you beyond imagination.

STEP 4: What now? 

Congratulations you both figured out that you two are a good match! Months turns to years which turn into conversations about building a future together! And everything seems/feels right, oh so right. Best of luck in your love-filled union (which will be blessed, because Taurus is ruled by Venus, remember?)

If not, months turn to, well, you know. If you are no longer interested be honest with the Taurus. You will get over them and they will get over you (with time, thought, and alcohol). Both of you will suffer some sort of pain, hopefully short lived (Taurus are stubborn though). 

The Signs as Quirks

Aries : Ends declarative sentences with in interrogative inflection?

Taurus : Only ever wears new socks.

Gemini : Dots their i’s with a smiley face or heart.

Cancer : Has a weakness for rescuing stray animals.

Leo : Cannot drink anything with ice in it.

Virgo : Gets physically angry when people mispronounce a word (e.g. Illinois)

Libra : Cannot drink anything with ice in it as they get brain freeze a lot.

Scorpio : Really, really hates the sound of chewing.

Sagittarius : Doesn’t eat anything that is green.

Capricorn : Drags their feet.

Aquarius : Always has change to give to the homeless.

Pisces : Has several secret piercings, tattoos that no one else knows about.

The Zodiac Signs As My Cute(?) Personality Quirks
  • Aries: Blushes a lot.
  • Taurus: Eyes bigger than my stomach.
  • Gemini: Jumps around when excited.
  • Cancer: Sneezes like a kitten.
  • Leo: Does wacky dances at parties
  • Virgo: Freaks out when I have a B in one of my subjects
  • Libra: Say's "Bello" instead of "Hello"
  • Scorpio: Hisses when people touch my stuff.
  • Sagittarius: Hides behind people when I get scared/hurt.
  • Capricorn: Smirks at myself in the mirror
  • Aquarius: Is always interested in the "weird" stuff.
  • Pisces: clueless when people compliment me
  • Aries: Hoick - to move or pull abruptly, to yank; Gibe - to deride or tease by uttering taunting words; Exhort - to urge strongly or to incite by argument
  • Taurus: White elephant - a property requiring much expense but yielding little profit; Haptic - based on the sense of touch; Pentral - the ventral part of a shell
  • Gemini: Fimbriated - having the edge bordered by slender processes; Retronym - consisting of a noun and an adjective which specifies the noun; Legerity - alert quickness
  • Cancer: Pridian - of or relating to a previous day; Auctorial - of or relating to an author; Pennon - a tapering flag on a ship, synonymous with pennant
  • Virgo: Eidetic - marked by extraordinarily accurate recall; Zero-sum - gain for one means loss for another; Invigilate - to keep watch, supervise or monitor
  • Leo: Bimillenary - a period of 2000 years or a 2000th anniversary; Nonpareil - having no match or equal; Maecenas - a rich patron of the arts
  • Libra: Chinoiserie - an art style reflecting Chinese motifs; Kipper - a male salmon or sea trout during or after mating; Blanco - a white substance used for whitening belts
  • Scorpio: Scarify - to make scratches or small cuts in; Shamus - slang for a police officer or private detective; Abscond - to depart secretly and hide oneself
  • Sagittarius: Disparate - made up of fundamentally different and incongruous elements; Transpicuous - clearly understood; Recusant - refusing to submit to authority
  • Capricorn: Bright-line - providing an unambiguous guideline, especially in law; Philadelphia lawyer - a lawyer knowledgeable in minutae; Inculcate - to teach by repetition
  • Aquarius: Frankenfood - genetically engineered food; Spinous - having spines, prickles or thorns; Dissemble - to simulate or to hide behind false appearance
  • Pisces: Coffle - a line of animals fastened together; Etiolate - to make a plant pale through lack of light; Cabochon - a gem that has been polished but not faceted