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The Signs as Puppies

*In respect for national puppy day*


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There is a door to nowhere that you’ve been dying to open. Go ahead and do it.
There is nothing in this world that can stop you from reaching for the stars except for the toxic people in your bedroom. There is nowhere you cannot go but the people in your mind won’t let you.
Kick them out. Take control.

This life will punch you in the face. Hard.
And even when every song in your playlist makes you want to cry, make sure in your heart you know that there is a miracle waiting to happen right outside your door.

Walking on glass is always going to hurt; it’s always going to bleed.
Get off of this road of self-destruction and I promise you, the universe will crumble at your feet.
Go ahead and paint that empty wall in your room, it’s time to start living your life; it’s time to start creating.

You haven’t stopped to smell the roses since the day they told you life will only be a success if you are always moving, progressing.
Take a moment to notice how the trees outside your window are recreating themselves.
Do not let this world take away the simple pleasure of noticing.

I understand that burning that t-shirt of his seems like the most natural thing but do not let your impulses control you.
Send him his t-shirt back with a note that says you’ve moved on.

When was the last time you put your well-being over others?
I know there are a lot of wounds you need to tend to and there are a lot of get-well-soon cards you have to make but there is nothing more important than the emotional stability of the nurse at a hospital.
Take the day off to pamper yourself.

Let yourself go.
Once in a while, it does not hurt to let your heart take over. Listen to it, it has been singing about the beauty of sky for a long time.
Look up.

I think it is time to put the sword down and take a step back from the fight. It has been a long time since you told her how much you love her.
Buy some flowers and some chocolate; kiss her until your lipstick stain has been imprinted on her heart.

Freedom crumbles on your tongue like a sugarcube and the sound of your wings flapping is music to your ears.
But it is a good idea to listen to advice sometimes.
It is okay to let someone lead you out of this maze.

Your work load will consume you and your dedication will eat you from the inside out.
Take a moment to breathe, to let go. Roll your windows down and throw out your notepad.
Watch the paper, the stress, the responsibility fly away on your way to that ballet you’ve been dying to see.
Do not feel guilty. You’ve eared this moment.

It is okay to cry with the bathroom door shut and it is okay to let your room be a mess. The world will be waiting for you with love in its arms when you’re done healing yourself.
Let yourself feel.

It feels okay to let someone walk all over you as long as they hand you a smile and a few compliments once in a while.
You’re your own person, your own dreams, your own prize.
Step out of their shadow and find yourself. There is nothing more rewarding than finding the light in your soul and the answers in your heart.

—  The stars are talking to you tonight. (quitefearless)
signs + what they secretly want to hear

aries: they’re the leader / the best at everything

taurus: they have total control and everything will be okay

gemini: they have all the time in the world to live life / they dont have to rush

cancer: they’re safe / someone loves them for who they are

leo: they’re popular / everyone likes them

virgo: they’re amazing and perfect just the way they are / it’s okay to love themselves

libra: they can have whatever they want if they have patience

scorpio: they don’t need to worry about if they’re good enough / they’ll always triumph

sagittarius: they will change the world, whether it be in a small or a big way / they’re important

capricorn: they have anything they could ever want right in front of them

aquarius: they have so much to live for and fight for

pisces: that their fantasies have become their reality 

The signs as Viktuuri moments
  • Aries: the forehead touch™
  • Gemini: Viktor and yuuri taking a nap
  • Cancer: when yuuri danced to "stay by me" perfectly
  • Leo: "starting today I'm your coach!"
  • Virgo: longingly gazing into each other's eyes after the kiss
  • Libra: "of course they loved watching you, you were amazing!"
  • Scorpio: attempting to comfort yuuri in the parking garage
  • Sagittarius: Viktor applying Chanel lip balm to yuuris lips
  • Capricorn: the back hug™
  • Pisces: when pichit posted that rather embarrassing picture of them at the hotpot
It's a love story for the new age, for the sixth page, we're on a quick sick rampage
  • wining & dining: Taurus, Libra, Capricorn
  • drinking & driving: Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius
  • excessive buying: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • overdose & dying on our drugs & our love & our dreams & our rage: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
The signs as movies

Aries: Hunger Games
Taurus: National Treasure
Gemini: High School Musical
Cancer: Napoleon Dynamite
Leo: Mean Girls
Virgo: Herby Fully Loaded
Libra: Bambi
Scorpio: 50 Shades Of Grey
Sagittarius: Perks of being a Wallflower
Capricorn: Sherlock Holmes
Aquarius: War of the Worlds
Pisces: Pineapple Express

Signs as Lana Del Ray songs

Check your 🌞and 🌝
Aries: Off To The Races
Taurus: National Anthem
Gemini: Born To Die
Cancer: Dark Paradise
Leo: Carmen
Virgo: Video Games
Libra: Body Electric
Scorpio: West Coast
Sagittarius: Radio
Capricorn: Gods & Monsters
Aquarius: Summertime Sadness
Pisces: Lucky Once

Countries for the signs:

Aries:  Australia

Taurus:  Italy

Gemini:  Both Koreas

Cancer:  Canada

Leo:  USA

Virgo:  Japan

Libra:  France

Scorpio:  Svalbard (of Norway)

Sagittarius: Greece

Capricorn:  Germany

Aquarius:  Switzerland

Pisces:  India

C A P R I C O R N + T H E  S I G N S P L A Y L I S T

Capricorn x Aries: It Will Come Back // Hozier

Capricorn x Taurus: National Anthem // Lana Del Rey

Capricorn x Gemini: Mary Jane’s Last Dance // Tom Petty

Capricorn x Cancer: Shades of Cool // Lana Del Rey

Capricorn x Leo: Flawless // The Neighbourhood

Capricorn x Virgo: If I had a Boat // James Vincent McMorrow

Capricorn x Libra: Because of You // Lana Del Rey

Capricorn x Scorpio: Epic (Part II) // Anais Mitchell

Capricorn x Sagittarius: Lucky Ones // Lana Del Rey

Capricorn x Capricorn: My Body is a Cage // Peter Gabriel

Capricorn x Aquarius: Art Deco // Lana Del Rey

Capricorn x Pisces: Coming Down // Halsey

listen here

check your moon and venus playlists here

T A U R U S + T H E  S I G N S  P L A Y L I S T

Taurus x Aries: Sappy // Nirvana

Taurus x Taurus: Terrance Loves You // Lana Del Rey

Taurus x Gemini: Knee Socks // Arctic Monkeys

Taurus x Cancer: Wet Sand // Red Hot Chili Peppers

Taurus x Leo: West Coast // Lana Del Rey

Taurus x Virgo: Work Song // Hozier

Taurus x Libra: Young & Beautiful // Lana Del Rey

Taurus x Scorpio: Cola // Lana Del Rey

Taurus x Sagittarius: Stolen Dance // Milky Chance

Taurus x Capricorn: National Anthem // Lana Del Rey

Taurus x Aquarius: Buy the Stars // Marina and the Diamonds

Taurus x Pisces: In A Week // Hozier

listen here

check your moon and venus playlists here

The Signs as Lana Del Rey Songs
  • Aries : National Anthem
  • Taurus : Blue Jeans
  • Gemini : Money Power Glory
  • Cancer : Dark Paradise
  • Leo : Lucky Ones
  • Virgo : Summertime Sadness
  • Libra : Cruel World
  • Scorpio : Fucked My Way Up To The Top
  • Sagittarius : Gods and Monsters
  • Capricorn : Born To Die
  • Aquarius : Million Dollar Man
  • Pisces : Sad Girl
The National Songs for the Signs
  • Aries: Slipped// "I'm having trouble inside my skin.
  • I try to keep my skeletons in"
  • Taurus: I Need My Girl// "You got out and said I'm sorry, To the vines and no one saw it. I need my girl"
  • Gemini: Hard To Find// "I wonder if you live there still. I kinda think you always will. If I tried you'd probably be, hard to find."
  • Cancer: A Reasonable Man// "I don't mind waiting if it's for the best. A careful heart is better than none."
  • Leo: Mr.November// "I'm the new blue blood, I'm the great white hope."
  • Virgo: Gospel// "Let me come over, I can waste your time, I'm bored. Invite me to the war every night of the summer"
  • Libra: Don't Swallow the Cap// "I can't get the balance right. With all my marbles in the fight."
  • Scorpio: Exile Vilify// "Does it feel like a trial?
  • Does it trouble your mind the way you trouble mine?"
  • Sagittarius: Graceless// "I'm trying, but I'm graceless
  • Don't have the sunny side to face this"
  • Capricorn: Runaway// "Throw your arms in the air tonight.
  • We don't bleed when we don't fight."
  • Aquarius: Terrible Love// "It's a terrible love that I'm walking with spiders."
  • Pisces: Heavenfaced// "How completely high was I? I was off by a thousand miles. Hit the ceiling, then you fall."
Signs as addicts

Aries: addicted to .. 

Taurus: addicted to .. 

Gemini: addicted to ..

Cancer: addicted to ..

Leo: addicted to ..

Virgo: addicted to ..

Libra: addicted to ..

Scorpio: addicted to ..

Sagittarius: addicted to .. 

Capricorn: addicted to .. 

Aquarius: addicted to .. 

Pisces: addicted to ..

Everyone is addicted to something . Reading , art , drugs , running , alcohol , water , the list is endless … We are all addicts and just because you might be addicted to a different substance or activity than someone else does not give you the right to be judgmental and or comment on their behaviors in a negative manner . Take a step back and reevaluate what you are about to say before you say it , because there is a difference between saying something because you care and might be worried and being a judgmental twat trying to control someone else’s life . In the end we all die addicts . Learn to love and send positive energy rather than hate and negativity .

The signs as a nationality

Aries: Brazilian (hopeful, active, energetic, truthful, curious, cheerful, generous, passionate, gallant)

Taurus: French (romantic, decisive, logical, diligent, talented in art, a ‘go-getter’)

Gemini: Canadian (Adjustable, diverse, lack decision making ability, cheerful, anxious, soft spoken, smart)

Cancer: English (with strong sixth sense, gentle, swift, imaginative, careful, fully dedicated, perseverant, caring)

Leo: American (straightforward, optimistic, loyal, totally big hearted, confident, charitable, proud)

Virgo: Japanese (helping, elegant, perfectionist, modest, practical, easily clearheaded, friendly)

Libra: Singaporean (idealistic, equitable, just, strong social skills, aesthetic, exceptionally charming, artistic, beautiful, wealth, kind-hearted)

Scorpio: Russian (mysterious, intelligent, very independent, intuitive, dedicated, insightful, ambitious)

Sagittarius: Australian (insightful, superior, emit confidence, highly intelligent, self assuring, philosophical, lively, half-full mentality)

Capricorn: Irish (excellent, practical, reliable, perseverant, generous, optimistic, cute, nothing if not persistent)

Aquarius: Greek (original, tolerant, ideal, calm, friendly, spirited, independent, bright)

Pisces: Indian (conscious, aesthetic, good at reading people, platonic, dedicated, warm heart, with good temper)