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The Signs In a Fight

Throwing Hands: Leo, Aries, Capricorn
Getting they Ass beat: Gemini, Libra
Breaking it up: Pisces, Aquarius
Pulling their phone out: Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo
Minding they business: Sagittarius, Taurus

why your sign is cool

Aries: you’re so outgoing in a childish-yet likeable way. your energy is so youthful and it’s so refreshing in this day n age

Taurus: you’re so chill to hang around! if i had a stressful day, i’d go chill with a taurus. you guys always have food + comfort

Gemini: you always have new ideas and new thoughts! you guys are super flexible and easy to get along with, super funny

Cancer: you can always relate in some way, and you guys are really easy to vent to and you give the best comfort

Leo: you guys are so fun to be around! youre so sunny and bright, and give killer advice

Virgo: you all are so smart and kind!! you all always offer to do things for others and dont really expect much in return

Libra: you all are so gentle and pretty, you always have something beautiful to share

Scorpio: you all have a dark but gentle energy, you can always handle talking about ‘dark’ subjects and dark things.

Sagittarius: you guys are so fire-y and headstrong. you guys always tough through things and look fine while doing so

Capricorn: you all are so practical and real, you’re honest in a kind way and very mature and grounded

Aquarius: you guys are so wild and hard to keep up with, but in a fun way! there’s never a dull moment with you

Pisces: you’re so dreamy and idealistic, your dreams are so beautiful and you guys always try so hard for others

the signs as boyfriends
  • aries: will confront the boy who was flirting with you, lots of pillow fights and making out. usually trying to impress you and always has his arm around your waist or his hand in yours
  • taurus: always making you laugh, loyal af. doesn't fuck with anyone else bc they've got their eyes on you. loves to see your smile
  • gemini: stays up late to talk to you, flirts with you even though they've already won your heart, adorable and cheesy
  • cancer: supportive of everything you do, super sweet and a gr8 cuddler. will make you food and kiss you 24/7
  • leo: will buy you gifts all the time "just because". the flowers and chocolate kind of guy. will always show you off and remind you of how beautiful you are
  • virgo: will listen to you talk about anything. remembers to the little details about you and knows you better than you know yourself. gives the best advice
  • libra: extremely romantic. the kind of boyfriend in the movies. always wants to make sure you're happy, puts your happiness above their own
  • scorpio: easily jealous, cute small gestures all the time, very affectionate and sex god. will have deep talks with you
  • sagittarius: will take you on adventures and be your best friend. playful and jokes around a lot to hear your laugh. also will build a treehouse w/ you
  • capricorn: will let you sit on his lap and hold your hand. the one you can depend on for anything. lowkey sexual
  • aquarius: so. many. inside jokes. a little clingy but doesn't admit it. will talk to you for hours about anything. spontaneous and casually touches you a lot
  • pisces: understands you so well and will listen to you when you're upset. reads to you and shares his earbuds w/ you at night. treats you like a princess
The Signs as Shakespearean Insults

Aries: You, minion, are too saucy - The Two Gentlemen of Verona 

Taurus: Thou art as fat as butter - Henry IV, Part One

Gemini: There’s no more faith in thee than in a stewed prune - Henry IV, Part One 

Cancer: Thou art as loathsome as a toad - Titus Andronicus 

Leo: Thou leathern-jerkin, crystal-button, knot-pated, agatering, puke-stocking, caddis-garter, smooth-tongue, Spanish pouch - Henry IV, Part One 

Virgo: Thou art the son and heir of a mongrel bitch - King Lear

Libra: Away, you three inch fool - The Taming Of The Shrew 

Scorpio: Your virginity breeds mites, much like a cheese - All’s Well That Ends Well 

Sagittarius: Thou cream-faced loon - Macbeth 

Capricorn: I do desire we may be better strangers - Henry IV, Part One 

Aquarius: You scullion. You rampallian. You fustilarian. I’ll tickle your catastrophe - Henry IV, Part Two 

Pisces: Peace, ye fat guts - Henry IV, Part One 

  • Probably just finished a well thought out theorem, got their nails done, looks incredibly cute: Virgo, libra, cancer, Gemini, Capricorn, Sagittarius
  • Probably just watched the Spy Kids movie for the fiftieth time, hasn't gone to class since my Chem was together, is wearing the same ironic t-shirt from last week: Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio
How to attract the signs!

Aries: Be open! be confident, playful & understand their deepest and complicated emotions. Don’t be too clingy, judgemental, or underestimate them, because this is what the dislike the most! Aries people love people with strong personalities, try not to be too shy or timid around them too. Compliment their physical looks and their personalities. Aries people are also really generous, so if they offer you to show you something or give you an advice accept it! they like being helpful. be an honest person, don’t be too serious or demand/order them to do something.

Taurus: Have the same interests as them! teach them and show them new interesting things. Make them feel safe when they’re around you. Be loyal, trustworthy and a good listener. Encourage them and compliment them on the things they like to do the most! something important you need to know about a taurus is that there are times they like to be alone, so try not to take up their space & give them some time.Always be honest and truthful, once they find out you’re lying they’ll stop talking to you instantly. be easy-going, don’t rush, be a down-to-earth person and show your interest of nature!

Gemini: Gemini people like fun & energetic people, but not immature. This sign gets bored easily and loses interest quickly, so avoid talking and doing the same things! Gemini people are also attracted to smart people, so show them your interesting side. Teach them new things and show them new places. Compliment them on their brains and smartness, also their physical looks. Be there for them when they need it. This sign likes to poke you and test you, so always be honest and real. Be playful! Be open, social, kind and generous.

Cancer: Make them feel safe and comfortable. Let them know that you’re accepting, loyal and trustworthy. This sign can have strong mood and emotional swings, so take it in, they want a person who’s going to be there for them whenever they need it! Be affectionate towards them & be gentle. Cancer is a water sign, so be ready for the heaviest waves. Don’t be loud or yell at them. Give them genuine compliments on the things they like to do! try to be positive and make them laugh.

Leo: Be outgoing! Entertain them and show them your funny side. shower them with admiration. Always be positive! their biggest turn off is negativity or insecurity. Listen to them carefully. This sign loves adventures, so show them and take them to new places! Don’t demand or try to control them. Somethings you should remember: they typically hate being alone (unless  if they tell you they want to be alone), they like affection & attention. 

Virgo: Don’t be fake or lie. This sign can easily read you. Try avoiding bold compliments too! They don’t care much about looks, just make sure you’re in a good hygiene & not messy at all. Compliment them on their brains & looks! don’t be egoistic, but be confident. Show them your smart side, but don’t boast. Try not to invade their need of privacy sometimes, and respect their need for being alone too. 

Libra: Compliment their looks! shower them with affection. Make them laugh, give them attention. Libras get bored quickly too! So try not to always do and talk about the same things. Catch their interest by your looks, but mainly your personality. Be honest with them, be a good listener because libras sometimes need it. Be open and out-going, make them laugh, ask them about themselves and show interest, be flirty. Libras dislike people who are selfish, rude & people who dont treat them equal. Libras are interested in artistic, creative & people with good imaginations!

Scorpio: Tell them what you like, what you like to do, tell them about your passions. Be mysterious, let them play guessing game. Make them curious and ask more questions. Tell them interesting things! things that will catch their interest. Be direct, be genuine, trustworthy, loyal & caring. If you want them to like you, hear their thoughts & feelings. Give them helpful advice, let them feel secure. Don’t ever lie to them, they can read you easily too. Don’t try to control them. Scorpios go mainly for people they can trust, this sign can have trust issues sometimes, if you break the trust they give you expect your whole life to change in a second. be there for them, don’t tell them they’re too sensitive. Respect their need of privacy sometimes. Take them out to private places, show them new interesting things!

Sagittarius: To catch this sign’s interest, be a positive person! give them good vibes about you. Make them laugh! Sagittarius are known to be travel lovers & adventurous, take them out to new places they’ve never been to before, share your views on life & your life story, tell them interesting stories you know. be out-going & open, ask them questions about themselves and hear them out. Don’t try to control them or tell them what to do, they hate being controlled or tied down! 

Capricorn: Capricorns don’t care much about looks, just make sure you’re not messy. Be direct! they hate playing guessing games, but also don’t rush. Compliment their hard work and the things they like to do the most & their sense of humour. Show them your funny side! try not to be dull or negative. make them know you’re trust worthy. connect to them on an intellectual level. Ask them for advice, capricorns like knowing that they’ve helped someone & they’re the best at giving advice. Show off your knowledge and wisdom, but don’t boast. don’t be loud or embarrassing, especially in public, they hate being embarrassed in public!

Aquarius: Be creative, show them your artistic and imaginative side. Aquarius people love conversations about deep subjects, and share the same views as them. They like to be alone sometimes, so try not to be clingy! When an Aquarian offers help, say yes! they like helping other people and knowing they did good. Tell them how sweet and caring they are! Aquarians are very wise and knowledgeable, compliment them on their brains & wisdom. Share your knowledge too. Tell them things they don’t know and talk about bigger things!

Pisces: Show them your emotional and sensitive side! Always make them feel included, don’t ever make them feel rejected, excluded or disliked. open up to them. Tell them more about your self. Compliment them on what they like to do the most/their hobbies, be affectionate and always seem interested in them. talk softly, try not to be loud. take them out on art museums or exhibitions, share your stories together. Be loyal, truthful, trustworthy & make them feel in a safe place! 

the signs as ppl i saw at the airport at 4 am
  • Aries: the pilot that had a bottle of pepsi and a bottle of coke in his hands and looked at both for a long while before buying them both, mixing them into the same cup, and downing the whole cup in one swing.
  • Taurus: the old guy who accidentally threw his phone in the trash and got his two year old granddaughter to dig it out of the trash
  • Gemini: the guy across the waiting area from me that bought a whole bag of black licorice and poured it in his mouth
  • Cancer: the lady that has spider earrings in February
  • Leo: the obvious just-married couple that started making out aggressively in starbucks
  • Virgo: the guy trimming his nose hairs in the bathroom
  • Libra: the guy whose flight got delayed by and hour and he just kinda. collapsed into a chair and he looked like he was about to sob.
  • Scorpio: the very nice lady that asked me how old i was and how highschool was and offered me a cookie from her purse. it was stale and had a bite taken out of it.
  • Sagittarius: this 5 year old girl that was wearing five jackets while her parents wore shorts
  • Capricorn: that guy in gate 69 who would dab every time someone said "69" over the intercom
  • Aquarius: this girl talking on the phone to her husband and trying to explain how to make a perfect eyeliner wing
  • Pisces: the guy who obviously lost his luggage and was wearing a too-small powderpuff girl shirt and bags under his eyes.
Frank Oceans Blonde album

Aries: Pretty Sweet
Taurus: Skyline to, Close to You
Gemini: Futura Free
Cancer: Ivy, Godspeed
Leo: Nikes
Virgo: Good Guy
Libra: Ivy
Scorpio: Self Control, Nights
Sagittarius: Solo
Capricorn: Siegfried, Good Guy
Aquarius: Pink + White, Nights
Pisces: White Ferrari

2017 Goal: Continuing to be the woman guys will always regard as “the one who got away/should have been my wife/could have been my everything/would re-do if they had the chance”. I want to continue to evolve into the best version of myself. If that means that they aren’t up to par I drop em’. I refuse to help improve a man who won’t aid me on my road to improving myself. I’m not a fucking side character, not in this era, in this day, with all these opportunities.

quick interceptions in the signs
  • *a quick way to understand interceptions! an interception is when two signs are blocked*
  • aries//libra: lacking the individuality, so you lack the ability to compromise.
  • taurus//scorpio: lacking the stability, so you lack the ability to have nothing.
  • gemini//sagittarius: lacking the freedom of the mind, so you lack the freedom to learn.
  • cancer//capricorn: lacking the ability to root yourself, so you lack the ability to be ambitious.
  • leo//aquarius: lacking your freedom to shine, so you lack the ability to show your quirks.
  • virgo//pisces: lacking order and structure, so you lack the difference between your dreams and reality
The Signs As The Best BuzzfeedVideo Workers

Aries: Zach Kornfeld

Taurus: Jordan Shalhoub

Gemini: Ned Fulmer

Cancer: Keith Habersberger

Leo: Quinta Brunson

Virgo: Andrew Ilnyckyj

Libra: Safiya Nygaard

Scorpio: Kelsey Darragh

Sagittarius: Jen Ruggirello

Capricorn: Eugene Lee Yang

Aquarius: Chris Reinacher

Pisces: Ashly Perez

The Signs as Filthy Frank Characters

Aries: Filthy Frank

Taurus: Red Dick

Gemini: Prometheus

Cancer: Dade

Leo: Pink Guy

Virgo: Safari Man

Libra: Salamander Man

Scorpio: Chin Chin

Sagittarius: Weeaboo Jones

Capricorn: The Shaman

Aquarius: Santa’s Brother

Pisces: Overpriced Mac Computer


are you done

100% done 100% of the time

taurus, pisces

I wish I was done but I keep getting sucked back in 

virgo, libra


aries, gemini, leo

I act like I’m done while secretly hoping something proves me wrong

cancer, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn

Everyone else is done with me


  • Aries: Adventurous, Courageous, Versatile, and Lively.
  • Taurus: Generous, Dependable, Down to Earth, Patient, and Persistent.
  • Gemini: Versatile, Enthusiastic, Witty, and Intellectual.
  • Cancer: Creative, Faithful, Loving, Protective, and In-Touch with Emotion.
  • Leo: Helpful, Energetic, Optimistic, Straight-Forward, Loyal, and Bold,
  • Virgo: Practical, Analytical, Reliable, and Modest.
  • Libra: Tactful, Romantic, Charming, and Diplomatic.
  • Scorpio: Focused, Brave, Balanced, Faithful, Ambitious, and Intuitive.
  • Sagittarius: Straight-Forward, Intellectual, Large Hearted, and Interesting.
  • Capricorn: Practical, Ambitious, Wise, Patient, and Cautious.
  • Aquarius: Friendly, Humanitarian, intelligent, Creative, and Independent.
  • Pisces: Imaginative, Kind, Compassionate, and Selfless.