Cabin Pressure Goodness

This is the Airport speaking. Listen to the Airport.

For all of you who haven’t seen thepudupudu give the Fandot’s Lemons and Landmarks book to John Finnemore at a recording of Cabin Pressure, you need to. 

She also has ways where you can order a copy for yourself.

Also, I have a folder on my Google Drive that is relevant to your aviation interests. Let me know if it gives you problems.

Okay bye! :D

lobsterinakoopashell replied to your post: oh yeah and I have Season 1 of Suits fully…


I’ve been wanting to watch it since forever but like SPN it’s one of those shows I just never… watched??

 tauriice replied to your postoh yeah and I have Season 1 of Suits fully…

Suits is the most amazing show on American tv. Holy crap, the season 2 premiere was phenominal. I just watched it on my dvr and I’m blown away. Harvey and Mike forever.

oh yeah which reminds me that I need to download the season 2 premiere too

tauriice asked:

I am still showing episodes of Sherlock at ASU West campus on Tuesday nights at 5pm in the Sands building room 101. Not many people can attend. I am thinking about showing them again on Saturday nights, same place around 8pm. Parking is not an issue on the weekends. Is there any interest? If so, I can start over with episode 1, season 1 next weekend. It would be a great place to hang out and talk with fellow Sherlockians.

That sounds like a great idea! Anyone interested?