Currently exploring the Sahara/Merzouga region of Morocco. Woke up at 5am just to climb this monstrous dune (you can see our camp in the distance) just to watch the sun rise. And let me tell you, it was no easy hike, lol. The thing about landscapes like these are that they consume and stun you into silence. I have no words to describe what it’s like to be surrounded by such a remote and vast landscape.


Tin Hinan the Berber Tuareg Queen..

In Abalessa, the ancient capital of the Hoggar region, there is the tomb of the famous Tuareg queen Tin Hinan.
About this famous ancestress of the Tuaregs following story is told: Tin Hinan came in the company of her maid-servant Takamat from Tafilalet in South Morocco to the Hoggar. There she became the first Tamenokalt (= Queen) of the Tuaregs and her fame was so great, that even today the Tuaregs call her   »Mother of Us All«.

Her sepulchre was also a place of pilgrimage and worship, so there were found hints that inside this tomb healing sleep was practiced

The corpse of the famous Tin Hinan was found when the grave was excavated by archaeologists. She was lying on a finely carved wooden bed and was covered all over by jewels. So she had seven silver bracelets on her right forearm and on her left forearm seven gold bracelets.

It is impressive that the tomb of Tin Hinan was never plundered, it shows how enormously this African Amazon queen was adored by the natives!

The Song on the Wind in the Desert

1//Hymn to Osiris - Ali Jihad Racy
2//Taureg Attack - Jerry Goldsmith
3//Whence No Traveler Returns - Karl Sanders
4//Funeral Procession - Ali Jihad Racy
5//The Elder God Shrine - Karl Sanders
6//Rebirth - Jerry Goldsmith
7//Dusk Falls Upon The Temple Of The Serpent Of The Mount Of Sunrise - Karl Sanders
8//In Their Darkened Shrines IV: Ruins

An ambient playlist for playing Ra/Sunyatta

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