taupou samoa


Taupou Samoa boys Slap Dance. 

Taupou Samoa dance group, San Diego, CA.

I’ve been doing Polynesian dancing for about 11 years now. I hear alot of people ask me why I dance. It’s simple: I Love it. It’s a way to express your true feelings without using words, it relieves stress because your only focusing on the music that you are dancing too. It tells a story. Alot of people nowadays are joining Tahitian dance groups only because they think it’s cool or the “in” thing to do because it “sexy”. INCORRECT my friends, I mean damn, I know some of the dances & songs are too seduce someone but others it’s talking about the beauty & strength of the people, and I hope if you ever dance tahitian, your not doing it to be cool cause your moving your hips, but because it’s what you love to do.

I been dancing with Taupou Samoa since I was 5 and we base our dance group not on just performing, but to bring all people, not only Pacific Islanders, but everyone to know the culture, & lifestyle of Islanders. We learn to give respect & we give all the Honor to God. <3