taupe eyeshadow

How gorgeous in this palette?
It’s the Morphe Brushes 35T palette.

I got some brushes too and the 35o palette coming in the mail.

Anybody have any questions about these brushes or this palette? Let’s talk make up! I’m here to give advice and suggestions. Let me know what’s on your wish list.


If you are a fan of matte finish eyeshadows in neutral taupe shades, then this is the tutorial for you!!
A fan of mine kindly sent me a bunch of Colour Pop Cosmetics and I used them to create this stunning makeup look. I also included a taupe coloured lip to match the eyes, and I used a Colour Pop Cosmetics lippie stix for this. 
So, if you are based in the US, Canada, New Zealand or Australia, then this look will be super affordable to recreate as Colour Pop products are only $5 USD each!!! 
Hopefully they will ship to the UK soon.

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Matte Fawn-colored Eyes with Matte Rose-Pink Lips

[Photo source: eyeshadowlipstick.com]

Matte seems to be the reining texture this season, and all varying shades of Pink the flavor of choice.

I really like this pairing of bleached brows, soft, neutral taupe lids with stronger, richer matte lips. The whole face stays clean-looking, without too much texture or colors to take attention away from the rich, precise mouth.

anonymous asked:

Hey rebecca 🤗 i need a couple of taupe eyeshadows colors from mac. Any suggestions? Thank you dear.

Charcoal Brown, Concrete, Satin Taupe, Omega, Quarry!

anonymous asked:

for the picture where you captioned "this look is perfect for hazel/ green eyes" what eyeshadows/ products would you recommend to achieve that look?

• MAC trax eyeshadow
• MAC satin taupe eyeshadow
• MAC wedge eyeshadow
• Ardell demi wispies
• Any dark black liquid eyeliner

CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadows

The last few times I visited the cosmetics section at Kmart, I decided that I could only buy eyeshadow. I kept buying lip products, and blushes, but I never bought any eyeshadow. Since CoverGirl was buy one, get one free, I decided to buy their Eye Enhancers Single Eye Shadows. I went with Tapestry Taupe and one that reminds me of MAC’s Sushi Flower, Melt-down Mauve. I’d heard on YouTube that CoverGirl eye shadows weren’t the best, but when I heard this, they’d been talking about CoverGirl’s Exact Eyelights Eye Shadows, so I thought that maybe these would be different. I DID have the matte quads, in other colors, from a REALLY long time ago, and I don’t really use them, but I really wanted to take advantage of the sale, so I decided to get them. And do I regret buying these? YES! They have some really nice colors, though, but the pigmentation of these is horrible. They look so beautiful in the pan, but I feel as if they disappear on your lid when you try to blend them. The singles cost around $3, and I think that if you buy e.l.f Studio eye shadows for the same price you get a lot more pigmentation. Most of these shadows are shimmery, and I think that makes them a little better, but I still don’t like these. Another thing I dislike about these is that the packaging hasn’t changed in a long time. So many items are coming out with really cute packaging, and I feel like these shadows are being left in the ‘90s. I don’t use sponge-tip applicators, but another thing I noticed about these is that the applicators are really big, and seemed to be a little beat up when I opened the package. Complete disappointment. I’d say that my favorite eyeshadow of the two is the Tapestry Taupe. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about this color. I feel like it’s the most pigmented one of the two (even if it’s the lightest one) and that it’s the prettiest. It’s just a nice shimmery taupe. Melt-down Mauve is a toned-down red that ALSO reminds me of NYX’s single eyeshadow in Cherry (REMINDS ME…NOT a dupe). This color applies very translucent, and blending out makes it disappear as well. I’m definitely NOT impressed, and recently CoverGirl has inched down from my FAVORITE brand, to “What the heck was I thinking?”